The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1838: Yu Meng Visits – WN

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The war…No, the slaughter continued.

Shixin and his brothers could be labeled as powerful beings, and had been keeping Ao Bai and his brothers busy. But except them, neither Emperor Xun nor Yu Huo’s clone sent out even one powerful being to fight.

On the battlegrounds, the strongest ones among the enemies’ commanders were merely at the level of Senior Magi, and the warriors under their commands were just like ordinary human beings. These warriors and commanders charged at Yao Mountain City day and night, dove into the blood sea, then disappeared without a trace.

For several days, Zhu Rong came to the tower to find Ji Hao and tell him that this war was not normal.

Donggong and Ximu had stopped taking any action. They once were saints after all, and they had slaughtered these ants-like enemies for over a month. By now, they couldn’t bear to continue doing it.

It was not because that they were soft-hearted. Instead, they were just too ashamed to do it. Things would look better even if the enemies sent some Divine-Magus-level beings to fight. Donggong and Ximu could also slaughter countless Divine Magi within a blink, but that wouldn’t make them feel as ashamed as they did now!

They butchered these defenseless ants like mowing the lawn; they could even kill a million of them with a single slap…If the others knew that they had been doing things like this, Donggong and Ximu would feel seriously ashamed!

The blood sea rolled, as more and more half-dragon warriors and blood-pool ghosts and other powerful Netherworld warriors showed, hiding and killing the enemies. In the lines of defense that Ji Hao built, some warriors hadn’t even shot one single arrow so far, and their blades hadn’t been stained by any blood.

As Zhu Rong said, this war was not normal.

In Yao Mountain City, on top of the central tower, a round mirror which was embossed with nine dragons floated in the air, glowing and showing the battles that were happening around Yao Mountain City. Waves of troops dove into the blood sea, then countless warriors were swallowed by the blood sea while screaming and howling. But, more troops had been arriving.

In the past one and a half month, exactly how many lives had the blood sea swallowed?

No one counted, because no one was willing to count, or dared to. The Pan Yu world warriors and colony worlds warriors were all invaders who violently intruded into Pan Gu world. By killing them, one could earn natural rewards powers, which was apparently a good thing.

But…too many of them were slaughtered. Who could carelessly slaughter billions of lives without taking any mental stress? Only devils could.

Ao Bai and his brothers were still fighting Shixin and his brothers. Ji Hao, Zhu Rong, Donggong, Ximu, Qing Qiang, Shaosi, Man Man, Taisi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Ji Xia, Qing Fu, Yuan Li, Shermie, Yi Di, Bamboo Master, and Priest Sadness gathered on top of the central tower and watched this brutal war through the mirror with dark faces.

In the past one and half month, the casualties suffered by Ji Hao’s army, including the Gold Crow force and the divine force was zero. But, an astonishingly great number of enemies had been killed and injured. No one counted their collapsed troops, neither did anyone count the lives that the blood sea had swallowed. But, judging merely by the dense blood-red cloud above the blood sea, one would know that this was definitely a scarily large number.

“A war…This isn’t how you fight a war!” As the dominator of Southern Wasteland, the Zhu Rong Family had fought against Gong Gong Family for countless years. Therefore, Zhu Rong had rich experiences of wars. “This isn’t how you fight a war! This is wasting lives. This is wrong…Those non-humankind monsters didn’t care about their warriors at all!” Said Zhu Rong.

No one responded. Everyone else felt that Zhu Rong was right, but seeing this situation which was so weird, no one could tell what exactly was hiding behind these enemies.

“Eh? Is it a big deal? We’ve been taking advantages anyway!” Man Man sat on an arm of Ji Hao’s chair with her legs crossed while carelessly juggling with her hammers. Her pair of lotus hammers had shrunk to the size of fists, and were flying up and falling down along with streaks of fire, letting out rumbling sounds of wind and thunder.

“No matter what kind of trick they’re playing, as long as the heaven and earth formation stays unbroken, nothing bad will happen!” Man Man was as simple-minded as usual, but she said the most reasonable words, “As for the mess of the humankind, let’s just wait for Uncle Wen Ming to deal with it. Why should we feel so anxious?”

The others on top of the tower remained silent for a while. A while later, Donggong chuckled and said, “You’re right, coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, good, good, good…As Man Man said, as long as the heaven and earth formation stays unbroken, Yao Mountain City will be safe. As long as Yao Mountain City stays safe, any problem can be solved.”

Currently, Yao Mountain City was the only entrance of the heaven. Therefore, if Yao Mountain City stayed safe, the heaven would also be safe, and the circulation of the natural fortune of Pan Gu world would not be affected. Naturally, the human beings, who were chosen by the natural fortune, would stay unharmed.

As long as human beings stayed safe, the humankind would naturally develop and grow stronger. Once Si Wen Ming put wrongs to rights and stabilized the human society, capable human beings would begin emerging. With endless new emerging forces, why would human beings be afraid of non-humankind monsters?

Ji Hao and the others all came around to Man Man’s point of view. While watching the hell-like battlegrounds through the mirror, they smiled in relief. Abruptly, Ji Hao laughed and said, “Whatever they’re planning, these extraneous creatures can strengthen our world once they die here. Even if they’re smashed, their bodies can still nourish the plants in our world…This is good!”

While people on top of the tower were talking. Mr. Crow wagged in. Glancing at the group of people, he yelled in a high-pitched voice, “Ji Hao, the bird-headed man came again. He said he brought their ‘Divine King’ and wants to see you. They came sneakily as if they didn’t want the others to see them. I’ve already hidden them under this tower.

The people on top of the tower released their spirit powers to scan across the area under the tower. Among a group of palaces under the tower, Su stood behind Yu Meng with reverence in an average-looking hall.

The tall and muscular Yu Meng was sitting in a large armchair, holding an amber teacup. With surprise, he had been gently sniffing the steam rising from the teacup.

Mr. Crow treated him with the divine tea which was produced from the Jade Pool in the heaven. Even in Pan Gu world, this tea was a precious treasure. Yu Meng and his family conquered a hundred desert worlds, but when did he ever have a chance to taste a top-grade tea like this?

Abruptly, Yu Meng raised his head and burst into laughter, as he had already sensed tens of strands of spirit powers coming at him.

“Emperor Ji Hao, sorry for coming without an invitation. This is impolite…But, things aren’t right!”


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