The Magus Era Chapter 1852: Borrow A Knife, Butcher the Devils – WN

Night Mode

The tens of meters tall, muscular, half-scorpion warriors bared their upper bodies and gripped heavy weapons with both hands. The half-snake warriors in luxurious soft armors carried bows on their backs and large quivers around their waists; their snake tails were colorful and scary.

The dark-skinned, beast-headed warriors were wrapped in a scorching desert power, holding all kinds of staffs and wearing golden armors. Their eyes sparkled brightly in the darkness like emeralds.

The beautiful winged creatures who had no distinct sex characters were gliding airily and silently in the sky.

The other oddly shaped non-human warriors were all armored heavily and arrayed orderly. Some of them were walking, some had mounts, and some stood on the flying forts, which had been gliding forward right above the ground…

In this dark and stormy night, a formidable non-humankind army was moving silently and speedily in the dark wilderness. The beast-headed warriors shuttled in the troops. The staffs held in their hands had been releasing bright light beams, raising strong gusts of wind.

Every warrior in this army was wrapped in a fierce gust of wind. The wind raised their speeds by tens of times, absorbing all the sounds they caused. Because of the wind, this enormous army hadn’t been making even the slightest sound. Above this army, all kinds of winged warriors had been scouting around. Numberless powerful beasts which had acute senses of smell patrolled in the surroundings to kill any suspicious targets.

Yu Meng and some other colony world nobles gathered in a flying fort. Yu Meng crossed his arms before his chest and calmly remained silent, while the others were yelling and growling at each other with blushed faces, especially the ones like Yu Hu, who hadn’t attained Pan Yu blood to melt their erect eyes.

Human Eighteen found Yu Meng and made a promise to him. He said that if Yu Meng and his allies could wipe out the entire Chu Wu Clan, nine of them would be allowed to use the Praying and Sanctification altar.


After knowing about this, all the colony world nobles from the colony alliance went crazy. They immediately asked to participate in this action. After a violent wrangle, and even a series of fight, Yu Meng finally suggested to decide who could go by drawing lots. His suggestion was accepted, and one-hundred and twenty lucky colony world nobles were selected. Including Yu Meng, one-hundred and twenty-one colony world nobles took parts in this action.

But, there was too little meat for so many wolves. A hundred and twenty colony world nobles were luckily selected for this action, but only nine of them would have the chance to become saints. On the way to Chu Wu Clan, these colony world nobles began fighting again for the nine chances.

The atmosphere was intense to an extreme degree while a fierce light shone out of these colony world nobles’ eyes. The bad-tempered ones even pulled out their weapons and chopped the meeting table in the middle of this room.

Seeing an open fight was about to happen, Human Eighteen, who had been standing aside and remaining silent all this long, finally laughed and said, “Dear masters, why are you so impatient? One mere Chu Wu Clan can provide you nine chances…We have plenty of opportunities.”

Before the group of colony world nobles said a word, Human Eighteen took out a black jade slip, pointed at the names emerged from it, and said mildly, “These are the names of the strongest nine Master Elders of Chu Wu Clan, aside of the current clan leader, Wu Bi. Any of you who manage to bring back their heads will get a chance to become a saint.”

Eyes sweeping across the all colony world nobles on the scene, Human Eighteen sighed, “The nine places are fixed, but we do have some small extra power. Dear Masters, apart from Wu Bi, if you can wipe out the entire Chu Wu Clan and bring us all their Magus scriptures, perhaps…we will make some extra places for you. But of course, you have to get all their secret Magus scriptures!”

Spreading his hands, Human Eighteen smiled at the group of Colony world nobles, who were gazing at him with passion, then chuckled with a soft voice, said, “Other than Chi Wu Clan, we still have many other favors to ask you, dear masters. And, you will have many chances to become saints, really.”

“Many chances? How many?” Yu Hu gasped loudly and asked.

Yu Hu luckily won a place for himself and his Pan Jin world army in this action. He clearly understood that among all the colony world nobles, he was at the bottom level, and it was very difficult for him to compete fairly against the other members of the colony alliance. Therefore, he eagerly wanted to know how many chances Human Eighteen and the people behind him could provide to his friends and himself.

Human Eighteen remained silent for a while, pondering. Then, he smiled and said, “Of course, even after peace returns to our Pan Gu world, after all our enemies are gone and all human beings start living a happy and safe life…as long as you’re willing to pay enough, we wouldn’t mind consuming the altar’s power to help you…”

Hearing him, Yu Hu and the other colony world nobles sighed in relief simultaneously.

Maintaining the warm smile on his face, Human Eighteen continued, “But of course, every time we activate the altar, the consumption would be giant. The places we’re offering now are free, but if you want to pay for an extra chance, the price would be rather high. So…”

“Sure, we’ll try our best to chop off the nine Master Elders’ heads. Hah, no one is willing to pay a huge price, right? My brothers!” A colony world noble laughed.

The group of colony world nobles all burst into laughter. Wasn’t he right? Which Yu Clan noble would be willing to pay an extra price?

This enormous army moved in the darkness of night at a scarily high speed. Under Human Eighteen’s direction, the army quickly approached Senior Magus Mountain and Junior Magus Mountain. Tens of powerful colony world nobles and their trusted subordinates scattered out. They flashed across the space and sealed these two mountains off from every direction.

Before the giant Magi Gate, Yu Hu rushed out the first. As he pointed at the Pan Jin world army, thousands of tens of meters tall, metal creatures swiftly merged their bodies together and composed a six-thousand-meters-tall metal giant within a blink.

The metal giant raised a mountain and smashed it on the Magi Gate with all its strength, causing a thunderous boom.

The gate quaked, and the mountains on both sides of the gate collapsed, making large rocks fly all over the sky. The devil people who were guarding the gate were sent flying away by the rocks. Some of them even vomited blood as their bones were broken.

In the following moment, countless dark curses were cast from the gate, generating black thunderbolts which struck on the non-humankind army. The thunderbolts exploded one after another. Black sizzling thunderbolts covered the earth and burned the limbs of countless non-human warriors, even directly incinerating some.


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