The Magus Era Chapter 1834: Guards – WN

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In the Chaos, the nine dragons chariot emitted a scorching red light and illuminated the area like a sun.

The tens of thousands of miles long supreme dragon floated above the chariot. Evil Yu Yu created thirty-six-thousand clones and carefully checked the supreme dragon’s body inch by inch, unable to stop clicking his tongue with praise.

“Amazing, amazing! This was indeed the supreme dragon who inherited the Chaos destruction power. Look at its scales, the claws, the tusks… Every part of its body contains endless secrets of the Chaos, and every spell symbol on it represents the supreme Dao of killing. Wonderful, indescribably wonderful!”

Evil Yu Yu grinned delightfully, even squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved lines. He raised a golden-purple book, which emitted beams of light, and scanned across the supreme dragon. “These are natural marks of Chaos Dao of killing… Great, great, great… If I merge these into my Dao of sword, my power will rise by at least thirty percent!”

“Back in that year, the dragon ancestor got this supreme dragon body. I wanted to borrow it to study it carefully for like a few thousands of years, but the dragon ancestor was fond of Dragon Mother. He said that this was Dragon Mother’s twin brother, and refused to lend it to me, no matter what I said.”

“Sadly, I wasn’t powerful back then. The dragon ancestor was ridiculously strong, but I was only at Po’s level. I couldn’t harm a scale of his even if I spread my sword formation.”

“Hah, twin brother? Dragon Mother made her twin brother into a life-saving treasure? If the dragon ancestor knew about this, I wonder if he would have his soul explode in anger…” Clicking his tongue, Evil Yu Yu said, “Look, look at the dense marks of Dao of killing on its teeth. These teeth can even crush pre-world spirit treasures, can’t they?”

With a secret magic, Evil Yu Yu excitedly copied the Chaos Dao marks on the supreme dragon’s body. Ji Hao saw countless marks gradually emerging on the purple-golden book, looking like dragon heads and phoenix tails. A warm mist had been rising from these marks. Each mark was complicated, sparkling with a golden light that seemed to contain an indescribably mysterious supreme Dao.

Ji Hao followed behind a clone of Evil Yu Yu and carefully listened to him explaining the secrets of these marks of Dao on the supreme dragon’s body.

Chaos dragons were born in the Chaos, generated from the Chaos power of destruction, and were supremely fierce and powerful. Dragon Mother and her brother would have been able to trample over the Chaos without a rival if they didn’t encounter a supernaturally powerful being like saint Pan Gu.

Every scale, tooth, claw, even tendon, muscle, and every drop of blood of theirs existed for killing and destruction. Their bodies were densely covered in marks of Dao from the Chaos, largely different from the marks of the Dao of killing in Pan Gu world.

Yu Yu was known as the fiercest fighter in Pan Gu world. If he thoroughly understood these Chaos marks of Dao on the supreme dragon’s body, his Dao of killing would definitely step into a higher level. He could even improve and upgrade the Dao of killing of Pan Gu world. And, by making this marvelous achievement, he would be awarded by the great Dao of Pan Gu world with measureless natural rewards power.

Ji Hao followed behind this clone closely, listening to his explanation and introduction. He could understand no more than two percent of what Evil Yu Yu’s clone said, but he memorized every word for his future study.

This body belonged to a Chaos dragon!

The sword formation made by Yu Yu himself, added with the Pan Gu bell and golden bridge, had sealed the surrounding space firmly, but this Chaos dragon created a small crack in this well-sealed place with its claw for Dragon Mother to escape!

If Ji Hao managed to learn something from it, his fighting capacity would absolutely soar.

Evil Yu Yu was busy, and Ji Hao listened to him carefully. On the other side, Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness were still sealed in the sword formation. They looked at Evil Yu Yu and their faces paled. They dared to offend Ji Hao because he was a kid and they didn’t believe that he had the power to defeat them!

However, the moment Yu Yu showed up, they shut their mouths. After all, Yu Yu was the fiercest being back in the ancient time.

Then, something terrible crossed their minds. Evil Yu Yu showed up in here, while Tong Jiong had disappeared without a trace. Ji Hao suddenly had a sword formation, which clearly included all the secrets of the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag…Was Tong Jiong killed by Evil Yu Yu already?

Tong Jiong was more powerful than Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness. If even he was killed by Evil Yu Yu, killing Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness would be an effortless thing to Evil Yu Yu! They both worked so hard to reach their current levels, and neither of them wanted to die. Not to mention the fact that Bamboo Master had suffered some serious pain from Yu Yu. At the moment, he dared not to say a word, as he was so afraid that he might piss off this ferocious sword artist who never liked to consider facts and reasons.

Ji Hao followed the clone from the dragon head to the dragon tail, memorized everything he saw on the supreme dragon, then smiled and asked Evil Yu Yu, “Shifu, since you wanted this dragon body, after the dragon ancestor went missing, why didn’t you…”

“Force Dragon Mother to give this dragon body to me?” Evil Yu Yu slapped his own forehead, gave a long sigh, and responded, “I thought about that. I was going to Dragon Mother’s ocean eye to ask her about this, but Yu Yu stopped me…He said that a cultivator should not bully a widow and her orphans…So stubborn!”

“Hah!” Ji Hao gave a dry laugh and didn’t say a word.

Evil Yu Yu laughed as well, then carefully stroked the enormous body of this Chaos dragon. Then, he burst into a louder laughter, “Nine dragons chariot should be called the ‘supreme dragon chariot’ from now on. With this Chaos dragon to pull the chariot, why do you need the nine weaker fire dragons? Just feed them to this Chaos dragon to strengthen it, so the divine emperor’s chariot can look even mightier.”

Laughing again, Evil Yu Yu turned around slowly and nodded to Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness with a faint smile on his face as he said, “You two. It has been many years since I saw you the last time. But here, when I see you again, you are bullying my disciple…Do you think that my sword has dulled and can’t kill people anymore?”

Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master’ faces immediately turned paler. They looked at Yu Yu and mumbled haltingly, but couldn’t say a word.

Days later, a three-thousand-meters-long Chaos dragon pulled a mountain-sized chariot towards Pan Gu Motherland. The dragon’s entire body was burning with a raging fire while flashing across the starry void like a sun.

Mr. Crow sat on the chariot and proudly wielded a small whip to steer the chariot.

With sour faces, Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness stood by Mr. Crow’s sides, guarding the stairs which led to the top of the chariot like a pair of door guards.

The guards of the East Emperor’s chariot, this was the arrangement that Evil Yu Yu made for the rest of their lives!


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