The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1841: Seal the Camp – WN

Night Mode

On the earth, a million miles wide, round, glowing red area was looking especially bright.

This piece of land was melted by the sunlight, then turned golden-red after solidifying. In the air, the colorful shield above the hundred-miles-wide central area shattered rumblingly and caused beams of colorful light to spread.

The divine towers buzzed deafeningly and shone eye-dazzlingly while collapsing one after another. The shield was violently destroyed, and the counterforce directly broke the magic formations inside the towers. Even with spirits, these towers weren’t able to restrain the blustering power.

Nearly a thousand high-grade divine towers exploded simultaneously and tore apart the luxurious tents down below. The pieces were sent far away by the wind, along with the body parts of countless maids, servants, and guards.

The nobles from top-grade Pan Yu world families burst into screams, growls, and raging curses, while running desperately out of the exploding tents under the protection of powerful treasures. As the members of top-grade Pan Yu world families, any defensive talisman owned by these nobles was one of the best. Therefore, the explosions of divine towers could not cause them any harm.

Tens of thousands of high-grade nobles rushed out of their tents and looked around. The vast military camp was gone, and the whole area was flattened. The golden-red ground was as smooth as the surface of a mirror, glowing faintly. On this broad flat area, not even a ghost could be found.

“Where are all the people? Where’s my army? Where’re those bloody slaves? They…How dare they run?” The most foppish and useless ones among these nobles yelled angrily, even leaping up from the ground while cursing.

With fear, some relatively capable ones immediately raised their heads and looked at the hundred-miles-thick beam of sunlight which had been giving out inexhaustible light and heat above their heads.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!” A peak-Divine-Magus-level Yu Clan young man screamed hoarsely. He slapped his own head and released an umbrella from his erect eye. The umbrella was entirely crimson, inlaid with countless erect-eye-shaped pearls.

The crimson umbrella transformed into a thousand-miles-wide, red-colored cloud, and rose straight into the sky. Within the cloud, countless red erect eye emitted eye-dazzling beams of red light with a strong killing power against the golden sunlight.

The golden dragon which had been struggling against the sunlight instantly sighed in relief. The umbrella was not bad, as it managed to share a large part of the pressure with the dragon. The red light and the scented mist mixed together. The golden dragon raised its head and gave a thunderous roar.

Master Spirit-slaughter flew out of the tent, treading on a colorful cloud and floating in the air. “What’re you waiting for? Take out all your treasures, all your treasures! You’re gonna die! What’re you waiting for?!”

Speaking the words ‘all your treasures’, a light of greed flashed across Master Spirit-slaughter’s eyes while the fire of extreme greed burned in the depth of his eyes. When he looked at these ‘immature’ Pan Yu world nobles, all he saw was a group of chubby little sheep!

A series of supreme treasures rose into the sky, sparkling brightly. These Pan Yu world nobles were carefully selected, after all, that even though some of them were a little foppish and useless, most of them were capable.

The treasures they had were surely spirit treasures and supreme treasures with considerable qualities. Although they were not the top-grade ones, they were still fairly good.

Thousands of supreme treasures and spirit treasures rose into the sky and raised clouds and glow. The colorful lights and clouds merged into one under the control of the golden dragon and firmly blocked the descending golden sunlight.

Hundreds of millions of burning golden feathers fell from the sky and exploded against the clouds, causing thunderous noises. The clouds were rippled and shattered, but no matter how intense the explosions were, the thousands of supreme treasures and spirit treasures managed to shield the area down below.

With ‘satisfaction’, Master Spirit-slaughter looked at the flattened camp. Abruptly, he raised his head and laughed out loud, “What else can you do? Just do all you can! What else can you possibly do except launching shameless sneak attacks?”

The group of Pan Yu world nobles finally realized what had just happened Did they suffer a surprise attack? Was their camp destroyed in a surprise attack? Didn’t their troops run? Were they destroyed by an enemy attack?

Great goodness…Which b*stard had such a power? And who could be so shameless?

It was such a disastrous power, that he or she must be a ‘Yu’ level powerful being, right? Why would such a powerful being kill those ants-like warriors? Was that fun? Did that make sense? Wasn’t this powerful feeling ashamed?

In the air, Ji Hao quietly sat on the East Emperor chariot, coldly looking at Master Spirit-slaughter who challenged him.

While slowly scanning across the hundred-mile-square central camp area, Ji Hao said blandly, “There’s no enemy worth fighting! A bunch of scums! Hmm, didn’t the nobles in Pan Yu world send any powerful helpers?”

Both Ji Hao’s cultivation and power had been rising seriously fast. Therefore, he had already stopped taking these Pan Yu world nobles seriously. At the moment, in Ji Hao’s eyes, the tens of thousands of high-grade Pan Yu world nobles were all like ants, and he could crush them all within a blink of an eye.

Even though they had combined the powers of thousands of spirit treasures and supreme treasures to defend themselves, Ji Hao still remained confident. As long as he fully activated the power of the sun and the powers of the surrounding natural stars, he would definitely be able to break this defense and flatten the entire camp.

Yu Meng stood by his side as he pondered for a while with a frown and then said coldly, “Kill some of them first and let the others live for now. Then we’ll wait and see. What do you say?”

Ji Hao nodded. After a short silence, he smiled and responded, “Good, leave some of them alive, then wait and see.”

“If no reinforcements arrive from Pan Yu world, they shall not blame me for having no mercy…” He glanced at Liang Zhu City and continued.

A tremor went through Yu Meng’s body while he swiftly glimpsed at Ji Hao, ‘You can have no mercy, but not on us! We’re allies, allies! More importantly, I’m working with a mysterious human force!’ Yu Meng thought.

If Human Eighteen didn’t suggest it, Yu Meng would never visit Ji Hao!

A clear stream of mist rose from Ji Hao’s head. The blueprint of the pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation glowed with a black and white light, then spread and quietly covered the whole area with a radius of three-thousand miles, looming on the central camp area down below.


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