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The Magus Era Chapter 1836: The Beginning of Slaughter – WN

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The siege, or more specifically, the group suicide had begun.

The Chaos dragon slowly pulled the chariot towards the enormous beam of light and floated in the sky, about a hundred miles higher than the ground. Ji Hao stood up and walked to the entryway on the edge of the chariot, hands clasped behind the back as he coldly watched the battle happening down below. To be precise, this was a slaughter.

Led by Yemo Tian, who was actually Yu Huo’s clone, Pan Yu world nobles drove countless cannon fodders in the northern army to march to Yao Mountain City. From the west and the east, the colony world troops had also been approaching the city quickly.

No one knew what Emperor Xun said to the leaders and elders of some medium to small-scale clans, but these weak clans sent all their young adults to the frontline. These people mounted on all kinds of battle beasts and raised colorful battle flags. They roared fearlessly as they rushed to Yao Mountain City with high spirits.

Yao Mountain City was surrounded by numerous dangerous rivers and a vast ocean. Large groups of elite dragon warriors and uncountable water-kind warriors had arrayed in the ocean. They trod on the surging waves while roaring thunderously.

Numberless cannon fodder troops jumped into this vast ocean from the four broad roads.

Flying forts controlled by the non-humankind army flew across the sky, releasing blue lightning bolts. But, once these forts entered the ocean area, the no-fly formation in the air was triggered immediately. Under the effect of the formation, tens of ten-mile-square flying forts instantly lost their flight dynamics and fell into the water.

Blood-red waves rose. From the blood sea that Ji Hao put on the outermost edge of the ocean area, numberless half-dragon warriors and blood-pool ghosts silently rushed out and raised the giant blood-red waves, drowning the tens of flying forts.

The tens of flying mountains which followed right behind the flying forts suffered even worse. Floating spell symbols allowed these mountains to fly, but suddenly, raging fires burst out. While venting flames and dark smokes, these flying mountains fell from the sky and melted in the rolling blood sea into small pieces. All warriors on the flying mountains were turned into blood.

The Pan Yu world noble army in the north experienced major setbacks, and so did the non-humankind forces in the west and east.

Commanded by colony world nobles, giant groups of colony world creatures showed no sign of fear when diving into the blood sea, which emitted a strong scent of blood. These enormously shaped colony world creatures roared rumblingly and tried their best to swim forward. Carrying countless colony world warriors on their backs, they moved forward swiftly in the blood sea.

They kept swimming forward and slowly moved away from the land.

Ten miles, a hundred miles, a thousand miles…Uncountable enormous colony world creatures floated on the blood sea as they used their bodies as ships to carry the giant colony world troops to Yao Mountain City.

When a certain number of colony world troops floated on the blood sea, sky-high blood waves rose from the east and west, and numberless half-dragon warriors and blood-pool ghosts marched out.

The highly corrosive blood-sea water corroded the bodies of these enormous colony world creatures within the span of a few breaths, turning all of them into sticky, dirty blood.

The colony world warriors fell into the blood sea, being swallowed before they could even let out a scream.

A faint blood-red mist drifted upon the blood sea, because the blood-power density of this area was too high. The blood-red mist grew thicker and thicker, and within the mist, a bronze gate which was embossed with the portraits of countless devils and ferocious ghosts opened silently. A dark vortex quietly emerged behind the gate.

The souls of the dead colony world creatures were drawn into the bronze gate while howling. Netherworld Priest couldn’t help but take an action — These warriors’ souls were the best raw materials for him to create all kinds of netherworld warriors!

The corpses of some colony warriors, who were drowned in the blood sea, flew into the bronze gate as well. Netherworld Priest quickly collected these corpses with his great power, after which, a sonorous series of laughter could be heard from the bronze gate. Clearly, Netherworld Priest was quite happy.

From the south, wooden boats and rafts were pushed into the water by human warriors. Large groups of human warriors walked onto the boats and shafts with their mounts, using their weapons as paddles as they moved to Yao Mountain City. In the air, flying battle beasts flew across the sky, darting towards Yao Mountain City like a gust of wind with countless human warriors carried on their back.

Same as what happened to the flying forts and mountains which belonged to the Pan Yu world noble army, the no-fly formation was triggered immediately. Countless flying beasts fell from the sky while screaming. No matter how hard they flapped their wings, they could no longer feel the rising force that they were so familiar with.

Feathers drifted all over the sky while the flying beasts fell into the water along with their owners.

The human warriors who fell from the sky smashed into the arrays of boats and rafts down below like meteorites. They crashed tens of thousands of boats and rafts, and made countless more human warriors fall into the water.

Uncountable blood-pool ghosts swam to these human warriors, dragged their legs, and quickly brought them down to the bottom of the water. As the sticky blood water poured into their mouths, ears and noses, these human warriors gave muffled moans and then fainted.

They just fainted, but did not die.

Ji Hao made this plan before he moved Yao Mountain City to here. The non-humankind warriors could be slaughtered, but these human warriors needed to be captured alive, as many of them as possible. Their leaders made mistakes, but they shouldn’t suffer from it.

Shrimp and crab warriors were moving on the bottom of the water. They brought up rapidly flowing undercurrents while moving to the junction of the blood sea and regular ocean area.

The blood-pool ghosts dragged the fainted human warriors out of the blood sea and handed them to shrimp and crab warriors, who quickly brought them up to the surface of the water and sent them to Yao Mountain City.

On the south shore of the ocean area, after seeing a large number of human warriors being captured alive through a magic mirror, Emperor Xun, who was in ‘over-all command’, burst into raging growls. Following the screams of countless clan leaders, Emperor Xun pulled out a weapon and killed about ten medium and small clan leaders, who ‘didn’t do their best’.

Under Emperor Xun’s order, the names of these medium and small clans were erased, and all their people and territories merged into Gong Sun Family.

Hearing Emperor Xun’s roars, Shixin and his brothers carelessly drummed their own chests and walked to the frontline with giant steps.


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