The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1833: Supreme Dragon – WN

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In the Chaos, the boundless magnetic force field covered hundreds of millions of miles. Dragon Mother had been flying in this invisible magnetic force with all her strength. A huge amount of blood spurted out of the sword wound on her back, forming a series of golden-red beads and flowing in space while glowing with a dim light.

The magnetic force was like a giant vat filled with glue. The one trapped by the magnetic forcefield would feel like a bug in a vat of glue, tied up and finding it hard to move forward even with all its power. Not to mention the fact that the glue in the vat was boiling and weaving, flowing in constantly changing directions to add more difficulties to the movements of the sufferer.

Dragon Mother had the power to break the space, but the Pan Gu bell floated above the sword formation and firmed up the space, making it as strong as a bronze wall. Dragon Mother had tried her best but failed to break the space. Surely, she wasn’t able to teleport herself forward anymore, and could only struggle through layers of magnetic force field with her great strength, trying to escape from this sword formation.

Nevertheless, this formation was made by Evil Yu Yu, and was based on the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag. The inner space of this sword formation was disordered, and the natural space power in here was even more complicated than hundred entangled wool balls. Dragon Mother was trying to move outward, but in fact, she was just shuttling in this sword formation like a headless fly.

After trying with full strength for about ten breaths, Dragon Mother stooped abruptly. The blood she shed was enough to fill up a pond already. She looked around, then found to her shock that Ji Hao was right in front of her, less than a hundred miles away.

In Pan Gu Motherland or the Chaos, the time span of ten breaths was enough for Dragon Mother to cover a hundred million miles, but in this sword formation, she thought she was flying straight, but in fact, was just traveling in circles, without going anywhere.

“You!” The expression on Dragon Mother’s face changed with disbelief. She finally realized that she could not easily escape from this sword formation.

Same as the dragons in Pan Gu world, Chaos dragons had incredibly strong bodies. But, because their bodies were strong, they never cultivated their souls and spirits, purely relying on their physical bodies and natural abilities.

Because they never cultivated their souls, they knew little about the great Dao of nature and the natural power system. They had no knowledge about the shift of Yin and Yang, and could not predict the future to avoid misfortune and alter the flow of fortune. Facing any danger, they would only use their physical strength.

Also because they never cultivated their souls, their spirit power was weak, and even their brains were undeveloped. In the words of ordinary human beings, they were silly. They knew nothing but violence, and never learned a bit about subjects like magic formations, treasure-forging, magic-medicine-concoction, talisman-making, and fortune-telling.

Dragon Mother stood in the sword formation with a dark face. Countless black and red scales flew out of her body and assembled into tens of thick shields, hovering swiftly around her and defending her against the sword lights that had been attacking from every direction.

The sword light dazzled and crushed the shields one after another. Uncountable fallen scales of Dragon Mother were stored inside her body while more and more scales flew out, forming new shields to shield her. Within a blink, over a thousand scale shields were broken by the sword lights. Suddenly, Dragon Mother burst into raging growls, “What kind of crappy formation is this? Do you think that I know nothing about magic formations?”


Ji Hao chuckled at her, “Don’t you know a thing about magic formation? Ahyaya, in this case, you shall just stay here like those two!”

While slowly sweeping across Dragon Mother’s body with his eyes, Ji Hao said with a very evil tone, “You made a couple with the dragon ancestor. You survived the dragon ancestor’s strong body through day and night, and gave birth to so many dragon babies. You may not be stronger than the dragon ancestor, but I believe you’re no weaker than him.”

Chuckling again, Ji Hao nodded to Dragon Mother and continued, “The dragon-king shared an origin with the humankind. For the sake of dragons, if you leave your body to me and let me forge it into a set of top-grade divine weapon, I will release your soul…How about that?”

Dragon Mother’s face turned even darker. She leaped up, pointing at Ji Hao as she cursed, “You wanna use my body as treasure-forging material?”

Ji Hao gave a faint smile and responded, “Why not? Dragon scales, dragon horns, dragon bones, dragon tendons, all are good treasure-forging materials. Your muscles, blood, liver, marrow, are all top-grade materials for magic pills…Dragon Mother, every part of your body is a treasure. I’m willing to release your soul, which is already an extra mercy.”

Ji Hao grinned brightly, yet Dragon Mother’s face darkened to an extreme point. While defending herself against the waves of sword power, she clenched her teeth and her eyeballs rolled quickly in the sockets, seeming to be planning something.

Ji Hao sneered and continued in a bland tone, “Of course, you can reject my offer. But if you do reject, you shall not blame me for activating this sword formation fully and destroying you…You and your nine evil sons overturned the dragon-kind, colluded with our enemies, and tried to tear down the foundation of our humankind…By killing you, I would enforce justice on behalf of the heaven.”

“Dragon Mother!” Priest Sadness screamed out loud, “Don’t hesitate! If you have any other power or preparation, just use it! Use it all! Kill this kid, then you can have all the treasures! I won’t take anything…”

Priest Sadness screamed shrilly. Ji Hao pointed a finger at him and sent thousands of sword lights towards his soul, making him howl in pain and be left him no energy to talk to Dragon Mother again.

On the other side, Bamboo Master shook his head and stayed silent. A green mist was spreading in his eyes while he looked around over and over again, trying to find a weakness in Ji Hao’s sword formation. But, this sword formation was made by Yu Yu and was stabilized by a few top-grade supreme treasures. How could he ever find any weakness in it?

Dragon Mother’s expression changed quickly. Abruptly, she roared towards the sky and sprayed a mouthful of blood to a long distance away.

Ji Hao’s words and Priest Sadness’s press stimulated Dragon Mother’s evil nature as she growled madly. A blood-red light shone out of her forehead, and from the light, an oddly shaped enormous dragon roared out.

“Supreme Dragon, kill!” Dragon Mother screamed. This dragon that flew out of the blood-red light was tens of thousands of miles long, covered in red scales with black marks on the edges. The dragon violently wielded its enormous claws and launched a strike.

Along with a cracking noise rising, Ji Hao trembled slightly. In shock, he found this oddly shaped enormous dragon actually created a small crack on the magnetic forcefield which had sealed off this area. Dragon Mother immediately dove into this crack and escaped from the sword formation within a blink.

The enormous but lifeless dragon flew up and attempted to escape through this crack. But, Evil Yu Yu suddenly showed up upon its head and stomped a foot against its head.

“Supreme dragon… Hah, it’s the body of Dragon Mother’s twin brother. She turned it into a treasure.”

“Ji Hao, take out your nine dragons chariot. Let me upgrade it for you…We’ll make the body of Dragon Mother’s twin brother pull your chariot. See if she will be ashamed or not.”


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