The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1839: Yu Meng’s Suggestion – WN

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On top of the central tower, Yu Meng stood calmly in front of Ji Hao and the others.

Ji Hao and his friends looked at the exotically-dressed Yu Meng from head to toe, while Yu Meng was also curiously measuring them with his eyes.

The one who had been emitting a scorching hotness, standing on top of the tower like a sun, was Ji Hao. But, behind this ‘sun’, endless secrets seemed to exist, like a black hole which devoured people.

The one who was like a raging fire and shining eye-dazzlingly, seeming to even burn the through the space, was Zhu Rong.

The ones who were like two drops of molten silver floating in a measurelessly deep sea, reflecting the magical scenes in the sea with their smooth surfaces, were Donggong and Ximu.

The ones who were like two shreds of shadows sinking in the space were Shaosi and Taisi. Through their bodies, one could even see the tracks of time, and read the stories which happened in the ancient Pan Gu world. They could make anyone feel nervous and threatened.

All kinds of powerful beings…The group of people on top of the tower weren’t as powerful as Yu Meng, but…

‘Wait…’ Yu Meng’s eyes swept across Man Man, who looked adorable and was fiddling with her pair of hammers while staring at Yu Meng from up to down with narrowed eyes, and quickly landed on the bodies of Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness, who stood behind Ji Hao.

Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness raised their chins slightly and looked at Yu Meng through the corners of their eyes with curiosity, scorn, and coldness, their hands clasped behind their backs. If Priest Sadness didn’t carelessly show a trace of hostility, Yu Meng would even ignore these two powerful ones, whose soul had merged into the great Dao.

Yu Meng threw a very complicated glance at Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master, then instantly tightened his nerves. How could he ignore these two? They were definitely more powerful than Yu Meng.

With the altar’s help, Yu Meng had become a saint, but the great Dao he merged with was from the hundred desert worlds that he and his families conquered. Yu Meng clearly understood that the great Dao from the hundred desert world could not be compared with the great Dao of Pan Gu world. In terms of quality, one single part of the Pan Gu great Dao could be times powerful than the entire great Dao of the strongest desert world among the hundred.

The powers of Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master were measureless. Yu Meng felt that they were still half-step away from the world of saints, but this didn’t make them weaker than Yu Meng…Their powers might even be more powerful than Yu Meng could imagine.

‘The power-holders in the Pan Gu heaven are indeed all extraordinary.’ Yu Meng sighed in his head. Afterward, he politely bowed to Ji Hao and said, “I am very sorry for coming without an invitation. But as I said earlier, things aren’t right these days.”

While talking, Yu Meng took out a black gemstone bead and pointed a finger at it. A black beam of light rose from the bead and hit the ceiling, then spread quickly into an enormous screen.

On the screen, countless light beams twisted and wove into moving images, showing a series of extremely luxurious military camps. A group of well-dressed Pan Yu world nobles had been stealthy walking among the camps with heads held high and indescribably evil smiles on their faces. They crept like mice on their way to steal oil.

“These days, these Pan Yu world parasites have been showing no sign of attacking.” Said Yu Meng with a deep voice, “According to our scouts, they are scrambling for power and wealth, as they did in Liang Zhu City. They’re fighting each other restlessly for some unreal things. Within a month, nearly a hundred high-grade Pan Yu world nobles were killed.”

The images on the screen changed and showed the inner space of a camp.

On a bed with a silk sheet, Yemo Tian lazily lied in a few young girls’ arms. Hundreds of luxuriously dressed girls stood around the bed while Yemo Tian was breathing in a weird way.

Along with every inhalation, his stomach would swell like a ball, and after every exhalation, his blood, muscles, and flesh would wither suddenly, making him look like a skeleton wrapped in skin. During each breath, black light spots sparkled on his body and countless evil marks emerged from his skin, merging into his body.

Merely through this image, Ji Hao and the others felt that Yemo Tian’s power had been rising at an abnormal speed.

Beside Yemo Tian’s bed, the nine-meters-tall Master Spirit-slaughter sat on a thick piece of fur with his legs crossed and hands resting on knees, holding a golden staff. A dim, colorful light had been shining around his body.

The colorful light floated behind Master Spirit-slaughter’s body, sparkling at exactly the same frequency as Yemo Tian’s breath. Under the dim colorful light, Master Spirit-slaughter’s face looked blurry and transparent. Countless twisted and hazy figures had been struggling inside his body. Then, these figures faded and slowly merged into the colorful light.

Obviously, Master Spirit-Slaughter’s power had also been rising even more rapidly than Yemo Tian.

“Days ago, this man showed up around Yemo Tian. According to our scouts, he seemed to have been serving as an intermediary between Yemo Tian and Emperor Xun, as he was often found in the camps of both sides.”

“Are you saying that they are sending their warriors to die on purpose?” Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and asked.

“They have many reasons to do so.” Said Yu Meng blandly, “I can now list ten. For example, Yemo Tian’s family, the Yemo Family from Yu Dynasty in Pan Gu world, is also a colony world noble family. Therefore, he has a very strong motive to weaken those Pan Yu world parasites. …Another example, if Yemo Tian has also made an agreement with another force as I have, he would have a reason to consume the Pan Yu word parasites’ strength too…And…”

“And they can also be taking this opportunity to raise their cultivations, or even for other unknown purposes, right?” Said Qing Qiang coldly.

“Beautiful lady, your wisdom is as amazing as your beauty.” Yu Meng politely made a compliment to Qing Qiang and said, “I suggest, we need to launch a tentative offensive on these Pan Yu world parasites!”

“Dear Emperor Ji Hao, this is also a part of our agreement.” Yu Meng continued with a deep voice, “Destroy those parasites and protect our mutual interests!”


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