The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1853: Xing Tian Cuts the Devil – WN

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While ‘enjoying’ the intense battle fighting between Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi in Emperor Xun’s palace, Ji Hao had been watching the entire Pan Gu Motherland with the powers of the sun and natural stars.

After all, as one of the five divine emperors, the one who was chosen by the world itself because of the measureless natural reward he earned, Ji Hao had quite a lot of privileges. He witnessed every action taken by Yu Meng and the other colony world nobles.

Those colony world nobles raised a formidable army and marched to Chu Wu Clan day and night, launching a surprise offensive. Why?

Ji Hao kept eyes on them with interests. But of course, he paid more attention to Human Eighteen. This man looked nothing like the current human beings. This might sound inappropriate, but almost every living human being looked fierce and naughty like a Chaos beast. However, Human Eighteen was so gentle and suave, just like a scholar with immense learning!

How could such a human being exist in this era?

“This kid is interesting…Is he a secret descendant of a top-grade family? Or, a ‘future hope’ raised by a top-secret organization? Or, a disciple of a mysterious, powerful being?” Ji Has narrowed his eyes, guessing Human Eighteen’s background while watching Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi’s battle.

Ji Hao pondered for quite a while but failed to come to a conclusion. The power he sensed from Human Eighteen wasn’t strong, but was very special. In Ji Hao’s eyes, Human Eighteen was surrounded by a faint layer of mist, that he couldn’t get any information from what he said or did to make good guesses about the latter’s background.

“Ji Hao, don’t doubt Human Eighteen. He truly is one of us.” A gentle yet imperial voice suddenly echoed by Ji Hao’s years. “As the successor of East Emperor Taiyi’s throne, you should have seen Yu Meng and his people’ moves. Chu Wu Clan is a cancer of the humankind, so we are uprooting it…Later, our people will attack Wu Bi. Can you cooperate with them to kill him?”

A tremor went through Ji Hao’s body. He was a powerful being, and a master of the great Dao of extreme negative and the great Dao of sun. He had covered his body with the Dao of extreme negative and covered his traces with the sunlight, also twisting the space with his divine emperor power. How could any ordinary being discover him?

He raised his head and saw the smiling Emperor Shun and a majestic-looking half-human, half-snake man standing side by side under a towering tree on top of a mountain.

“I… am Fuxi!” The half-snake man smiled and nodded at Ji Hao. Behind him, a black and white mist rose and gradually became a profound pre-world Taiji pattern. It released a mysterious power that covered the entire mountain. Ji Hao clearly ‘saw’ Emperor Shun and this man, but he couldn’t feel them.

This was a very strange and uncomfortable feeling. Fuxi and Emperor Shun were right there, but all of Ji Hao’s sensations, including his physical eyes, had been clearly telling him that that area was completely empty.

What a terrifying power! What a magical power!

With shock, Ji Hao realized that Fuxi had a much deeper understanding of the great Dao of nature than he did. He even felt that even Priest Tong Jiong, who he met in Feng Dao Mount, was far weaker than Fuxi.

The only explanation for this could be that Fuxi had already stepped into the supreme, measureless world of ‘saints’!

Looking at the smiling Fuxi and Emperor Shun, who was grinning, filled with a positive power and without any dark energy left inside his body, Ji Hao suddenly felt relieved. He smiled too, and made a long and deep bow to Fuxi from hundreds of meters away with reverence.

Ji Hao had a feeling that this wasn’t a clone of Fuxi, but instead, this was the real him!

Fuxi left Pan Gu world countless years ago, but now, he had returned!

In addition, Human Eighteen was under his lead!

And, Human Eighteen knew Yu Meng!

And, driven by interests, Yu Meng and the other colony world nobles were commanded by Human Eighteen so easily!

Ji Hao felt so relieved. He filled his face up with a bright smile while looking at Fuxi and Emperor Shun. He didn’t say a word, but both Fuxi and Emperor Shun heard him complaining, ‘Good, since you old people have returned, the heavy burdens on our shoulders can be eased! Ahyaya, you old foxes, what on earth have you been planning?”

Fuxi smiled warmly. His gentle voice again echoed by Ji Hao’s ears, “If a man has a sore, we need to wait until it emerges on the skin, then cut it off entirely. Then, we cover the wound with medicine, treat the patient with decoction, and let him rest and recover…Cutting the sore will cause bleeding and pain, and will leave ugly scars on the skin. But, the man can only be healthy again when it is cut off!”

“We are facing all kinds of enemies. We can defeat all the enemies only after we have regained our health and restored our strength.” Fuxi smilingly nodded at Ji Hao and asked, “Ji Hao, am I right?”

Ji Hao pondered briefly, then smiled and nodded.

Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi both released their true fires. They flew up to the higher sky as their bodies swelled to tens of thousands of meters tall, and fought madly in the sky like two giants. Thunderbolts dazzled through the sky along with raging fires. Their bodies were both covered in wounds, and their blood was pouring down.

This battle had lasted for days. Their powers had been weakened largely, and even their eyes were slightly unfocused.

Right at this moment, Ji Hao heard a deafening swishing noise, coming closer and closer. He immediately raised his head and saw a burning meteor emerging from the highest sky, diving straight down from the sky as it left a tens of miles long streak of raging flame in the air.

In a moment, this meteor reached about a hundred miles from the palace from billions of miles away.

Inside the burning meteor, a headless giant wielded a shield with one hand and carried a giant axe with the other. He used his nipples as eyes and bellybutton as mouth. He widely opened his mouth and gave a thunderous roar.

“Xin-Xing Tian!” Ji Hao suddenly recalled the giant figure he saw back when he entered the Chaos the first time with the golden bridge!

“Xing Tian!” The headless giant roared. From tens of miles away, he swung his battle axe at Wu Bi and sent out an arc-shaped beam of cold light. The light struck violently on Wu Bi’s body, which was thousands of meters tall at the moment.

Following a shrill howl, one head and nine arms of Wu Bi were cut off.

“Haha!” Zang Yuanzi seized the opportunity and penetrated Wu Bi’s chest with six longswords.


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