The Magus Era Chapter 1851: Killing Each Other – WN

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Yu Meng and a few of his allies stood in the air, smiling coldly while gazing at the Pan Yu world nobles who were trapped in Ji Hao’s sword formation.

Yu Huo’s clone and Master Spirit-Slaughter stood outside a large tent their faces darkened as they watched countless Pan Yu world nobles running about like headless flies. These Pan Yu world nobles were trying to feel out this sword formation which sealed off the central camp area with all kinds of secret magic and treasures. However, their efforts led to no result. If the sword power hadn’t been exploding against the shield above the central camp area from time to time, they would even think that nothing existed around this area at all.

The sword power that attacked every now and then was telling them that they were trapped in this hundred-miles-squared central camp area indeed. A quite brave Yu Clan young man put on a glowing golden armor and activated a secret treasure to give himself a pair of black wings. He kneeled on one knee and silently prayed to the Red Sun, which was the origin of his family’s belief, then transformed his body into a black beam of light and flashed out of the central camp area.

In the next moment, this Yu Clan young man fell straight down from the sky while howling shrilly. His body was covered in sword wounds, and blood had been spurting out of his devastated body. His golden armor had been releasing eye-dazzling lightning bolts while countless metal pieces fell off it.

The Yu Clan young men fell heavily on the ground. All the others on the scene clearly heard a bone cracking noise, as the neck of this brave Yu Clan young man was broken. They didn’t manage to heal him before he ran out of life-force and died right the on the spot.

The central area fell into a deathly silence. Suddenly, ear-piercing cries could be heard. Tens of bad-tempered Jia Clan commanders lifted up a group of crying and struggling maids, then threw them out.

This group of Jia Clan commanders threw these maids out from the Eastern entrance of this area, but at the following moment, these maids’ cries came from the south entrance.

All Pan Yu world nobles immediately turned to the south. They saw the tens of maids, who had sagged at knees, curled up on the ground while crying, trembling. Same as what happened to the Yu Clan young man just now, a magical power forcibly brought them back into the central camp area the moment they were thrown out. But as human beings, these maids didn’t suffer any harm.

The group of Pan Yu world nobles wasn’t willing to give up. They threw out all kinds of things, even including a flying mountain which floated above the central camp area and served as a watchtower. All lifeless things disappeared without a trace after being thrown out of this area. But, any Yu Clan being, Jia Clan being or Xiu Clan being who dared to walk out of this area would definitely be thrown back, covered in wounds. The ones who were protected by powerful treasures survived, but most of those people who had the courage to try were killed by the sword power in the formation and thrown back as warm corpses.

“It’s Ji Hao!” Master Spirit-slaughter sneered to Yu Huo’s clone, who stood by his side, and said, “This is a sword formation…Look at the dead and injured ones, look at their wounds, feel the fierce sword intent from these wounds. Only Yu Yu’s disciples can cast such a powerful sword spell.”

Yu Huo’s clone darkened his face and sank into thoughts. “Why did he trap us in here? Hmm, to hold off and attack the reinforcements? Is he confident enough to face an all-out attack from Pan Yu world?” He said.

Master Spirit-slaughter narrowed his sparkling eyes. Yu Huo’s clone didn’t know what he was thinking about.

A long, long while later, Master Spirit-slaughter said, “Whatever he wants, this is a good thing for us, right? If Pan Yu world sends reinforcements, the more people die, the more can we get, isn’t that right?”

Hearing him, Yu Huo’s clone hissed with laughter, “Master, you’re right. As long as the war continues and enough people die, only we can make the final harvest…So, in order to stimulate those high-grade families, let’s help Ji Hao finish off all these people in this camp!”

“So, we share the profits as agreed before…I get forty percent of the souls, but all the desires and emotions these people will have before they die will be mine.” Master Spirit-slaughter licked his lips and responded hurriedly.

Abruptly, a wild laughter came from a distance away. A high-grade Jia Clan commander raised a three-foot-long, olive-shaped black shuttle, and said, “Is there no way out? Dear masters, please look over here. This is ‘crystal wall shuttle’, an inherited treasure of my Langlang Mountain Family! This is a powerful treasure, that can even penetrate the ‘crystal walls’ of Dao outside the natural screens of some worlds, which have special natures of Dao!”

Eyes shining with a dim, cunning light, this Jia Clan commander raised the shuttle and hollered, “One hundred people, dear masters, this shuttle can take one-hundred people away from here. Except myself, we can take ninety-nine people!”

Gasping excitedly, this Jia Clan commander smiled and continued, “We’re trapped in a very, very mysterious and dangerous formation! So, we all want to leave this place as quickly as possible. But, only ninety-nine lucky ones can leave with me.”

Streams of cold light shone out of the shuttle while it released sharp strands of power from both ends. The power of the shuttle even numbed the scalps of some people on the scene.

After exchanging a glance with Yu Huo’s clone, Master Spirit-slaughter had a colorful, fierce light flash across his eyes. He sneered and said, “Ninety-nine people? But tens of thousands of noble masters are here! Let’s fight sthen. The one who survives at last will have a chance to leave!”

The eyes of Yu Huo’s clone glistened with a dim black light. As he combined his power with Master Spirit-slaughter’s, an overweening evil power immediately loomed on the central camp area. The expression on the faces of Nearly a half of panicked Pan Yu world nobles changed suddenly, as they pulled out their weapons and struck at whoever stood beside them without saying a word.

The one who suffered the worst was this Jia Clan commander from Langlan Mountain Family. Tens of stronger Jia Clan warriors leaped up and vented deep growls, as tens of heavy weapons landed on his body almost at the same time. This Langlan Mountain Family Jia Clan commander was crushed directly, his blood and minced meat splashing miles away. Seven to eight large hands gripped the crystal wall shuttle simultaneously. The owners of these hands glanced at each other, then the cold lights of weapons raised a hurricane from the earth. Everyone on the scene was swirled in the blood-red hurricane.

“Fight, kill, cry, scream…then die!” Yu Huo’s clone smiled and said, “They have already asked their families for help, so death is their last value!”

He excitedly took out a black crystal and laughed, “We have to record these precious images as evidence…Perfect! Hundreds of Pan Yu world families are going to become deadly enemies.”

Yu Huo’s clone and Master Spirit-slaughter stood in the storm of blood and laughed out loud. Outside the sword formation, Yu Meng and the other colony world nobles were dumbfounded.

“Master Yu Meng!” Silently, Human Eighteen showed up behind Yu Meng and greeted him mildly.


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