The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1843: Dragon Mother Comes Back – WN

Night Mode

Waves rolled in the blood sea as numberless half-dragon warriors trod on the blood waves while wielding their weapons and roaring.

These deathless puppets were made by Netherworld Priests with the dragon bloodline and human bodies. Their bodies were muscular and their faces looked ferocious. Their entire body had been releasing a killing power. While roaring, they had been absorbing the thick, blood-red clouds in the sky, and their powers were rising.

Under the blood waves, countless blood-pool ghosts were swimming as nimbly as fishes while greedily devouring the sticky blood.

Every single day, a giant number of non-humankind warriors would come to die, and their blood would merge into this blood sea. Every single drop of their blood contained a slight trace of the great Dao from their own worlds. After absorbing their blood, the bodies of these blood-pool ghosts turned more and more blurry, while their powers were harder and harder to sense, and their moving speeds grew higher and higher.

If one compared the speed of these blood-red ghosts to the number ‘one’, before this war started, after two months of slaughtering and absorbing the spirit blood of uncountable non-humankind warriors, their speed had reached ‘ten’ already!

From these half-dragon warriors and blood-pool ghosts, one could clearly feel Netherworld Priest’s power. His warriors had no fear of death, and the longer they fought, the stronger they would become.

Above the blood sea and within the dense blood-red clouds, which was condensed from the blood power of uncountable lives, Shixin, Ao Bai, and their brothers had still been fighting madly against each other. In the blood-red clouds, the eighteen sons of the dragon ancestor had shifted back into their original shapes. They attacked each other with their sharp teeth and claws. Occasionally, a wave of thunderbolts would fall like raindrops. They had also been letting out all kinds of magic treasures to attack each other from time to time, quaking both the sky and the earth.

Ao Bai and his brothers were apparently weaker than Shixin and his brothers, but upon being supported by the heaven and earth formation, their strength and defensive powers were both raised, which pushed them up to the level of Shixin and his brothers. More importantly, the dragon-kind was wealthy. Ao Bai and his brothers had the best supreme treasures and spirit treasures that the dragon-kind had ever found. Shixin and his brothers convinced most of the dragons to follow them, and also smoothly took over the treasuries of the entire dragon-kind, but the treasures they brought were a grade lower than the ones Ao Bai and his brothers’.

All kinds of treasures flew all over the sky, shining eye-dazzlingly. Eighteen enormous dragons entangled with each other while roaring and cursing. The broken scales and horns, boiling dragon blood, and even pieces of dragon muscles had been falling from the sky like raindrops. In the blood sea, the half-dragon warriors and blood-pool ghosts chased every slightest drop of dragon blood and the tiniest pieces of dragon muscle.

Some lucky ones attained larger pieces of dragon muscles. They immediately swallowed the muscle pieces, and their powers began growing. Some of them were even going beyond the level of Divine Magi, showing a sign of reaching the supreme level.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar could be heard. A water-tank-sized bead which dazzled with thunderbolts flew out of Ao Bai’s hand and hit right on Shisui’s forehead, smashing his tens of sharp horns and even denting his skull. While vomiting blood, he fell from the sky.

Shisui fell into the blood sea and raised enormous waves.

Numberless half-dragon warriors rushed up fearlessly. They screamed and climbed onto Shisui’s body with madness and greediness, drilling into his body through his wounds. Shisui was wrapped in the dazzling lightning bolts, unable to move.

The half-dragon warriors tore him, scratched him, and cut him with all kinds of weapons like butchers cutting pork ribs. They ought each other for his blood and flesh. The hundreds of miles long Shisui howled in pain while sticky blood gushed out of his body ceaselessly.

Countless blood-pool ghosts gathered as well. They transformed into a dense dark cloud and surrounded Shisui. They devoured all the blood that Shisui shed, without wasting even a single drop. That was the blood of a pure dragon, which contained the purest, noblest dragon bloodline that was descended from the dragon ancestor.

The blood-pool ghosts transformed their bodies into long needles and pierced deeply into Shisui’s wounds to suck his blood like greedy leeches. As tens of millions of black long needles pierced into Shisui’s body, he would lose a giant amount of blood every second.

Shisui snarled in pain. But, the bead that Bixi used for attacking him was greatly powerful, that after suffering a strike from it, his strong body didn’t manage to recover in a long while. He was paralyzed, and couldn’t even move a finger. He could only watch countless weak and fragile ‘ants’ eat his body and drink his blood.

Shixin gave a raging growl, then took out three-thousand and six-hundred needles, prepared to send the needles down to kill those half-dragon warriors and blood-pool ghosts. But, he paid all his attention on saving Shisui, and showed his great weakness while taking out this set of needles. Sideway, a green frosty light flashed across, then a beautiful sword tore apart the space.

Qing Qiang showed her real face. A breathtakingly beautiful, enormous green bird held a sword in her beak, which was shining with a cold light. She arrived next to Shixin in a moment and gave him this strike. A giant wound was left on Shixin’s body, starting from his chest and ending in his left hip. The bone-deep wound nearly split Shixin’s body into two.

“Little phoenix b*tch!” Shixin turned around and yelled at Qing Qiang.

Ao Bai was fighting a battle against Shixin. He seized this opportunity, swung his arm, and threw out an especially heavy purple-golden pestle, along with a deafening buzzing noise. The pestle transformed into a hundred-meter-thick thunderbolt and struck on Shixin’s chest.

The nine-feet-long, golden-purple pestle struck onto Shixin’s chest and shattered the scales while generating a thunderous boom. Shixin burst into shrieks while clouds of dense smoke puffed out of his mouth, ears, eyes, and nose.

“Kill!” A sharp light flashed across Ao Bai’s eyes while he lunged his sword with his right arm, directly towards Shixin’s throat.

At this very moment, a golden light descended from the sky. Dragon Mother suddenly showed up before Ao Bai’s face and gave him a heavy slap.

A half of Ao Bai’s head was smashed. His teeth were broken, flying all over the sky like glistening crystals and pearls. How strong was Dragon Mother? After suffering a slap from her, Ao Bai swirled backward and started a shrill swishing noise.

“Retreat!” Ao Bai roared resonantly, then turned around and fled to Yao Mountain City the moment he realized what had happened just now.

His brothers all turned back and ran immediately. They raised clouds and fled at their highest speeds without saying a word. Ao Bai even took out his divine seal and waved it towards the sky. Suddenly, a three-colored swirling thunderous cloud emerged above Dragon Mother’s head, then colorful thunderbolts began striking her.

“You ball-less b*stards are all like that dead old b*stard!” Dragon Mother bared her teeth as she gazed at Ao Bai and her brothers. Next, she turned around and threw a slap on Shixin’s face. Shixin lost consciousness without even giving a moan.

“Useless!” She hollered.


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