The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1856: Keep Quite Out of Fear – WN

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He was wild and rude and unruly. He was Xing Tian, who had the courage to swung his battle axe at divine emperors back in the ancient time!

Emperor Xun and the group of elders were sent tens of miles away by the ‘flood’. On the way, all tents and barracks were destroyed, while countless supplies and a great amount of food were soaked by this stinky ‘flood’; a heavy loss was caused.

Before Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi started fighting, Emperor Xun was already drunk, and could barely control his body. While being swirled away by the ‘flood’, Emperor Xun desperately reached his hands out to grasp anything that could be grasped, and widely opened his mouth to cry for help. Accidentally, he drank a couple of mouthfuls of the warm ‘flood’ that Xing Tian released.

Finally, the ‘flood’ flushed into the nearby rivers, and Emperor Xun was held up by a few Gong Sun Family guards from the mud. He shook his head hard, then began vomiting. The best wine, the delicate dishes, the fresh fruits, he threw up everything in his stomach, even including the food he ate three days ago.

He couldn’t stop vomiting. After his stomach was emptied, he threw the green bile up. But, he still couldn’t stop vomiting. While retching, he kept sensing the horrible smell from his own body, and recalling the large mouthfuls of urine that he swallowed when he was struggling in the ‘flood’. He wanted to die right now!

Not to mention the fact that he had gotten used to an extravagant life as the human emperor, even back when he was still an unimpressive Gong Sun Family member, he was a child who wore good clothes and whose hands were always clean.

But at the moment, he was drenched with somebody’s urine, and he even…

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!” Emperor Xun’s eyes turned red as he raised his head. Wisps of wet hair stuck on his face, dripping, and the pungent smell lingered just around his nose. Emperor Xun leaped up and pointed at Xing Tian as he screamed hysterically, “Anyone who kills him can be an earl, a marquis…You can have anything you want!”

The group of Gong Sun Family elders were stunned by Xing Tian as well. They stood there like startled gooses, without knowing what to do as they looked at Xing Tian in panic and confusion. They looked at his enormous body, the pair of eyes on his chest, and the giant mouth on his belly!

The tens of thousands of meters tall Xing Tian rested his hands on his waist and stood sturdily on the ground like a mountain. He stooped and looked at Emperor Xun and his people, unable to help but laugh out wildly. His laughter quaked the moisture in the air and raised strands of mist along his body, forming a blood-red cloud above his head.

Ji Hao released his spirit power and scanned across Xing Tian’s body with curiosity.

How on earth did he do that? His head was cut off, yet he turned his nipples into eyes and bellybutton into a mouth? He could think, move, and even fight people… And he was so powerful! How did he do that?

As his spirit power swept across Xing Tian’s eyes and mouth, Ji Hao widened his eyes in shock.

Xing Tian’s eyes were two beads which were pre-world spirit treasures, containing pre-world powers of Yin and Yang. The powers of this pair of beads weren’t as great as the extreme negative power and the sun power, but were highly concentrated and filled with the power of creation.

Xing Tian’s mouth was a large black cauldron, which had a terrifying devouring power. This cauldron had been absorbing the surrounding natural powers and turning them into spirit blood energies to replenish himself. Therefore, even though Xing Tian didn’t have a head and couldn’t eat, his body was still capable of producing spirit blood and strengthening itself.

Most importantly, Xing Tian had a high-grade dragon pearl in his heart!

A dragon pearl contained all the soul power and spirit power of a dragon. Dragons inherited Saint Pan Gu’s strong body, but their souls were pitifully weak. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t be able to control their strong bodies with their weak souls. But nature was magical. Dragons had weak souls, but each of them was born with a dragon pearl. The dragon pearl concentrated all the soul power and spirit power of a dragon, and also contained a vast, magical power. Dragons controlled their strong bodies through dragon pearls. A dragon pearl to a dragon was like the three souls and seven spirits to a human being!

The dragon pearl in Xing Tian’s heart was as powerful as the dragon pearl of an ancient dragon emperor. His three souls and seven spirits had merged with the dragon pearl, hidden deep in his heart to control his entire body. Beyond this, after merging with the dragon pearl, his heart became especially strong, and had been providing his body with an even more thriving life-force.

Therefore, apart from the fact that Xing Tian didn’t have a head and looked quite scary, his body was functioning as well as the bodies of the other human beings, and was even stronger and healthier.

Tens of miles away, Emperor Xun was still pointing at Xing Tian while yelling and shouting. The group of Gong Sun Family elders and clan leaders all remained silent while looking at Xing Tian with weird expressions.

Xing Tian was a powerful being who existed in ancient legends!

According to the legends, Xing Tian felt that divine emperors hadn’t been treating the humankind fairly. Therefore, he marched into the heaven with his battle axe and launched a fierce offensive all alone. In that battle, over ten-thousand divine gods and a million divine warriors died under Xing Tian’s axe. The five divine emperors encircled him and attempted to kill him, but he injured three of them. At last, he was exhausted, and the Central Emperor cut off his head.

After that, he forcibly absorbed the essence natural powers from the heaven, turned his nipples into eyes and bellybutton into a mouth, then continued fighting. In the end, he was wounded severely by the divine heaven and earth formation, but didn’t die. He carried his battle axe and jumped down from Buzhou Mountain. Except for his lost head, he escaped almost unscathed!

Since the beginning of the world, Xing Tian was the only one who managed to challenge the heaven alone and survive!

No one knew where he disappeared. But in the Western Wasteland, Xing Tian was the spirit totem of at least a thousand large clans. Hundreds of large clans took his name as their family name and worshipped him as their ancestor!

Now, this fierce warrior had returned to Pan Gu world from Chaos…Had he been traveling in the Chaos all these years?

Who would dare to offend such an intimidating, powerful being?

“Emperor Xun is a kid. He knows nothing. This is Xing Tian…Let’s not offend him and just agree with whatever he says, shall we?” All elders and clan leaders who had heard about Xing Tian’s name remained silent. They blinked their eyes and didn’t respond to Emperor Xun’s orders.

“Go! Go! Whoever kills this guy will be awarded!” Emperor Xun screamed shrilly, “Why aren’t you doing anything? How dare you disobey my order? I am the human emperor! I am Emperor Xun!”

The broad camp was quiet. Even the bravest and most combative warriors had now lowered their heads with respect, daring not to say a word.


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