The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1848: Ji Hao Watches the Fight – WN

Night Mode

The pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation was activated. The supremely strong and traceless magnetic force coiled around the shield that was created by Master Spirit-slaughter and the group of Pan Yu world nobles together, then shredded it.

Along with an earth-shaking boom, countless thin, black space cracks suddenly appeared around the central camp area. Sharp streams of Chaos power roared in through the cracks and cut the earth into pieces. The magnetic forcefield was too powerful, as it directly tore apart the space and connected this place with the Chaos.

Master Spirit-slaughter and the thousands of Pan Yu world nobles, who had activated their best treasures, all trembled and their faces blushed. The blood of over ninety percent of the Pan Yu world nobles on the scene boiled. Half of them failed to keep their feet and sat on the ground, while nearly a half of them had their face paled and vomited blood.

“A formation?” Master Spirit-slaughter was way more experienced and knowledgeable than these spoiled Pan Yu world nobles. He abruptly raised his head and exclaimed with a dry voice, “A pre-world formation? This is…Chaos magnetic power? No, some other things are in it…Life-force, death power, the power of destruction and creation, and…and what?”

The expression on Master Spirit-slaughter’s face changed quickly. A beam of light shone out of his head, sending up a water-tank-sized, colorful glistening bead. Countless golden dragons and colorful phoenixes were flying inside the bead while it emitted a splendid light, firmly covering Master Spirit-slaughter’s body.

“The grade of this formations is too high…I need to be careful, be careful…It has not been easy for me to survive till present. I don’t want to die here.” Master Spirit-slaughter looked around with a dark face and saw those Pan Yu world nobles sitting on the ground and vomiting blood, then showed an extreme greediness in his eyes.

Ji Hao restrained the power of the sword formation and coldly gazed at the people who were trapped in it.

“I give you three days. If no one comes to save you in three days, you shall die together!” Ji Hao snorted coldly as his eyes swept across the spirit treasures and supreme treasures which belonged to these Pan Yu world nobles.

“Not top-grade ones, but quantity is huge. I’ll take these… Hmm, I’ll take these treasures. I can give them to my friends, or to my disciples as gifts. These are all good treasures! My poor disciple Shermie… Until now, he only has a pair of knuckles… So poor!”

Clicking his lips, Ji Hao chuckled, then pointed at the sword formation. Following his move, invisible strands of sword power slowly penetrated the space and landed on the dimmed shield one after another.


The shield which loomed on the central camp area quaked ceaselessly, letting out strange, explosive sounds. On the shield, colorful lights burst from time to time and stirred up large ripples on the transparent shield.

The group of Pan Yu world nobles who were trapped in the sword formation screamed out loud. This slow-paced attack launched by Ji Hao gave them a giant mental stress. They couldn’t see the attacker, and didn’t even know what the attacker was. This unknown frightened them so much that the faces of some Pan Yu world nobles paled ghastly.

Soon, a large number of Pan Yu world nobles sneakily took out their emergency talismans and cast their secret family magic to ask their families in Pan Yu world for help. They howled, screamed, and contacted the high-grade members of their families. They cried to their parents, grandparents, or higher grade family elders for help. At the moment, an extremely unsettling atmosphere spread in the central camp area, as if a disaster was coming.

Watching these Pan Yu world nobles’ moves, Ji Hao laughed in satisfaction.

These days, the Pan Yu world force had been launching unhurried offensives on Yao Mountain City. Each day, they sent a giant number of their warriors to Yao Mountain City to die on purpose. Their weird actions worried Ji Hao. But now, they asked their families for help and began taking actual actions, which was a good thing.

Compared with aggressive enemies, the enemies who made no moves were dreadful. As long as the Pan Yu world nobles started making moves, Ji Hao would be able to respond quickly and effectively according to the situation, and get more information from their moves.

The sword formation kept striking at the central camp area at a slow pace. By now, the sun had risen. Ji Hao gave a bright shout, hearing which, countless Gold Crow warriors cawed and hovered in the sky for a while, then slowly drew back to Yao Mountain City.

At this moment, Ji Hao merged his spirit power into the spreading sunlight. The sun became his eyes. He glanced around the world, and immediately discovered Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi, who were fighting on the jade stage.

“Wu Bi…And these priests! They look like the disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, but in fact, they’re the three ‘Pengs’ people!” Seeing the four-faced, six-armed Wu Bi and three-headed, eighteen-armed Zang Yuanzi fight intensely against each other, and the former being burned by the three-colored fire, Ji Hao’s interest was aroused immediately.

“This is Samadhi true fire, isn’t it? It’s a real power of Dao. I have the purest essence sun fire, but I never tried to create Samadhi true fire.” While watching Zang Yuanzi’s moves, Ji Hao left a few words to Yu Meng, Donggong, and Ximu, who were hiding in the surrounding space, then teleported himself millions of miles away and showed up in Emperor Xun’s camp.

With the great Dao of extreme negative, the sunlight, and the starlight, he merged his body into the sunlight and made himself invisible. Afterward, he quietly floated in the air, about sixty-meters above the stage, lowered his head, and looked at Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi fighting.

Zang Yuanzi had so many powerful treasures, yet he attacked Wu Bi with a Samadhi true fire. Wu Bi was caught unprepared…Or in other words, he had never encountered anyone with any true power of Dao. Hence, he suffered severely. Samadhi true fire was one of the most powerful devil-suppressing fire of Dao; it was mighty, and ould naturally restrain all kinds of evils, including Wu Bi.

The fire drilled and burned ragingly inside his body, which was covered in black scales, making him howl shrilly in pain. The edge of each of his scales turned glowing-red, as if a dazzling light was about to burst from his body.

“Zang Yuanzi…How dare you?” Wu Bi screamed as he rushed towards Zang Yuanzi with giant steps, his face twisted and ready to bite Zang Yuanzi.

“I do dare, so what?” Zang Yuanzi carelessly sneered and said, “Do you really think that I would care about you bunch of monsters under Original Devil’s leadership? What can Original Devil possibly do to me even if I destroy your soul today?

Raising the swords, Zang Yuanzi marched towards Wu Bi, also with giant steps.

Right at this moment, Shixin trod on a dark cloud and descended from the sky. He raised his head and yelled, “Emperor Xun, my mother wants to talk to you…You’re wasting time every day doing nothing. My mother is angry…Hah, give me some beautiful girls now so I can say some nice words for you to my mother!”

Zang Yuanzi and Wu Bi paused simultaneously and stopped fighting.


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