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Dragon Mother put down the wooden staff with a sour face and coldly glanced at her nine boys, then sat in the chair in the middle of this hall. A golden-red flame rose from her head, quickly circling around her body. When the flame dimmed, the wound on her face and her broken armors were all fixed.

Shixin’s brothers stood up and took some pills to heal themselves. They picked up Shixin’s spine, which was thrown on the ground by Dragon Mother, then straightened his body and put the piece of spine back into him. Shixin gave a deep growl in pain, then boosted up his spirit blood and took a few powerful pills. Before long, his injuries were all healed and his consumed life-force was fully replenished.

“Damn! At first, the cultivation system of human beings was stolen from our dragon-kind.” Shixin stood up while complaining as he patted his waist. “Now what? We can heal slight wounds by boosting up our spirit blood, but if we’re injured badly, we need to take pills?”

“Cut the crap.” Said Dragon Mother in a frosty tone, “The original version of human cultivation system is indeed learned from the dragon-kind, but human beings inherited Saint Pan Gu’s fertility, representing the strongest life-force and power of creation in this world. Sure, they do better self-healing than dragons.”

Snorting coldly, Dragon Mother continued sullenly, “Dragons…No, not only dragons, we Chaos dragons too have strong bodies. But, as we inherited the power of destruction and killing, it’s hard for us to heal ourselves when we get injured…If we can extract the human bloodline and merge it into our bodies…”

Clicking her tongue, a rosy color emerged from Dragon Mother’s face. She narrowed her eyes and smilingly pointed at the old man who stopped her from killing her sons earlier, then said, “You little useless scums, how can you be so impolite? Come greet these three elders, will you?”

The immortal-like old man, whose beard was long enough to reach the ground, smiled mildly and nodded to Shixin and his brothers.

The young man and the girl behind the old man remained cold, even throwing a few scornful glances at Shixin and his brothers. The handsome young man slightly nodded to Shixin and his brothers, yet snorted frostily. The girl proudly raised her chin and turned to a decorative relief about carps on a wall.

Shixin and his brothers bared their teeth as they stared at the young man and the girl with a fire of hatred and anger burned in their eyes. They just wanted to mince the young man and the girl. Dragons looked down upon the others, but which living being ever dared to despise dragons?

Back in the ancient time, Shixin and his brothers had done uncountable evil things, and destroyed countless creatures. No one ever dared to be so rude to them. Added with the evil words that the long-bearded old man said about them earlier, Shixin and his brothers had already put these three people on their killing list.

But, as the intent of killing was brewing in their hearts, Shixin and his brother just clenched their teeth and didn’t truly do a thing.

First, Dragon Mother was there. Together, Shixin and his brothers could barely rival Dragon Mother. Therefore, they dared not to do anything to upset her. Second, the long-bearded man, the young man, and the girl looked too weird. How could they dare to recklessly make a move before knowing about their enemies?

“These three friends have been cultivating themselves in Mount Skeleton since the world was created. They are Priest Guzun, Guling, and Gue.” Dragon Mother proudly looked at her boys and said, “They are our first batch of reinforcements. You must respect them. No irreverence is allowed.”

Shixin and his brothers looked at Guzun, Guling and Gue from head to toe. These nine Chaos dragons were powerful beings who had lived through the prehistorical era too, but they never heard of the place ‘Mount Skeleton’; Since these three people lived since the creation of the world, they must have shown up in the prehistorical world. But, Shixin and his brothers had never heard of their names. This was strange.

Their appearances were even stranger. The old man looked like an immortal, the young man was handsome, and the girl looked pretty and adorable. But when looked closely, one would find that their skin and flesh were transparent like crystals, and a strange colored light was flowing inside their bodies. They didn’t have blood vessels and meridians.

Shixin and his brothers scanned across these three people’ bodies with their spirit powers and found that these people didn’t have internal organs; nothing but a sphere of light existed inside each of their bodies, swelling and shrinking.

The three people didn’t mind being scanned by spirit powers, and made no reaction to Shinxin and his brothers’ offensive moves. Therefore, Shixin and his brothers fully released their spirit power to check their bodies inch by inch.

Through their transparent skins and fleshes, one could see their jade-like, glittering bones. Every piece of bone was flawless. Guzun’s bones were dark-golden, looking old, and Guling’s bones are purple-golden, looking mysterious.

Gue had a face of an adorable little girl, but her bones were scary. Those bones were black and red, lustreless like dried blood. Her strangely colored bones were transparent like glass, making her look awfully evil.

After observing them for quite a while, Shixin finally began talking. “The three friends from Mount Skeleton? I’ve never heard of your names back in the ancient time. You’re nobodies!” He said scornfully.

Guzun chuckled. He nodded at Shixin and responded smilingly, “Prince Shixin, you’re right. We weren’t famous back in the ancient time…because, everyone who knew us had been turned into bone treasures by us. So, they didn’t have a chance to spread our names.”

Shixin’x grin froze on his face. The faces of his brothers paled slightly as well as they gazed at the three.

These three people weren’t famous back in the ancient time, because they turned everyone who knew them into treasures? Was this even real? How powerful a living being needed to be to say something like this? How powerful this living being needed to be to keep its name from being known by other people?

Everyone who knew them was killed by them…

Shixin and his brothers cautiously looked at the three for long, then lazily cupped their hands and bowed to them, “Greetings, elders!”

They now clearly understood that they couldn’t afford to offend these three people. But, because of the pride that existed deep in their natures, they still didn’t take these three people seriously.

Sensing the faintly discernible hostile between the three and her boys, Dragon Mother smiled in satisfaction and said, “Good. Shixin, you go bring Emperor Xun and his useless people here. We need to discuss what we should do next.”

Snorting coldly, Dragon Mother raised her head and continued slowly, “We can’t let you idiots keep wasting time like this…If those three get angry, we won’t be able to deal with them!”


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