The Magus Era Chapter 1837: Seeking Their Doom – WN

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Ji Hao returned to Yao Mountain City and stayed on the two-hundred and eleven thousand meters tall tower, which was located in the center of the city.

Shaosi, Man Man, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Shermie, Yi Di, and other trusted friends of his had gathered up, and were helping him command the troops to deal with the enemies’ armies, which had been streaming to the city like a tide.

Ao Bai, Donggong, Zhu Rong, and Ximu each guarded a city gate to control the Yao Mountain City troops to move and fight back.

Shixin and his brothers attacked from the south. Because of them, Ao Bai and Qiu Niu called their brothers to guard the south city gate together. At the moment, they were fighting an intense battle against Shixin and his brothers.

The battle lasted for days. Shixin and his brothers were stronger, but Ao Bai and his brothers were supported by the divine heaven and earth formation. Therefore, the battle nearly ended in a draw. For quite a few times, Shixin and his brothers went mad. They burned their spirit blood to launch life-risking strikes, but still failed to break through the defense of Ao Bai and his brothers. Over and over again, they injured themselves and shed blood.

As the leaders failed to win the battle, the troops under Shixin and his brothers’ command surely suffered as well.

The human warriors under Emperor Xun’s command had been captured alive and sent to Yao Mountain City, but Shixin and his brothers’ water-kind warriors were slaughtered mercilessly.

Dragons were proud. In the eyes of Ao Bai and his brothers, the dragons and water-kind warriors who chose Dragon Mother and her nine boys over the true dragon-kind, which was descended from the dragon ancestor, should no longer live.

The divine heaven and earth formation and the blood sea released their powers together, and the enemy troops that entered this area were all wiped out. The screams and curses let out by numberless dragons before they died condensed into a thick black and red mist of grievance, drifting above the battleground. The bone-piercing winds blew and created a spooky atmosphere; black and red snowflakes even began falling from the mist of grievance.

While a cruel battle was happening in the south, Donggong and Ximu had been trying their best to win their battles near the east gate and west gate. They were already saints back in the ancient time. But later on, they suffered severe injuries and their souls were hurt, which caused them to fall from the level of saints. But, as ancient powerful beings, they could cast marvelous magic and had countless ancient treasures.

During the battle each day, Dong Gong and Ximu would take out a powerful treasure and hang it on the east and west city gates. These treasures harvested the lives of uncountable warriors from the colony world troops, which had been marching to Yao Mountain City, even before these colony world warriors clearly saw the treasures.

Because of Netherworld Priest’s suggestion, Donggong and Ximu had been restraining their powers. Each one of those ant-like colony world warriors died, but their bodies weren’t devastated, neither were their souls hurt too badly. Their bodies and souls were split up, and were immediately dragged into the Netherworld by Netherworld Priest to be stored properly.

In Ji Hao’s eyes, Netherworld Priest might have made a certain offer to Donggong and Ximu and convinced them to kill for him. Therefore, as two ancient powerful beings, Donggong and Ximu seemed to be running a slaughterhouse now, while the endlessly arriving colony world warriors were like animals for slaughter. The colony world warriors were classified and slaughtered, then the ‘customer’ came to collect the ‘goods’.

Unlike the south city gate battleground, which was covered in corpses and blood, the battlefields near the east and west city gates were perfectly clean. Except for the blood-red clouds which had been growing denser and denser in the sky, not even a single body could be found on these two battlegrounds.

Thanks to Donggong and Ximu’s great powers, and more importantly, thanks to their all kinds of powerful treasures, the Yao Mountain City troops stationed in the west and east city gate areas didn’t even shoot one arrow after engaging shortly on the first day of the war.

Seeing Donggong and Ximu staying in the gatehouses to taste wines and teas, even holding medium scale parties from time to time, for their ancient cultivator friends to gather and enjoy banquets, Ji Hao couldn’t help but shake his head.

In the eyes of saints, all living beings were like ants!

Donggong and Ximu had once stepped into that mysterious saint world after all. They had fallen from that level already, but after ascending to the divine thrones, they seemed to have restored some of their true powers.

No matter how many colony world warriors attacked, how could they possibly threaten Donggong and Ximu? The colony world troops charged wave after wave, then collapsed in no time. These days, Ji Hao noticed that the sky above the east and west city gates were always covered in dark clouds, as strands of natural rewards powers had been descending from the sky and flowing into the clouds above Donggong and Ximu’ heads.

In a few days, Donggong and Ximu had slaughtered numberless colony world warriors, and the powers they released had turned measureless and mystic. By now, Ji Hao already had no way of finding out how much power they had regained, and which level they were at. But, seeing Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master gazing at Donggong and Ximu with jealousy, Ji Hao could imagine that Donggong and Ximu must have attained great benefits from this war.

Zhu Rong was responsible for guarding the north city gate. The enemy army that came from the north was led by Yu Huo’s clone and a group of Pan Yu world nobles. Ji Hao was worried that Zhu Rong might not be able to stop them and end up suffering a loss, so he secretly sent Wuzhi Qi and a batch of ancient water-kind spirit creature to follow Zhu Rong’s command, then ordered Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness to help.

As it was proven by facts, Ji Hao’s preparation was unnecessary.

Led by Yu Huo’s clone, as usual, the Pan Yu world nobles again sank into a power struggle. On this vast battleground, these ‘adorable’ Pan Yu world nobles once again began playing all kinds of tricks and schemes, planning all kinds of assassinations and making all kinds of private deals…

The commanding system of these Pan Yu world nobles was a mess, but every single day, they would send a giant number of troops to the front line. These disordered troops would even drag others down and plot against each other. They had high-quality armors and weapons, as well as powerful battle machines, but they were like a puddle of mud on the battleground. Within a quarter of an hour top, a hundred-thousand-man strong Pan Yu world troop was annihilated by Zhu Rong’s army!

Each day, over a hundred Pan Yu world army troops would be sent to the battleground, but as the blood waves rose, the heaven and earth great formation pressed, and the water-kind army attacked under the leadership of dragon commanders, only ten to twenty of these Pan Yu world troops could return, mostly disabled.

The enemies had been suffering severe casualties, and this weird war carried on like this. The enemy troops attacked madly every day, and uncountable were slaughtered. As this war lasted for a month and half, the casualties suffered by the Pan Yu world force even made Ji Hao’s hair stand on the ends.

“They weren’t here to fight. They were here to die!”

Zhu Rong was a little tired of killing. He came to the central tower, found Ji Hao, and yelled at him, “If their brains weren’t damaged, there must be a scheme! Ji Hao, I’ve never seen such a suicidal war!”

The Pan Yu world nobles didn’t even send one Senior-Magus-level commander, but had been sending uncountable warriors to the frontline to die every day.

A war like this wasn’t normal!


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