The Magus Era Chapter 1842: Emperor Xun’s Awareness – WN

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When the morning sunlight turned into a destructive golden light beam and descended from the sky, Emperor Xun was having fun.

In a completely messy and disordered large camp, a palace which was carried to this place by Longbo Country people towered on the ground. On a tall, colorful jade stage, Emperor Xun was laughing and running about, wearing nothing but three peacock feathers to cover his nipples and crotch area. He didn’t look like a human emperor at all.

A giant wine pot was carried in his left hand. After making a few steps, he would pour some wine into his mouth. He staggered on the stage while laughing with a weird voice and reaching his right hand to the maids, who had been chuckling and running before him.

The sun rose up and illuminated Pan Gu Motherland with a warm red light. But all of a sudden, the red light faded and the sky sank into darkness again. Stars sparkled in the sky and divine rivers flowed, while a tremendous sense of danger pressed down from the highest sky.

Emperor Xun was badly startled. He immediately turned around and gazed at the north.

A few Gong Sun Family master Magi hurriedly rushed up to Emperor Xun. One of them pointed a finger at Emperor Xun and let out a ten-thousand-year turtle shell. The turtle shell glistened and showed the grievous slaughter which was happening in the Pan Yu world nobles’ camp.

Through the turtle shell, they saw a dazzling golden light fall from the sky, turning the vast camp into ash. Countless non-humankind warriors were turned into nothingness by the golden light even before they could let out a scream. Afterward, the golden light shrank quickly and concentrated on the central camp area.

Numerous divine towers exploded one after another. Master Spirit-slaughter threw out his staff, which transformed into a golden dragon to struggle against the golden light. While crying shrilly, numberless Pan Yu world nobles activated their best treasures to help the golden dragon defending against the destructive golden light.

“Ahya, this is…so miserable, sad, and beautiful…” Emperor Xun quivered with excitement. Carrying the wine pot, he laughed out loud, “So many people died at one time? Ahyaya, good, good… Come on, drink, drink!”

Emperor Xun grinned and narrowed his eyes while saying, “Yemo Tian’s a b*stard. Last time, he actually dared to take the lovely girl that I liked. Hehe, it’ll be best if he’s burned into ashes. If even his soul is destroyed, I’d be really glad!”

The allies could die as long as he lived. Emperor Xun happily invited the group of master Magi around him and his trusted followers to drink.

But, the people by his sides weren’t as brainless as he was. From Gong Sun Family elders to the leaders of the other clans, the faces of everyone who saw the golden light beam through the turtle shell had paled. Some of them even had cold sweat oozing out of their skins.

These Pan Yu world nobles had so many powerful defensive divine towers in their camp, but under this golden light, all the towers were gone instantly. Emperor Xun’s army was powerless, that this large military camp wasn’t even covered by defensive formations.

If this golden light weren’t targeted at the Pan Yu world nobles’ camp but at Emperor Xun’s army instead…

“Emperor Xun, Emperor Xun…” A few Gong Sun Family elders came to Emperor Xun in a haste, then forcibly took away the wine pot from his hand. With ghastly faces, they grabbed his arms and yelled, “It’s Ji Hao striking a vicious blow…He’s a divine emperor, and he actually used the power of the sun to kill!”

“He is insane, insane! So many lives…” Screamed a Gong Sun Family elder, “A million-miles wide camp, hundreds of millions of lives… They all were…killed by him…with one strike…”

At this moment, tens of cracks suddenly appeared on the turtle shell. A sharp strand of sword power roared out of the turtle shell and circled around the Gong Sun Family Master Magus who had been casting a magic on the shell. Following a heart-tearing howl, this master Magus was cut into two. As a black killing power sparkled on his wounds, the body of this Magus became a strand of black dust, dissipating in the air.

A Gong Sun Family elder burst into a loud shout, then cast a spell and clenched his fingers towards the drifting black dust, yet failed to grasp anything. The dead Magus’s soul vanished along with his body, dying without leaving a trace.

“This is…” Another Gong Sun Family Master Magus refused to believe this result. In front of everyone else, he took out a dark piece of bone, bit broken his tongue, and sprayed a mouthful of blood onto it, trying to cast another magic to look into the Pan Yu world nobles’ camp in the north.

A traceless pre-world magnetic force came through the space. Following a series of cracking noise, the dark bone was torn into pieces by a dreadful power.


This Master Magus’s body was twisted into a scary shape, then the killing power attacked. Same as the last master Magus, both his body and soul died instantly.

Ji Hao had spread the pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation and sealed off the entire camp. This sword formation was measurelessly dangerous, and also contained a pre-world spirit that allowed it to deliver endless possibilities. Whoever tried to peak into the sword formation would immediately suffer a counterforce from it, unless this peeper used a pre-world supreme treasure.

After losing two peak-Divine-Magus-level, experienced and highly powerful Gong Sun Family Master Magi in a row, the drunken Emperor Xun finally woke up with a start. He was soaked in cold sweat. While wiping his forehead, he clenched his teeth, then sneered and said, “Hah, that Yemo Tian is so weak…He actually let Ji Hao destroy his army…But…”

Emperor Xun suddenly chuckled and continued carelessly, “I know Ji Hao. He’s like Si Wen Ming. He can take such a brutal action against the non-humankind, but he’ll never do the same to us.”

Proudly raising his head and clasping his hands behind his back, Emperor Xun puffed out his chest, grinned coldly to the north, and said, “I am the true human emperor. Ji Hao is a divine emperor, and a human being. Does he dare to even touch a hair of mine?”

A gust of wind blew off the peacock feather which was stuck on Emperor Xun’s chest with his own saliva.

While giggling, Emperor Xun reached out his hands, took the wine pot back from an elder, then carelessly waved his hand and said lazily, “What are you waiting for? Sing, dance, drink! Bring us some grilled meat, let’s eat…Go select a troop of strong warriors to dance the battle dance for us. They’ll liven things up!”

Emperor Xun laughed and took a few gulps of wine, then raised his head and said happily, “The fun of being the human emperor is drinking and eating and partying every single day, having as much fun as we like…Some other people will deal with the war, and I can simply say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

Breathing deeply, Emperor Xun looked at the north and continued confidently, “When they all shed blood and get hurt, hah!”

Following Emperor Xun’s thought, the group of Gong Sun Family elders pondered for a while, then all laughed aloud!

When the ‘die-hard human force’ headed by Ji Hao and the non-humankind sank into an internecine bloodletting, Emperor Xun would naturally rise to harvest the fruits of victory. How marvelous would that be?

Till then, anyone against the interests of Gong Sun Family would die!

Till then, the Gong Sun Family would rule Pan Gu world forever!


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