The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1847: The Evil and the Devil Against Each Other – WN

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Hearing Zang Yuanzi, Wu Bi immediately dropped his face. He pointed at Zang Yuanzi and yelled, “What did you say?”

Zang Yuanzi put his nose to Wu Bi’s nose, gazed at Wu Bi’s blood-red eyes, and laughed, “Bullsh*t! Don’t you speak human language? Oh, but that’s reasonable, because you’re not a human being already. How can you possibly understand human language?”

A few tiny blood vessels twitched above Wu Bi’s eye corners as he leaped up and burst into raging shouts, “How dare you scold me?”

Zang Yuanzi carelessly raised a hand and a small tree branch appeared. He plucked off all the leaves, then picked his ears with the branch, and chuckled, “I scolded you, so what? I can even beat you, do you believe that?”

Wu Bi stared at Zang Yuanzi with his face darkened, then moved suddenly. His arms remained motionless, but lumps rose from behind his neck.

Pop! Pop!

Another pair of arms grew out from the back of his neck, which clenched their fists and punched at Zang Yuanzi’s face.

What was even more shocking that Wu Bi’s pair of new arms were thickly covered with small scales. The scales were dark, glistening with a metallic luster and seeming to be especially tough.

Zang Yuanzi laughed out loud. He stomped a foot against the ground then shook his body. A couple of lumps rose swelled from the back of his neck and his shoulders. Along with a series of popping noises, two heads and four arms grew out of Zang Yuanzi’a body, and he became a three-headed, six-armed monster.

He loudly cast a spell. Following his voice, a cold light flashed across his six palms, then six swords appeared. He gripped the sword hilts and swung them swiftly, sending waves of cold lights towards Wu Bi’s arms. Compared to Ji Hao’s sword moves, Zang Yuanzi’s sword moves were pretty simple, as he simply and violently swung the sword straight down at a high speed.

In comparison with a powerful fighter with a tough body like Ji Hao, Zang Yuanzi’s attack speed couldn’t be counted as high. Ji Hao was able to make over ten-thousand sword moves within a second, while Zang Yuanzi could merely make about three-thousand moves with one arm within the same span. However, he had six arms now. With six arms together, his attack efficiency was twice as good as Ji Hao.

Countless people on the jade stage saw that Zang Yuanzi was wrapped in a smooth layer of light. Beams of sword lights and strands of sword power roared down and covered Wu Bi’s body like a beautiful meteor shower.

Wu Bi growled ragingly as fire sparks were raised from his new arms. Along with ear-piercing clanks, the scales on his arms were shattered and sent flying away. Before he could take back his arms, Zang Yuanzi’s sword lights had landed on his arms hundreds of thousands of times, sending up large amounts of blood and muscle pieces.

Wu Bi’s devil body was incredibly strong while Zang Yuanzi wasn’t a strength cultivator. With the power of the swords, he only managed to create a half-inch-deep wound on Wu Bi’s body with each sword strike. Nevertheless, because of the high attack efficiency provided by his six arms, Wu Bi didn’t even have a chance to heal himself before his pair of new arms were peeled, and his dark bones were exposed. Those bones were covered in blood-red spell symbols.

“Zang Yuanzi!” Wu Bi growled hoarsely, “You are…No, the person behind you, is he truly gonna go against Devil Master?”

“Go against him, yeah, we’re against him…” Zang Yuanzi lunged his sword as fast as a gust of wind. As his swords clanked against Wu Bi’s arm bones, he said, “We found this idiot called Emperor Xun together by chance, and we both want to control him, to make him work for us. We’re never on the same side…We can go against him, why not? Original Devil, big deal?”

A blood-red light shone out of Wu Bi’s eyes. He snorted coldly, then a few more lumps grew out of his body. Afterward, the lumps exploded into new heads and arms, making him a four-faced, eight-armed creature. His entire body was covered in thick black scales. His arms brought up fierce gusts of wind while punching at Zang Yuanzi.

Wu Bi was a master Magus when he was a human being, a peak-level Divine Magus. He was only half a step away from the level of Supreme Magi back then, and his body was incredibly strong. After being turned into a devil by Original Devil, Wu Bi’s body was upgraded, turning stronger and tougher, with a measureless power.

After growing out three new heads and four new arms, Wu Bi punched as fast as a hurricane. His attack speed was now higher than Zang Yuanzi by at least ten folds.

Following a series of clanks, muffled thuds could be heard. Zang Yuanzi activated his ‘linden body’, which was attained through a secret body-strengthening method taught by Priest Mu. His entire body turned green and transparent like a piece of crystal. But, under Wu Bi’s attacks, he was trembling like a willow branch in a storm, while uncontrollably staggering backward.

Wu Bi laughed wildly as his heavy punches landed on Zang Yuanzi’s body over and over again. Every time, his fists would sink into Zang Yuanzi’s body by three inches. Loud bone cracking noises could be heard without an end as Zang Yuanzi’s was soon beaten out of shape and began vomiting blood.

“Idiot, idiot. Except brainless dragons and those natural warriors from Jia Clan, who in Pan Gu world dares to combat closely against our human…no, our devil-kind?” While attacking Zang Yuanzi, Wu Bi roared proudly, “Our supreme devil bodies are descended from Saint Pan Gu, the creator of the world. Our bodies are the strongest bodies in the world!”

“Combat against me without casting a magic or using a special ability? I’m saying that you’re an idiot, do you agree?” Wu Bi suddenly gripped Zang Yuanzi’s head, burst into a thunderous roar, and tore his head directly off.

“Hah!” A beam of green light rose from Zang Yuanzi’s headless body. The headless body exploded into a cloud of pale-white lotus petals, drifting to the ground. Within the green light, Zang Yuanzi was wearing an extremely luxurious, glowing robe. He still had three heads, but with twelve new arms.

He was now a three-headed, eighteen-armed creature. Six of his hands were holding swords, and the other twelve hands each held a brightly shining treasure. A cloud floated above his head, hundreds of meters in radius, with three pale white lotuses blooming on it”You have the strength, so what? Wu Bi, this is…my real power!” Zang Yuanzi laughed.

Along with his laughter, he opened his mouth and let out interweaving streams of fire, in the colors of green, white, and red. The fire was scarily hot, covering Wu Bi’s entire body like molten glass. Wu Bi was caught unprepared. Along with a sizzling noise, two of his three heads and five of his six arms were melted within a second.

The fire also burned through his scales, skin, and muscles, drilling directly into his internal organs.


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