The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1857: The Devil Moves All Living Beings – WN

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As Ji Hao waved his hands, the sunlight immediately illuminated the sky. Treading on a fiery cloud, he smilingly descended and landed before Xing Tian’s ‘face’.

Looking at the giant mouth on Xing Tian’s belly, Ji Hao felt so strange, as it felt too weird to talk to a ‘face’ like this. But, this was Xing Tian, the legendary warrior. Ji Hao grinned and cupped his hands as he bowed deeply to Xing Tian and said, “Elder Xing Tian, I am Ji Hao. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Ji Hao was wearing a divine emperor robe. The embroidered robe glowed brightly. Following Ji Hao’s moves, the light of the robe shone through the space and seemed to connect with the entire world. Any relatively knowledgeable person could recognize this divine emperor’s robe at first glance and figure out who Ji Hao was.

“A divine emperor?” Xing Tian murmured with a muffled voice. Next, his bones bumped against each other and caused a series of noises that sounded like dragon roars. Following the noise, his body shrank slowly, until he was about fifteen meters tall.

Crossing his arms around his chest, Xing Tian stared at Ji Hao with the pair of eyes on his chest in an unfriendly way, then said with a dry and cold voice, “I don’t talk to divine emperors…You b*stards stand high above the whole world, never knowing about the pains in the moral world. You’re a bunch of greedy scums…Pah!”

Abruptly, Xing Tian opened his mouth and spat at Ji Hao.

What a bad-tempered old man!. He ‘flooded’ Emperor Xun, that was fine, but he spat at Ji Hao!

Ji Hao dodged that giant stream of saliva with a bitter smile. “Elder, you misunderstood me. I am also a human being from the Gold Crow Clan in Southern Wasteland. I’m not like those natural divine gods!” Said Ji Hao, also with a dry voice.

“Eh?” Xing Tian paused in surprise. He immediately stooped down and fixed one large eye on Ji Hao, looking at him from head to toe. Next, he burst into laughter and slapped on Ji Hao’s shoulder.


An air blast burst from between his palm and Ji Hao’s shoulder and formed a hurricane that swept across a hundred miles and blew countless people down.

“Haha! You’re a good human boy! Good! Good! Good!” Xing Tian clicked his tongue and said, “Did those scums in the heaven all die? Otherwise, how can our human boy possibly become a divine emperor? Hah, like I said, one day, we will turn the heaven upside down, replace the five divine emperors, and make our human heroes the gods of all natural stars!”

He slightly upturned his belly, seeming to gaze into the sky while sighing loudly and continuing, “If the king of every natural star is a human hero…If our Supreme Magi replace all the star kings, we will become the owners of Pan Gu world…If gods go against us, we kill gods; if ghosts hinder us, we kill ghosts; even saints…”

Ji Hao coughed out loud and raised a finger, sending a strand of magnetic power to Xing Tian. The magnetic power wrapped a stream of air and sealed Xing Tian’s mouth. Xing Tian had a giant mouth, and he did have the courage to say anything.

‘If gods go against us, we kill gods; if ghosts hinder us, we kill ghosts’, that was alright. But rivaling saints…? Cold sweat oozed out of Ji Hao’s back. How could humankind ever rival saints before seven to eight human saints emerged?

One might think about rivaling against saints, but one should never say it!

Xing Tian’s mouth was sealed suddenly. He mumbled, staring at Ji Hao for a while, then angrily slapped on Ji Hao’s shoulder again. Next, he puffed his belly and laughed out loud.

Xing Tian’s laughter was filled with happiness and delight, even tearing the clouds in the sky into thin shreds.

Tens of miles away, Emperor Xun was still barking like a mad dog. He threw his arms up and stomped his feet as he pointed at Xing Tian and Ji Hao, then snarled, “Go! You bloody scums! Kill that headless monster! Kill Ji Hao…Kill them! I’ll give you women, territories, money; I’ll give you whatever you want after you kill them!”

Still, no one responded, including Zang Yuanzi and his few brothers, even including the few Chi Wu Clan elders who followed Wu Bi here.

The power difference was way too huge. Xing Tian was a powerful being from the ancient world. He lived in an uncivilized and wild era, when the prehistorical era had just ended. He got famous in those savage years, that people called him ‘god of battle’. His power was obvious.

So many years had passed, and Xing Tian had been growing stronger. He flooded Emperor Xun and his people away with piss, but not even those powerful Gong Sun Family elders managed to stop him. Exactly how strong was he?

Emperor Xun’s eyes suddenly turned dark. Wisps of dark mist rose from his head as he laughed in a strange voice. He turned around, gripped a small clan leader behind him, and yelled, “Original Devil, I know you can hear me…They killed Wu Bi. Aren’t you angry about that at all? I know you can do it. Go, kill him!”

Emperor Xun shouted, “Go, kill the headless monster! He’s so strong. If you turn him into a devil…”

Before Emperor Xun finished, three-feet-long streaks of flame spurted out of the clan leader’s eyes. At the same time, the few Chu Wu Clan elders took out black bone bugles and blew shrilly towards the sky.

Sharp howls could be heard from tens of thousands of miles away, sounding like cries. Black mist suddenly rose from the bodies of countless human warriors in this camp. These warriors raised their heads as their eyes burned with a devil fire while looking at Ji Hao and Xing Tian.

“Kill!” An Eastern Wasteland commander roared resonantly. He hopped on the back of his mount, which was a golden-wing cloud roc, and patted its head. The roc screamed and flapped its wings to rise, transforming into a beam of light as it lunged towards Xing Tian.

Eastern Wasteland archers were the nimblest human warriors. They hopped on the backs of their flying mounts and flew up wave by wave, composing numerous battle formations to support each other while approaching Xing Tian.

From over a hundred miles away, they pulled open their longbows and shot countless arrows at Xing Tian. The arrows penetrated the air and caused high-pitched noise while flying at Xing Tian.

Tens of small clan leaders leaped up and shrieked with laughter in the sky, “Xing Tian? While I was busy, you killed my people. Hehe, you killed Wu Bi mercilessly. Now, let’s see if you have the heart to…kill these…pure human beings.”

The arrows descended while numberless Eastern Wasteland warriors charged at Xing Tian.


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