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The Magus Era Chapter 1850: Blacklist – WN

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Emperor Xun laughed loud madly, then raised a wine pot and poured the wine into his mouth. His face was twisted, seeming like he was having an epileptic seizure. His twisted faces showed a trace of madness, and his eyes were unfocused. He was hysterical and completely out of his mind.

On the other side, Shixin completely forgot about Dragon Mother’s order. He raised both arms and roared thunderously, cheering for Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi. He expected an internecine situation to happen between them. It would be the best if they could both die, because in that way, he would naturally be able to eat both of them.

Zang Yuanzi’s brothers and sisters, and the few Chu Wu Clan elders who followed Wu Bi here, all rushed up and stared at each other. Bright lights shone out of the few priests’ heads while dense clouds floated above them, releasing strong energy waves. On the other side, the few Chu Wu Clan elders transformed into weirdly shaped devils and emitted a despairing, evil power.

The hundreds of meters tall Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi stood on the jade stage with their arms crossed and striking at each other violently, bringing up sharp cold lights. Their weapons collided against each other and caused deafening explosive sounds; The treasures held in Zang Yuanzi’s hands clashed against Wu Bi’s blades and generated raging, dazzling fires.

Wu Bi had a strong body. After getting injured, he could heal himself in no time; he also had a mighty strength and an incomparable speed. Zang Yuanzi was a magic master who could cast all kinds of magic, and had all kinds of treasures. His linden body was also strong, and his cultivation was higher than Wu Bi’s. They both activated their strongest powers to fight the intensive battle, and they were neck and neck in this battle.

Blood sprayed out of their bodies, turning into blood-red crystals and falling to the ground. These blood crystals contained their strong spirit blood power, and therefore, a fist-sized piece of these blood crystals was as heavy as a mountain. The blood crystals smashed on the jade stage and caused thunderous bangs, about to even collapse the stage.

As the battle went on, they both got angrier. They roared in deep voices and cursed each other with the worst languages; they trod on dark clouds, rose into the sky, and tried to kill each other above the clouds.

The drifting clouds were shattered, exposing the azure sky. The golden sunlight shone upon their bodies, rimming them with beautiful golden edges. On the ground, countless human warriors raised their heads in astonishment as they watched these two strangely shaped people engaging in a fierce battle high up in the sky.

Every time their weapons clanked against each other, a strong air blast was caused, which immediately would turn into a hurricane and roar down to the earth. The tents and cottages which belonged to some small clans under Emperor Xun’s command were blown away. Hides, wood, and straws flew all over the sky. The hurricane made countless warriors narrow their eyes and squat on the ground, raising their heads to look at the sky with difficulty.

Gradually, the distance between Wu Bi and Zang Yuanzi grew large. Thunderbolts flickered around Zang Yuanzi’s body as he began casting a thunder magic at Wu Bi. The pure positive thunder magic was the natural destroyers of all evils. The thunder magic cast by Zang Yuanzi was much more threatening to Wu Bi than his average fighting skills.

Cold and fierce winds gusted around Wu Bi’s body, and countless twisted crimson spell symbols were faintly visible in the winds. He dropped those sawtooth blades and clenched his fingers in the air. Each of his twenty-four hands gripped an evil magic tool made from colorful bones from the space. He twisted his body and incanted a spell, prepared to cast a magic curse at Wu Bi!

Ji Hao was right beside them, hiding under the Dao of extreme negative and the sun power, watching this reasonless battle between Wu Bi and Zang Yuanzi. He was also pondering upon the argument that Wu Bi and Zang Yuanzi had before. What was the difference between ‘fighting a commanders’ battle’ and ‘making an all-out attack? And, what were the deep meanings of these? If Zang Yuanzi was a disciple of the three ‘Pengs’, why did he want all human elites under Emperor Xun’s lead to challenge Yao Mountain City? What did the three ‘Pengs’ want? What could they get from this?

On the other side, Original Devil’s purpose was obvious. He wanted to weaken the humankind as much as he could. He wanted as many human beings to die as possible. From the death of each human being, he could retrieve an original devil seed, and his original soul would recover a little.

Standing in Original Devil’s shoes, Ji Hao clearly understood that Original Devil wanted as many people to die on the battleground as possible. For which reason, Wu Bi crazily put forward the plan of letting all warriors under Emperor Xun’s command to charge to the blood sea, even to fill it up with human bodies.

‘Fighting a commanders’ battle’ and ‘making an all-out attack were two opposite extremes. By ‘fighting a commanders’ battle’, the top-grade forces and the elites all clans which followed Emperor Xun would be consumed. In the other case, by ‘making an all-out attack’, the entire humankind would be consumed directly.

“Interesting…interesting…The changes of their bodies are interesting as well!” Ji Hao’s strong spirit power drilled into the results of the Dao of evolvement that Priest Hua forcibly planted in his body years ago. From there, he quickly found the information about Zang Yuanzi’s three-headed and eighteen-armed bodies.

This was a powerful magic that could improve the cultivator’s body condition, forcibly raising the cultivators’ strength, defensive power, and speed to improve the overall fighting capacity within a short span of time. At the basic level of this magic, the cultivator could have three-heads and six arms. Zang Yuanzi’s three-headed and eighteen-armed shape was merely a lower-grade result of this magic. At the higher level, Zang Yuanzi should be able to have a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand arms. Each head, eye, and arm would be incredibly powerful at that level. As for the top-level users of this magic, at the very least, each of them could have ten-thousand heads, ten-thousand arms, and ten-thousand eyes. Ji Hao found it hard to imagine how could ten-thousand arms connect with a human body and engage a fight!

On a towering mountain far away, Emperor Shun and the half-human, half-snake man stood side by side, watching the fight.

Without being noticed, the half-human, half-snake man and woman that Ji Hao once met in You Xiong City wriggled over. With extreme reverence and passion, they deeply bowed to the man beside Emperor Shun, then politely handed a black scroll to him.

“Ancestor Xi, this is the name list of all clan leaders, elders, and important clan members who are in league with the non-humankind and other intruders. Some of them are from the top-grade families which once raised human emperors, and some are from infamous small clans. The name of every human being who betrayed the humankind is included in this list.”

The half-human, half-snake man turned around, took over the black scroll, and spread it slowly.

The named carved on the first jade name tag in the scroll was Wu Bi, the current leader of Chu Wu Clan. Under his name were the names of all important Chu Wu Clan members. Behind each of these names were the notes about the crimes that they had committed, including colluding with Original Devil, betraying the human bloodline, bringing disasters to the humankind, and disturbing the whole world.

“Si Wen Ming is still working on the nine cauldrons…We shall leave the humankind to him. He will bring order out of chaos. That is also a required procedure for him to gather the human fortune.”

“Chu Wu Clan people aren’t human beings anymore. Then, let’s do it ourselves. Destroy them first!”


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