The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1831: Shock Dragon Mother with the Sword – WN

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After breaking Bamboo Master’s body, Ji Hao sent a thunderbolt into the sword formation and changed the pre-world magnetic forcefield immediately. The magnetic force around Bamboo Master was disordered suddenly, and the space, time, and all the other types of natural powers were shredded.

As the Pan Gu bell rang, an empty and bundles space appeared around Bamboo Master. Bamboo Master was trapped in this space by a tremendous force, without being able to move and with nothing to depend on, like a bug trapped in resin. For every slight movement, he needed to consume a great amount of energy, and the nine giant sword wounds had been devouring his blood, flesh, and life-force. He suffered a headache, not knowing what to do.

“Elder, you have good mental quality, much better than Sadness. Please rest for a while, we’ll talk to later.” Ji Hao glanced at Bamboo Master and said blandly, “If you don’t move, the sword formation won’t move either. But if you move…the sword formation will move too.”

Bamboo Master paused for a second and pondered shortly. A wave of bamboo leaves then flew out of his body and transformed into shreds and green shadows to seal the space around him. The leaves composed a mysterious small formation that shielded Bamboo Master. Afterward, he took out twenty-four green tablets and activated them, releasing twenty-four beams of green light which flashed across the space and added another layer of seals in this area to protect Bamboo Master.

After setting up the defense, Bamboo Master took out a small bottle, poured three thumb-sized green pills into his mouth, then gave Dragon Mother a bitter smile while shaking his head. “My friend, please allow me to take a rest.” He said.

Remaining silent for a short while, Bamboo Master continued, “The sword formation is powerful. My friend, please be careful.”

The expression on Dragon Mother’s face changed quickly. Earlier, Priest Sadness was trapped in the sword formation, suffering a great pain as his soul was nearly shredded. Priest Sadness’s soul had merged with the great Dao and couldn’t die, but it suffered a serious pain.

Back when she just entered this sword formation, Dragon Mother planned to bully Ji Hao by being an ancient powerful being. She didn’t expect his sword formation to be so powerful. However, not long after entering, Bamboo Master defeated. The wounds on Bamboo Master’s body were so scary. He was a well-cultivated powerful being, and was a bamboo. Supreme treasures with a fierce killing power like the Pan Gu sword were the most harmful thing to plants in the whole world…

Dragon Mother couldn’t count on Bamboo Master for now, and her face darkened badly. A thick layer of small scales grew out of her skin and straightened up. Every single scale was like a sharp blade. The scales moved slightly and clinked against each other. Meanwhile, her body shape began shifting, turning into a slim and muscular half-dragon, half human creature, from a tall aristocratic woman.

“Ji Hao kid, let me try your sword formation.” Dragon Mother chuckled, “Let me try it. I’d like to see if it can be as powerful as Pan Gu’s axe.”

Shaking her head, Dragon Mother laughed proudly, “I heard that if your Shifu boosts up his sword formation to the peak, he would be able to generate a destructive power with one sword move that would be as great as the strike which Saint Pan Gu made to create this world…If you’re holding that sword formation, I’d be a little scared. But this is not that one, is it?”

Ji Hao tightened his face and said nothing. She was right. In mere terms of formation quality, this pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation wasn’t as good as Yu Yu’s sword formation.

But, Ji Hao was lucky. The formation treasures he used for stabilizing this sword formation were Pan Gu’s legacy.

At first, the Pan Gu sword was made from the dragon ancestor’s horns, which were Pan Gu’s front teeth. But later on, Ji Hao luckily found Pan Gu’s axe, which helped to create this world, and he merged the axe into the Pan Gu sword.

Did Yu Yu’s sword formation need to be boosted up to the top to generate the power that equaled to the power of an axe strike from Pan Gu?

Ji Hao’s Pan Gu sword was even more powerful than Pan Gu’s axe. It was just that he himself wasn’t strong enough to release all of Pan Gu sword’s power.

“What are you boasting off? If your brother didn’t save you, you would have died under Saint Pan Gu’s axe long ago. Do you even dare to try my Shifu’s sword formation? A little scared…Hehe!” Smiling faintly, Ji Hao uncovered the scar in Dragon Mother’s heart.

Hearing Ji Hao’s ‘hehe’, Dragon Mother’s face blushed with both shame and anger. A golden-red pair of wings spread behind her back and brought her to Ji Hao swiftly, transforming into a streak of light.

As a Chaos dragon, Dragon Mother was indeed powerful. Her wings buzzed and quaked the space. Her flying speed, which was based on her pure physical strength, was actually higher than Ji Hao’s based on the golden bridge before he took the spring in the living calabash and improved his power and cultivation.

By slightly moving her wings, Dragon Mother rushed up to Ji Hao in an instant. Ji Hao nearly lost track of Dragon Mother and almost failed to figure out where exactly she was, despite his great spirit power.

Behind Dragon Mother, waves of dim colorful light emerged. She violently tore the magnetic forcefield and caused a magnetic storm to generate these lights. “I am a Chaos dragon. I can travel across the Chaos with my bare body. The pre-world magnetic force is fierce indeed, but you’re weak. So, how can your magnetic forcefield be strong enough to trap me?” Dragon Mother snarled.

Chaos dragons had incomparably strong bodies, that allowed them to travel across the Chaos without extra protection. As a Chaos dragon, Dragon Mother’s body was like a powerful enchanted spaceship, which was strengthened by countless seals and magic formations. Chaos tide, magnetic force fields, geomagnetic storms, heaven fires, dark thunders, none of these could do any harm to Dragon Mother’s scales.

Ji Hao was careless and didn’t manage to increase the output of the magnetic force. Consequently, Dragon Mother seized the chance and approached him.

Her pair of fists roared out like thunder. She laughed complacently and evilly, eyes fixed on Ji Hao. Priest Sadness applauded for her. Bamboo Master’s expression changed slightly as he turned to Dragon Mother and looked at her with hope.

At this moment, Ji Hao raised a finger. The moment before Dragon Mother’s fists landed on his body, the magnetic forcefield in the sword formation waved. All of a sudden, the distance between Ji Hao and Dragon Mother expanded to millions of miles. Dragon Mother’s fists penetrated layers of space, but eventually failed to hit Ji Hao.

Ji Hao snorted and raised a hand. The Pan Gu bell quaked and generated a sizzling noise. Following the noise, a tremendous sword light roared out. Strengthened by both the golden bridge and the magnetic forcefield, the sword light jumped through the space and struck on Dragon Mother along an unpredictable path.

Dragon Mother was a master of fighting, but not good at magic. Facing Ji Hao’s sword light, she didn’t do as good as Bamboo Master. She spread her wings and curled up her body, prepared to defend against the sword light with her bare body.


Dragon Mother shrieked. The sword light brushed across her body and left a deep wound on her back. Through the wound, Ji Hao could even see her internal organs. Blood spurted out while she screamed in a panic. In the following moment, she actually turned around and attempted to run.


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