The Magus Era Chapter 1830: The Sword Lights Break the Space – WN

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“You damnable little b*stard!” Priest Sadness’ soul was shaking. Abruptly, he opened his mouth and let out a stream of original life-force.

The bone pendant was a powerful treasure indeed, but it wasn’t a defensive treasure. Instead, it aimed to hurt souls. Priest Sadness’s soul was nailed in space by a sword light, and had been suffering an unbearable pain, as countless sword lights were going through his soul moment after moment. Under the pain, he wasn’t thinking straight, and he let the bone pendant collide straight with the endless sword power in the sword formation. This was like throwing a precious mirror at a giant axe; without a doubt, the mirror would be the one shattered, not the tough axe!

Before Priest Sadness took the bone pendant back, tens of beams of formidable sword lights struck on the cracked bone pendant, as fast as lightning bolts.

The bone pendant exploded with a thunderous bang and released a cloud of white mist. The mist condensed into an especially hideous devil face which threw a threatening glance at Ji Hao. However, before this devil head could take any action, strands of sword power attacked from every direction and crushed it within a blink.


The density of the soul grains in the sword formation suddenly grew many times higher. The soul power contained in the bone pendant was actually much greater than the original soul power which had been leaking out of Priest Sadness’s soul.

Priest sadness raised his head and shrieked madly. His shrill voice even quaked the surrounding space slightly.

This whole area was sealed off by a pre-world magnetic forcefield, and the space around Priest Sadness’s soul was firmed up by the strong magnetic force. Therefore, no matter how loudly he cried, the space remained perfectly sturdy, without showing a single crack.

Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master growled out in one voice and dove into the sword formation.

Dragon Mother had an exceptionally strong body and a tremendous defensive power, but after entering the sword formation, she was actually half a step slower than Bamboo Master. Bamboo Master was a master of many types of magic, but wasn’t good at close combat. Holding his bamboo stick, he broke into the sword formation with giant steps, then shreds of bamboo shadows flashed around him. As the magnetic forcefield was shaken slightly, he approached Ji Hao and showed up about a mile away from the latter,

Ji Hao smiled and raised his head, looking at Bamboo Master while slapping on the Pan Gu bell with both hands, bringing up a series of lightning bolts. Sonorous sword buzzes could be heard without an end while nine black sword lights flashed across the spaces and struck on Bamboo Master in a row.

Above the sword formation, the golden bridge shone with a golden light. Immediately, a magical change happened to the series of sword lights that Ji Hao released. The nine sword lights were flashing towards Bamboo Master in a straight light, but after the golden bridge added its supreme power to them, they were no longer flying forward, but began ‘jumping’ through space at a scarily high frequency.

Within one ten-thousandth of a second, the nine beams of sword light had completed hundreds of millions of ‘space jumps’. They tore apart the space and disappeared, then ‘jumped’ out of space a short distance away in the following moment.

Every ‘space jump’ only covered a small distance. Therefore, these sword light still seemed to fly at a constant speed. But, only powerful cultivators with especially strong spirit powers could discover the secret of these nine sword light beams.

The highly frequent ‘space jumps’ changed the nature of these sword lights.

The sword lights buzzed while sharp saw teeth emerged from their smooth edges. Every tiny sword tooth was vibrating at a high frequency. Wherever these sword lights flashed across, barely visible, colorful cracks appeared in the magnetic force field. Because of the golden bridge’s power, the lethality of these nine sword light beams was raised by at least ten folds.

When the sword lights approached Bamboo Master, the golden bridge moved under Ji Hao’s will, and the nine sword lights jumped again.

Nine shreds of bamboo shadows emerged around Bamboo Master’s body, each accurately aimed at one sword light beam. But, as the sword lights suddenly jumped, the bamboo shadows missed their targets. Before, the sword lights targeted at Bamboo Master’s chest, but after a few jumps, they appeared around Bamboo Master’s body, lunging towards his head, kidneys, ribs areas, heart, and the backs of his neck and heart. The sharp sword lights gave a bone-piercing feeling while vibrating and jumping constantly.

Bamboo Master howled shrilly with shock. A hundred and eight shreds of bamboo shadows popped up around his body. Every twelve shreds of bamboo shadows formed a tiny mistrack formation to trap a sword light beam. When the one-hundred and eight shreds of bamboo shadows were about to block the nine sword light beams, the sword lights jumped again and magically penetrated them. The distance between Bamboo Master’s bodies and the sword lights were no greater than three inches at the moment.

In the following moment, Bamboo Master was going to suffer a severe struck from these sword lights.

“Great treasure!” At this very moment, Bamboo Master raised his head and threw a quick glance at the golden bridge with a deep shock. Then, his body suddenly transformed into a hundreds of meters thick, tens of thousands of meters tall bamboo.

Waves of bamboo leaves erupted into a green hurricane that roared across the entire area.

This was a full defensive move, the best solution that Bamboo Master could think of under this urgent situation. He sealed off the space around him with bamboo leaves, without giving the sword lights any chance to jump in, no matter how fast and powerful they were.

“Elder, you underestimated my sword formation.” Ji Hao chuckled. Following his voice, an exceptionally strong and sharp strand of power transformed into a sword light, rose from his head, and flew into the golden bridge like a rapidly flowing river.

The golden bridge gave a rumbling buzz, then vented clouds of warm golden mist. The entire sword formation quaked slightly, then the nine sword light beams flashed across the space and disappeared without a trace.

The giant bamboo, which was transformed from Bamboo Master’s body, trembled intensely. Next, nine silvery clanks could be heard as nine long and deep slashes were left on the giant bamboo. Thick green mists whiffed out from the slashes, while large streams of green transparent liquid flowed out.

“Elder, did you forget that you’re a bamboo, and your body is hollow on the inside? The space inside your body…It allowed my sword lights to jump in and give you a strike!” Ji Hao smiled faintly, “You can’t possibly block my sword lights, unless you seal off yourself without leaving a slight crevice of space.”

The giant bamboo disappeared. Bamboo Master showed up with nine large puncture wounds on his body. His blood had been gushing out of those wounds.

Clearly, Bamboo Master had suffered serious injuries.

Strands of black power lingered in his wounds, corroding his body. Even under the effect of Bamboo Master’s life force, his wounds didn’t heal. On the contrary, those wounds had been expanding quickly.


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