The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1854: Kill the Devil Together – WN

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Xing Tian lost a battle, yet he was still wielding the shield and axe; his strong will would never fade!

When Xing Tian’s battle axe descended, Ji Hao heard thunder bursting right by his ears and saw countless warriors who were covered in blood and had lost their limbs. He saw those warriors standing right before his face, wielding their weapons and roaring with all their strength.

A scorching, strong smell of blood mixed with the smell of burning metals came at Ji Hao’s face. Tremendous spirit blood power waves swept across the space like a tsunami, and Ji Hao felt that his body was burning. Even his embryo of Dao, which hid deep inside his spiritual space, trembled because of the overwhelming spirit blood power waves.

Ji Hao had grown an embryo of Dao and begun learning about the great Dao of nature. His body had already started merging with the great Dao, which meant he had stepped into a basic level of the ‘unity of nature and man’. But, despite his power, his embryo of Dao was shaken by Xing Tian’s spirit blood power. If he were weaker, his primordial spirit might have been destroyed by Xing Tian’s power, and his cultivation might have been obliterated!

Xing Tian was such a dreadful being. As the legend stated, he was the strongest god of war back in the ancient time.

Wu Bi burst into raging howls. Zang Yuanzi seized the chance and planted his six swords in Wu Bi’s chest. Blood splashed as Wu Bi’s body wriggled like a beheaded poisonous snake. His arms twitched and fingers locked together as he tremblingly cast an evil spell while cursing with wrath.

Xing Tian raised his battle axe again, aimed at Wu Bi’s other heads, and launched another strike. Wu Bi barely managed to dodge.


Another head of his was chopped off by Xing Tian. The last head screamed in pain while the chopped head transformed into a cloud of dark mist and flew back to his body.

Ji Hao showed his face suddenly. He gave a bright shout, rubbed his hands, and cast the thunder magic he learned from Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu. Thunderbolts struck down on Wu Bi like a thunderstorm.

Golden, purple, green, the water-tank-sized thunderbolts exploded deafeningly. Fiery lights shone out of the thunderbolts and filled the world up with a pure, positive thunder power. A strong ozone smell spread in the air.

After absorbing the spring from the living calabash, Ji Hao’s current power was as pure as the powers of saints. In terms of quantity, the total amount of his power equaled to the amount a saint could attain through tens of billions of years of severe cultivation. Just then, he cast the thunder magic with his full power. Every bolt of thunder he created was crystalline, containing an extremely pure thunder power; his thunder magics were now twice as powerful as before.

Following a series of sizzling noise, thunderbolts wrapped up Wu Bi and his chopped heads and arms. The thunderbolts exploded dazzlingly as lavlike electric currents surged in the space like rapidly flowing rivers.

The strong and violent electric currents tore apart the space like sharp swords, then twisted and nearly collapsed the sky, also quaking the earth. The aftermath of the explosion of one thunderbolt broke Emperor Xun’s palace and tore down the jade stage. Emperor Xun and a group of Gong Sun Family elders and clan leaders all fell to the ground.

The sky was suddenly illuminated as the thunderbolts emitted an eye-piercing light.

Wu Bi’s heads and arms which were chopped off by Xing Tian vanished under Ji Hao’s thunder magic, without leaving any trace. Wu Bi lost these body parts forever. He was able to regrow his body from a single drop of blood and cast all kinds of evil, powerful magic, but he could no longer retrieve the spirit blood power contained in his lost body parts.

“Ji Hao!” Wu Bi turned around and screamed at Ji Hao.

With shock, Zang Yuanzi pulled out his sword from Wu Bi’s body, then ran straight away. Ji Hao brought another wave of thunderbolts down from the sky and enveloped Zang Yuanzi. Zang Yuanzi ran fast, but still, a bolt of thunder struck right on his head.

Along with a thunder blast, one head and six arms of his were blown into pieces. The violent thunder power immediately destroyed that head and six arms, as electric currents even drilled into his body to hurt him brutally.

As same as Wu Bi, Zang Yuanzi burst into thunderous roars with both rage and shock. He glanced at Ji Hao, eyes filled with hatred, then turned around and fled to his brothers at his highest speed. No matter how angry he was, he wasn’t stupid enough to stay around Xing Tian, who showed up so suddenly…Zang Yuanzi was deeply confused at the moment — Xing Tian? He had disappeared for countless years. Why was he here?

Clearly, Xing Tian was aiming at Wu Bi…Ji Hao suddenly showed up too, also targeting Wu Bi!

Were Xing Tian and Ji Hao on the same side?

Zang Yuanzi was confused so badly that he just couldn’t figure out what was really happening. His few brothers transformed into long streaks of light that flew into the sky and quickly formed a small formation to protect Zang Yuanzi.

The few Chu Wu Clan elders who followed Wu Bi here roared hoarsely, transformed into devil shapes, and rose into the sky, raising dense dark clouds and raging dark flames. While cursing loudly, they flew towards Ji Hao. From a long distance away, they pointed their fingers at Ji Hao and sent rolling black and red clouds that wrapped countless flying daggers and blades, striking at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao pointed back at them. Following his moves, the invisible and traceless pre-world magnetic force field immediately covered this area. Wu Bi’s giant body paused instantly, as the magnetic force field wrapped him up and disabled him from moving, no matter how hard he struggled. He had no choice but to watch Xing Tian swing the battle axe again towards his head.

The few Chu Wu Clan elders sent a giant number of flying daggers and blades towards Ji Hao. These flying weapons, which were made from essence metals and evil magic, flew into Ji Hao’s magnetic forcefield, then all buzzed slightly and clanked against each other like drunk people. These weapons swished across the air over and over again, yet none of them managed to approach Ji Hao.

Along with a sizzling noise, Xing Tian roared thunderously while his battle axe landed on Wu Bi’s last head. Wu Bi gave vent to a shrill howl while being cut into two pieces by Xing Tian’s battle axe. Bundles of muscle fibers suddenly grew out of his two body parts and entangled each other, attempting to pull the two pieces of body back together.

“Harder!” Xing Tian shouted in a muffled voice while wielding his shield hard. The large shield immediately expanded and turned tens of thousands of meters wide as it fell on the few Chu Wu Family elders.

Seven to eight devil elders vomited blood simultaneously as their bodies were flattened like pancakes. With blood spurting out from every corner of their bodies, they were sent flying backward.

Ji Hao gave a long and resonant growl, then pointed at the sky. In the sky, the sun dazzled suddenly. The entire Pan Gu Motherland again fell into darkness while a ten-thousand-meters-thick golden beam of light descended from the sun and landed on Wu Bi’s body.


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