The Magus Era Chapter 1832: The Armies Reach Yao Mountain City – WN

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While Ji Hao was fighting against the three powerful beings alone with the sword formation, an intense aura of killing was looming on Pan Gu Motherland. The sounds of drums, horns, and the screams of battle beasts nearly cracked the sky. Numberless giant battle machines moved swiftly on the ground, leaving deep tracks behind.

Yao Mountain City stood in the old location of Buzhou Mountain. Ji Hao moved the entire city to this location and expanded it widely. On the city walls, the blurry figures of countless legendary creatures could be seen, while numberless heavily armored human warriors, dragon warriors, phoenix warriors, and the elite warriors from other species patrolled on the walls.

Outside the city, the lava rivers, sand rivers, and dangerous swamp zones had been giving a strong pressure. Countless strange creatures stayed leisurely in these dangerous place, roaring thunderously at the sky from time to time.

The city was entirely surrounded by an ocean. Numberless elite dragon warriors and uncountable water-kind warriors raised giant waves. Occasionally, the waves bumped into each other and caused earth-shaking noises.

High up in the sky, the front gate of the heaven was faintly visible. A colorful beam of light poured down from the sky, covering the entire Yao Mountain City.

The heaven and earth formation in the heaven and the one in Yao Mountain City had merged perfectly into one. Inside the colorful light, countless complicated spell symbols were sparkling. By now, Yao Mountain City had nearly replaced Buzhou Mountain, and begun balancing and stabilizing the entire world.

Because of this colorful light beam, Yao Mountain City had become the only path to heaven. One must enter the heaven by going straight upward through the rising formation inside Yao Mountain City. Before, when Buzhou Mountain was still here, powerful beings from the mortal world could only reach the gate of the heaven by climbing up Buzhou Mountain, and now was the same.

Inside this tremendous colorful light beam, a flying mountain floated at every hundred miles height. Each mountain was guarded by a giant number of divine warriors. Layers of divine killing formations firmly surrounded the light beam. The space between the flying mountains glowed with splendid lights, as all kinds of powerful magic seals had been releasing strong energy waves, and the space was badly disturbed.

The Yao Mountain City had thoroughly connected with the heaven. In the city, countless warriors were ready for the war, as the city had turned into a giant fort.

Waves of fierce power attacked from all directions. When Ji Hao moved and expanded the Yao Mountain City, he built four broad roads that led straight to the four city gates in east, south, west, and north. Through the four roads, uncountable warriors in colorful armors were beating the drums, blowing the horns, and growing thunderously, while formidably marching towards Yao Mountain City.

The army came through the north road was under the commands of Pan Yu world nobles, headed by Yemo Tian. These Pan Yu world nobles commanded strong military forces, and some of their families had large numbers of colony worlds under their control. In this army, numberless colony world warriors in oddly shaped armors and straight lines had been approaching Yao Mountain City in a fearless way.

Coming slowly from the south was a human force commanded by Emperor Xun.

The troops from Gong Sun Family was the core of this force, while the troops from tens of super-scale human clans were the main strength. This force was also supported by a giant number of evil spirits, which were gathered by Chu Wu Clan people who had already turned into devils, from forests and jungles, and the smaller clans which were following Emperor Xun’s lead.

This enormous force led by Emperor Xun was no weaker than the army of Pan Yu world nobles in scale. On the contrary, it was even greater, especially because of the group of warriors from Kua Fu Family and Longbo Country. Their tremendous body sizes had been giving a terrifying pressure. In comparison, the body sizes of Kua Fu Family people were acceptable. They were ten to hundreds of meters tall, giant indeed, but not too much. Longbo Country people were different. They were tens of miles tall, and the stronger ones among them were even about a hundred miles in height. They lined up on both sides of the army, with clouds drifting across their waists. They carried towering mountains and cast vast shadows on the ground; their steps were heavy, leaving deep footprints behind.

When Emperor Xun’s army was still thousands of miles away from Yao Mountain City, the scouts from Yao Mountain had seen these enormous Longbo Country people.

Shrill sounds of horns echoed through the clouds. From the mountains surrounding Yao Mountain City, the Longbo Country people who followed Si Wen Ming loyally and devotedly stood up, pulled up the mountains, and carried them on their shoulders to prepare for the battle.

Through the west road and the east road, headed by Yu Meng, the colony world nobles and their troops had also been slowly approaching Yao Mountain City.

These colony world nobles were vast in number. The colony worlds under their control were as numerous as the sands of the Ganges. The weirdly looking warriors from all these colony worlds gathered together formed a nightmare-like scene.

Yu Meng and his troop were in the eastern army as the spearhead. Before the east army was a giant black snake, which had three tails and one-hundred and eight heads. This snake came from an unknown colony world. It was nearly a hundred miles long, looking even eviler than the snakes and serpents and flood dragons that Gong Gong raised.

Standing on each snakehead was a dark-skinned, scaled, three-headed and six-armed colony world creature. No magic energy except a boiling blood power could be sensed from these creatures. Clearly, they were great fighters like Jia Clan warriors, and every single one of them was a killing machine.

Yu Hu was in the western army. The creature leading the western army was a hundred-miles-long millipede, which had tens of thousands of legs.

This crimson creature was squirming forward slowly as it carried countless grasshopper-like colony world warriors on its back. These warriors were no taller than three-feet, but had strong shells and a metallic luster on their skins. Small, exquisite weapons were held in their hands, emitting strong smells. These weapons were apparently poisonous.

Occasionally, some of these warriors would leap. With one leap, their small bodies could penetrate the air and cause a deafening air blast, then teleporting miles away. These small grasshopper-like warriors had a stunning leaping ability. On the battlefield, their great leaping ability would amaze their enemies and help them harvest their enemies’ lives.

All kinds of colony world warriors had been screaming and shouting while moving towards Yao Mountain City from the four directions.

Outside the city, on an unobtrusive hill, Emperor Shun and the half-snake strong man stood side by side, quietly looking at the noisy armies on the four broad roads.

“If we have a sore on our body, we need to let it occur first, then cut off the necrotic tissue.” The half-snake man smiled mildly and said, “Now, the humankind has too many necrotic tissues that need to be cut and cleaned.”


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