The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1849: Fight to Death – WN

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Zang Yuanzi ignored Wu Bi, whose entire body was burning; instead, he smilingly bowed to Shixin and said, “Prince Shixin, I am Zang Yuanzi. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Wu Bi threw a sideways glance at Zang Yuanzi and laughed evilly, then turned around and glanced at the tens of Gong Sun Family guards on the jade stage. “Hah!” He burst into a roar and abruptly opened his mouth. His long and slim, crimson tongue suddenly split into tens of sticky tentacles and swished out, drilling into these guards’ bodies.

The puffing noises could be heard without an end. Among this group of guards, even the weakest ones were peak-level Magus Kings. But simultaneously, they turned into dried corpses and fell to the ground.

All the blood and moisture of their bodies were drained by Wu Bi in a moment. Their dried, fragile corpses fell on the ground and immediately exploded into clouds of dust, spreading hundreds of meters away.

Even a Magus King had thriving spirit blood, while Divine Magi’s spirit blood was vast as an ocean, and their bodies were filled with strong life-force. After draining the spirit blood of tens of Gong Sun Family guards, Wu Bi boosted up his power and suppressed the Samadhi true fire inside his body with a black and red blood power.

“Emperor Xun, I borrowed a few of your guards to heal myself…You’re the human emperor. You’re generous, so I am sure you won’t mind!” Wu Bi laughed, showing no respect to Emperor Xun. He squinted at Emperor Xun and the few Gong Sun Family elders, then turned around and cupped his hands to Shixin with a warm smile, “Prince Shixin, what does Dragon Mother want to talk to us about?”

Shixin rolled his eyes. His large eyeballs rolled quickly in the sockets as he laughed, “Nothing, nothing, nothing important…You go on fighting, go on, fight to death. You must fight until one of you dies…Then, I’ll eat the dead one’s heart!”

Shixin wasn’t hiding his greediness at all. A glistening stream of saliva flowed out of his mouth corner and hung on his chin, about three feet long. “Continue fighting! Weren’t you fighting so hard just now? If you stop fighting now, you’d be ball-less cowards! Hah, go on, fight!”

Zang Yuanzi was a ‘Dao possessor’, and had a great cultivation. His body was filled with abundant essence life-force. As a cultivator, he had cast off all the impurities of his body and maintained a pure, pre-world flesh and blood. Shixin had eaten countless human beings. The moment he saw Zang Yuanzi, he sensed the sweet aroma emitted from his body!

Wu Bi was a peak-level Divine Magus. After turning into a devil, he had devoured the spirit blood of countless living beings. His evil power looked a little dirty in Shixin’s eyes, but the spirit blood in his heart was incredibly pure and in a giant quantity…To Shixin, Wu Bi was definitely not as tasty as Zang Yuanzi, but he was absolutely a large, fleshy piece of meat!

“You two, please continue fighting. I’ll be a witness, and make sure that no one interrupts you!” While spouting saliva, Shixin shouted, “You just fight to death. I swear to the heaven that I’ll only eat the dead one! I will never, ever attack the winner!”

Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi glanced at each other. Instantly, their burning fighting will cooled down by ninety percent!

How could they ever believe Shixin? Shixin and his brothers were notorious back in the ancient time. No one in the ancient world hadn’t heard about their bad reputation! They swore a lot, but did they keep their words even once?

Snorting coldly, Wu Bi said with a dark face, “Prince, we’re sorry. Earlier on, we merely exchanged a few moves, but never wanted to kill each other. There won’t be a dead one for you to eat his heart!”

“Prince,” said Zang Yuanzi blindly, “we have important things to do. What does Dragon Mother want to talk to us about? Please give us some notice in advance. In fact, I was just on my way to visit Dragon Mother. There are some things we need to hurry up with.”

Two pale-white lotuses flashed across Zang Yuanzi’s eyes as he continued in a chilly tone, “Prince, I assume you haven’t forgotten about the oath you made that day you were released from the ocean eye, have you? That wasn’t just a random swear that you can make every day. You connected your dragon pearl and the great Dao to that blood vow. If you break it, your body and soul will both die!”

Wu Bi swiftly glanced at Zang Yuanzi.

A tremor went through Shixin’s body. Throwing a threatening glance at Zang Yuanzi, he wiped the large stream of saliva in his mouth corner with a sleeve, then giggled and said, “You’re right. Let’s talk about the serious matters, serious matters. Hah, it’s nothing, just my mother wants Emperor Xun to select the outstanding human commanders and warriors from all clans to fight a ‘commanders’ battle’ against Yao Mountain City!”

Shixin clicked his tongue, then raised his head and gave a cold smile as he continued, “My mother said that you’ve sent so many weak things to Yao Mountain City, but they didn’t even manage to cross the blood sea, all ending up being captured alive by Ji Hao…Were you fighting a war or giving slaves to Ji Hao?”

Shaking his head, Shixin carried on with a cold voice, “So, my mother has said to select the commanders above the level of Magus Kings, including the elders, leaders of all human clans, and those old ones who have been hiding in some corners, trying to break into the supreme level, to challenge Yao Mountain City people. We should fight them one-to-one, face to face; fight to death!”

Zang Yuanzi’s eyes shone in satisfaction. He smiled mildly and said, “Prince, you’re absolutely right. I happen to have the same view!”

Wu Bi burst into raging roars, “Bullsh*t! Bull-sh*t! Fight, fight, how many Magus Kings and Divine Magi exist among human beings? Can they compare with the millions and millions of lower-level ones? We must make an all-out attack! No matter how broad and deep the blood sea is, we can fill it up by throwing all human warriors in at one time!”

Wu Bi leaped up and shouted, “We must make an all-out attack at all costs! At all costs! We break Yao Mountain City from the front!”

A weird expression was shown in Zang Yuanzi’s eyes. “Fight the commanders’ fight!” He turned back, stared at Wu Bi, and said coldly.

Wu Bi turned around and took a deep, deep breath. Then, a series of lumps swelled on his neck. He became a three-headed, twelve-faced, and twenty-four-armed creature, and his body was growing slowly as well. Gradually, he reached three-hundred meters in height.

As a strong devil power spread from his mouth, Wu Bi said coldly, “All-out attack! Not even one warrior can stay in this camp. All people, charge to Yao Mountain City! At all costs! No retreat is allowed! If all warriors die, we gather more then continue charging!”

Zang Yuanzi too grew taller slowly, also becoming about three-hundred meters tall, with three heads and eighteen arms. He sneered and responded, “Wu Bi, what do you want?”

Wu Bi gazed at Zang Yuanzi, showing no sign of fear. “What are you planning on? Do you really think that I don’t know?”

“Let’s fight to death then!” Zang Yuanzi laughed coldly.

Wu Bi also burst into laughter. He raised his twenty-four arms, clenched his fingers, and shattered the space. Twenty-four giant sawtooth blades flew out of the space cracks, being gripped in his hands.

“Die!” Wu Bi roared wildly and swung his blades at Zang Yuanzi.


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