The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1858: The Three ‘Pengs’ Against The Original Devil – WN

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Countless human warriors charged at Xing Tian. They were all the elites of their clans!

The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao’s head and released streams of Chaos power to defend Ji Hao against the arrows. Xing Tian let the arrows land on his body as a blood-red mist had been flowing on his skin. Every arrow was shredded the moment it touched the blood mist, whether it was an explosive arrow or a penetrative one, or with other evil powers.

“Can’t fight them, can’t touch them!” Ji Hao looked at those human warriors with a frown. In the sky, the Eastern Wasteland warriors mounted on flying beasts, swooshing towards him and Xing Tian, while on the ground, heavily armored warriors approached with rumbling steps like a tide.

Xing Tian snorted coldly. He clenched the handle of his battle axe and slightly raised his hand, but eventually restrained his intent of killing, “Retreat…I, Xing Tian, cannot face human boys with my axe! Not matter how…disappointing they are!”

Xing Tian gave a bright shout as his entire body glowed with a fiery light. He transformed into a fiery meteor and rose into the sky, flashing through the space and reaching the highest sky within a blink. Next, he roared towards the sky as loudly as he could. His thunderous voice came down to the earth and threw numberless Eastern Wasteland warriors down from the backs of their flying mounts.

Xing Tian had flown to the highest sky. These human warriors couldn’t possibly rise as high as he did to attack him. Xing Tian looked like a violent, rude man, but he avoided a conflict with these human warriors smartly and directly.

Ji Hao dealt with the situation in a simpler way. He stayed midair, about three-hundred meters higher than the ground, and shielded his entire body with the Pan Gu bell, covering the surrounding area with a strong magnetic force field. Anyone who approached this area would be thrown out by a strong invisible force.

The first human warrior who approached Ji Hao was thrown out, then the ten-thousand behind him flew out as well. Countless warriors charged at Ji Hao while roaring in rage, but all of them were thrown far away.

These human warriors, whose eyes were burning with the fire of devil, looked at Ji Hao in confusion. Ji Hao was unassailable. They couldn’t even approach him.

Among these warriors, some Maguspriests cast spells and attempted to curse Ji Hao to death. But, no magic curse delivered any effect. The mill of Dao spun slowly behind Ji Hao’s head and swallowed all the magic curses, turning them into strands of natural powers to nourish him.

“Hehe, hehe… Good, good, good!” Original Devil’s deep and hoarse voice came from the air, “Good, you didn’t only kill Wu Bi, you also wiped out the entire Chu Wu Clan. Good, very good! Those Chu Wu kids were the roots of my devil-kind. I valued them! You murdered them, then…”

In the air and on the ground, all human warriors who had the devil fire in their eyes, who were controlled by the devil seeds in their hearts, raised their weapons to cut their own throats.

On top of the mountain, Fuxi and Emperor Shun frowned slightly, then sighed while shaking heads.

In midair, Ji Hao stared at these human warriors who were about to commit suicide together with shock. Every human being had a devil seed in his or her heart. Did that mean Original Devil could make every human being commit suicide?

As millions of human warriors were going to kill themselves right on the spot, suddenly, they all paused. Pale-white light beams shone out of their foreheads, hearts, and lower abdomen simultaneously.

From the white light that shone on each human warrior, a tiny figure emerged. The slim and tiny figures quietly sat in the white lights with their legs crossed. They were translucent like shadows, yet a very strange power could be sensed from them. When they showed up, the whole world seemed to be stirred.

Desires, happiness, anger, sadness, delight, all kinds of extremely complicated emotions spread from these human warriors’ bodies. These emotions waves were weak, but seemed to never end. Wave after wave, the complicated emotions covered the entire Pan Gu world in a moment.

The sky, the earth, oceans, every grass blade, every gust of wind, every grain of sand…Every single thing in this world was affected by the strange emotion waves. Except for the ones like Ji Hao who were protected by powerful treasures, all living beings and their souls were submerged in emotions, and were stirred along with the subtle emotion waves.

The sky was undulating, and so was the earth, the oceans, and every other thing in the world.

Ji Hao trembled intensely. This power… Through these strange emotion waves, the tiny figures in the white lights almost affected the whole Pan Gu world. Ji Hao released his spirit power to feel the Dao of nature, and he clearly felt that the great Dao of Pan Gu world was also stirred by the emotion waves.

The entire great Dao of Pan Gu world and all the natural laws were undulating.

The sunlight waved like water, the natural stars swayed slightly, and even the never-changing star orbits were disordered. Some mysterious and measureless natural laws, such as reincarnation, seasons…All these imperceptible natural laws began changing as well.

Before, the Pan Gu world was like an ink painting. But suddenly, someone poured a bowl of gruel that was made from emotions and desires on this large painting. The clear painting was blurred, entirely covered by gruel.

No one but the people who made the gruel could easily see the painting again!

As the world undulated more and more intensely, Ji Hao felt it was harder and harder for him to understand the great Dao of nature. He had already learned quite some essence about the great Dao of Destruction and Creation, as well as the extreme negative and the sun. But now, it seemed like a membrane appeared between him and all these Dao, disabling him from borrowing the powers of the great Dao!

“Like I said before, only the pure power that belongs to you is the true power.” From Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man could be heard.

A tremor went through Ji Hao’s body. He wanted to ask the mysterious man some questions, but the millions of warriors who were controlled by Original Devil to attempt suicide but then were stopped by the tiny figures in the white lights, burst into raging roars in one voice, “Pengs! How dare you hinder me?”

A soft, weak voice spread in the air, “In order to free yourself, you have to slaughter all human beings…If all human beings died, how would we continue to learn about the great Dao? How would we control Pan Gu world?”

Ji Hao was stunned. Finally, he understood the irreconcilable conflict that existed between Original Devil and the three ‘Pengs’.

No wonder Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi argued upon ‘fighting a commanders’ battle’ or ‘launching an all-out attack’. All their thoughts came from the three ‘Pengs’ and Original Devil!


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