The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1855: Wild Xing Tian – WN

Night Mode

Pure essence sun fire was the natural destroyer of all evils.

Under the golden light, Wu Bi’s blood and flesh melted immediately, Streams of black liquid spurted out of his body and evaporated into clouds of black mist that spread in all directions. Divine Magi could regrow their bodies from blood drops; Wu Bi had become a devil and grown more powerful. If a wisp of this black mist escaped, he would be able to devour the spirit blood of other living beings to regrow his body.

“You can’t run!” Ji Hao laughed out wildly. The scorching golden light locked on the black mist, then he pointed at the Pan Gu bell. The bell released a vast Chaos power while rising into the sky. The bell ring echoed throughout the whole world as the Chaos power sealed the surrounding space off with the pre-world magnetic force field.

The large clouds of black mist were frozen in the air, disabled from moving. The hair-thin wisps of mist had been darting desperately in the air, but still couldn’t run away from Ji Hao’s control. Wu Bi’s raging and hopeless screams could be heard from the mist, along with all kinds of beast roars and human cries. Suddenly, countless twisted faces emerged from the dark mist.

“Ji Hao kid, do not push this too far!” From the dark mist, Wu Bi’s face suddenly rose with his teeth bared while cursing Ji Hao, “Devil Master will not spare your life! If you hurt me today, in the future…”

Ji Hao didn’t want to listen, so he shook his wrist and sent a bolt of thunder towards Wu Bi.


The thunder flames surged and vanished a cloud of dark mist. Wu Bi’s shrieks grew even shriller from the surrounding black mist, “Ji Hao! I’ll remember you! I’ll remember you! Devil Master, help! Help!”

The air quaked abruptly as a hundred-miles-wide, giant black hole suddenly appeared above Ji Hao’s head. An enormous hand reached out of the black hole, straight towards the black mist.

If one looked carefully, one would find numberless twisted human faces inside this enormous black hand. Every single black hair on this hand was composed of countless connected human bodies. A strong hatred could be sensed from this black hand. When it was still hundreds of miles away from Ji Hao, Ji Hao already felt like being soaked in a sewer, in dirty blood, and all his internal organs were twitching.

The overwhelming evil power came straight at Ji Hao. Ji Hao felt like he was being choked, that even the bright glow of this embryo of Dao was dimmed slightly. This was the power of Original Devil; this was the evilest, dirtiest power of Pan Gu world, also the origin of all the ‘evils in this world, and the most extreme and dreadful power in Pan Gu world.

“Original Devil!” Ji Hao took a deep breath and punched on the Pan Gu bell as quickly as he could. A bell ring quaked the space while the strong Chaos power condensed into beams of warm light that covered Ji Hao’s body. They firmly protected him from the evil power which was coming from every direction.

Next, Ji Hao patted the back of his head and released a bright light, as well as the golden, shining mill of Dao, which was wrapped in a purple mist. Behind Ji Hao’s head, the two parts of the mill which were created from the great Dao of destruction and creation spun in two opposite directions and generated a magical devouring power that quickly dragged the evil power released from the giant black hand in.

Even the evilest and dirtiest power of Pan Gu world could be destroyed, as long as it ‘existed’!

Ji Hao activated the mill of Dao with all his strength. The millstone of the Dao of destruction sparkled with a black light and ground the evil power, turning it into the purest original power of Pan Gu world for Ji Hao to absorb.

The suppression that had been given to Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao by Original Devil was immediately gone as Ji Hao was under the protection of the golden light and purple mist of the mill of Dao, which was generated from a measureless natural reward power.

“It is impolite not to reciprocate. Original Devil, take this!” Ji Hao gave a bright shout and pointed at the giant black hand. Following his moves, the sunlight, which covered the entire Pan Gu Motherland, suddenly concentrated to a hair-thin golden light beam. Ji Hao then threw out the Pan Gu sword and let the golden light land on the sword tip.


The Pan Gu sword transformed into a tremendous golden streak of light and lunged out.

The sun power was the strongest evil destroyer in this world. The Pan Gu sword had merged with the Pan Gu axe, and could be counted as the strongest weapon in the world.

Ji Hao pointed at the sword light and concentrated his spirit power on the giant black hand which descended from the sky. He launched the sky-opening move and discovered the nearly undetectable weakness of the giant black hand.

“Break!” Ji Hao growled and made this sword move with all his power.

The golden sword light rolled in the air and struck straight at the giant black hand. Along with a series of puffing noise, the giant hand was split up from the tip of its middle finger to the end of elbow. Clouds of dark mist spurted out of this giant hand, but a golden flame immediately set the dark mist on fire.

“Ji Hao kid!” Ji Hao heard a deep, hoarse, emotionless voice from the black hole in the sky, “I have important things to do, and cannot deal with you myself…I will make you pay for this sword strike!”

Ji Hao sneered and sent all his power into the Pan Gu sword, letting the sword light cover the entire sky. Beams of sword light struck at the dark giant hand and shredded it. Original Devil howled in pain as wisps of dark mist flew all over the sky, only to be set on fire by the sun power.

“Master, help!” From Wu Bi’s black mist, Wu Bi screamed with a dry voice.

Original Devil remained silent for a while, then the black hole in the sky slowly disappeared. “Trash, you are not worth saving.” Original Devil said coldly.

Wu Bi howled with desperation. He cried and begged, but Original Devil showed no mercy.

Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword and swung at Wu Bi’s dark mist. Along with a shrill shriek, the dark mist was wiped out by the sword.


As Ji Hao killed Wu Bi for good, Xing Tian landed heavily on the ground, like a meteor. He stooped down, and coldly stared at Emperor Xun and the group of Gong Sun Family elders, who had just crawled out of the collapsed jade stage, with the pair of nipple-eyes.

“Human emperor?” Before Emperor Xun, the group of elders, and clan leaders said a word, Xing Tian burst into raging roars, “You’re not even as good as animals. How dare you usurp the throne? If a scum like you can be the emperor, where is the hope of our humankind?”

Xing Tian was roaring, and while doing that, this violent and wild warrior abruptly dropped his shield and battle axe, untied his armor skirt, took out his strong p*nis, and took a leak. His urine poured down like a waterfall.

Following the sound of water gushing, the urine collapsed the entire palace and sent Emperor Xun and the group of Gong Sun Family elders tens of miles away!

“Wow!” In shock, Ji Hao looked at Xing Tian and said, “I like this guy!”


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