The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1840: Tentative Attack – WN

Night Mode

A tentative attack?


The day after Yu Meng visited, the sun slowly rose from the horizon at dawn. But at this moment, ninety-nine percent of Pan Gu Motherland, which was showering under the sunshine, again sank into darkness.

Under the command of a tremendous, imperatorial, and undoubtable power, all of the sunlight that shone upon Pan Gu Motherland suddenly gathered together and loomed on the Pan Yu world nobles’ military camp.

The morning sunlight was soft, even slightly cool. But all of a sudden, it became a dazzling beam of light like a scorching sharp golden sword, penetrated the starry void, and descended mercilessly and fiercely.

High up in the air, countless Gold Crows flapped their enormous wings and cawed shrilly. They were millions of miles away from the Pan Yu world nobles’ camp. This was a safe distance, because not even a Divine Magus could attack his or her targets through such a long distance.

However, being supported by a certain type of great Dao, an eye-piercing fire burst from these Gold Crows’ wings. As they cawed brightly and flapped their wings, uncountable golden feathers dove down swiftly from the sky while burning ragingly. They left beams of fiery light in the air and caused a wave of shrill swishing noise.

The golden feathers fell all over the sky and tore apart the space, leaving thin and perfectly straight tracks. After the feathers flashed across, the golden tracks were still burning, emitting a great heat without fading.

Surrounded by waves of burning golden feathers, a million-miles-wide golden light beam descended on the Pan Yu world nobles’ camp in an overwhelming way.

Nearly a hundred cities of calamity, over ten-thousand flying forts, and about a hundred thousand flying mountains disintegrated in the golden light. The cities of great calamity melted quickly; the especially strong alloys turned into scorching hot molten metal within the span of one breath like candles in a raging fire.

Nearly a hundred cities of calamity melted simultaneously. The glowing red molten metal fell from the sky like pouring rain and splashed on the camp along with the sounds of burning fires.

The material and formations that the flying forts were built with were not as good as the ones in the cities of great calamity. All the flying forts and flying mountains in the cramp were vaporized almost at the same moment. In a moment, the volumes of the flying forts and mountains expanded by tens of thousands of folds, and the disastrous explosions immediately tore all non-humankind warriors in the flying forts and mountains apart.

Through the molten metal, the golden light penetrated the exploding flying forts and mountains and struck straight into the camp. Even before a scream could be let out, the tremendous military camp which accommodated hundreds of millions of Pan Yu world warriors and colony world troops nearly vanished. Except for the central area where the top-grade nobles lived, ninety-nine percent of this camp was gone within a moment.

Tents, armaments, giant battle machines, puppets, all kinds of mountains and battle beasts, hill-sized piles of supplies, and uncountable warriors… These warriors were doomed when Ji Hao commanded the sun to lay its light and heat upon this camp with the power of East Emperor.

Everything was gone, turned into nothingness.

The bodies of countless warriors who just walked out of their tents to prepare breakfast suddenly vanished, but their dark silhouettes were left on the grounds.

In this vast camp area, the tops of numberless divine towers shone with a blinding light simultaneously. The erect eyes upon the towers were partially hidden and partially visible, while these defensive divine towers were about to activate a shield.

However, the golden light came too fast and was too powerful. A great number of divine towers were built in this camp, but they were slightly slow to react. These divine towers were only about one in ten-thousand of a second slower than the golden light, but because of this extremely short span of time, they all vanished in the golden light without managing to activate any shield or defensive formation.

The golden light halted briefly, and immediately turn the ground of this camp into a golden red color. The sands, soil, rocks… for about three-hundred-meters of depth, the earth was melted by the sunlight, then solidified.

The golden light beam which covered a million miles radius began concentrating rapidly, leaving the emptied area and gathering above the hundred-miles-squared central area of the camp. The burning golden feathers also fell on this area along with deafening swishing noises.

Nearly a thousand divine towers vented dazzling light beams. Countless complicated spell symbols emerged around the erect eyes above each divine tower. The fully activated divine towers quaked intensely, while the magic crystals loaded in the towers burned scarily fast. Within a blink, hill-sized piles of crystal were gone.

Yu clan nobles always valued their lives very much, not to mention the fact that the ones stationed in the center of this camp were the nobles from the top-grade Pan Yu world families. The divine towers in this area even had grown spirits. These towers couldn’t move freely like living beings, but they were as smart as ordinary human beings. Therefore, when the golden light descended, these smart towers immediately activated themselves even before the guards in this area realized what was happening.

Nearly a thousand divine towers combined their powers and created a ten-miles-thick shield that covered the central camp area.

Three hazy suns and nine blurry moons were faintly visible on the shield. The powers that came from twelve evil types of great Dao flew in the shield, making it stronger and tougher.

Explosive sounds could be heard without an end while the golden crow feathers fell and exploded against the shield. Those Gold Crow warriors were just averagely powerful, but being supported by the power of sun and the great Dao of sun, the explosion caused by each golden feather was no weaker than a full-power blow launched by a new Divine Magus.

Over a million golden feathers fell on the shield in a moment and shattered it, sending the glass-like light flakes flying to hundreds of miles away. The golden sunlight drilled down, and following a deafening noise, a miles-wide hole was left on the shield.

The tent of Yu Huo’s clone and Master Spirit-Slaughter was located right below this hole.

The splendid golden light landed, and a shrill scream filled with hatred echoed through the clouds, while a heavy golden staff broke out of the tent and transformed into a tens of miles long golden dragon to shield the tent against the golden light.

Clouds of nicely scented mist spread from the dragon’s body and countless golden flowers bloomed in the mist. The dragon raised its forepaws and tremblingly held off the golden light.


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