The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1829: Cut the Treasure – WN

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Priest Sadness screamed shrilly as his soul was clamped in the Chaos by a tremendous beam of sword light, unable to move at all. Waves of thin but extremely sharp sword power strands erupted, leaving countless tiny holes on his soul and turning his soul into a sieve.

Streams of pale grey power flew out of Priest Sadness’s soul, transforming into numberless sesame sized twisted faces that screamed ear-piercingly. But before long, all these tiny twisted faces were turned into nothingness by the sword power.

Suddenly, abundant soul grains appeared in the pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation. The soul grains were pure and strong, looking like flowing mercury that quickly spread in all directions. Priest Sadness cultivated himself with the great Dao of soul. His cries could directly hurt primordial spirits and souls, and his soul was especially powerful, containing a measureless amount of original soul power.

Ji Hao opened up countless tiny holes on Priest Sadness’s soul with the sword power. Through these tiny holes, Priest Sadness’s original soul power was leaking out, being purified by the sword formation and turned into the most basic soul grains that spread in the formation.

The pale-grey evil power surged and gradually condensed into palm-sized pale-grey lotuses, forming a thick lotus wall surrounding Priest Sadness’s soul.

Thousands of meters long beams of pale-grey light shone out of the eyes of Priest Sadness’s soul. He looked at Ji Hao and laughed in a high-pitched, dry voice, “Ji Hao kid, you can hurt my soul, but you can’t kill me! My soul has merged with the great Dao of soul. I am a part of the great Dao of nature now. I will never die. Unless the great Dao of Pan Gu world collapses and the great Dao of soul is destroyed, you can’t hurt my foundation of Dao, no matter how many times you injure me!”

Priest Sadness’s soul took a deep breath. Abruptly, a ten-thousand-miles-long space crack appeared. Along with a deafening rumbling noise, a grey-white tide descended from the crack and transformed into beams of pale-grey light that flew into Priest Sadness’s soul.

Priest Sadness’s sieve-like, dim soul immediately shone with a dazzling light, like a burnt out oil lamp suddenly being filled up with the best lamp-oil, again emitting a beautiful light.

Laughing with that high-pitched voice, Priest Sadness glared at Ji Hao. While enduring the piercing pain that came from his nearly shredded soul, he opened his mouth and let out a white bone pendant. A ferocious-looking devil portrait was embossed on the white bone pendant. As Priest Sadness cast a spell, the devil suddenly opened its eyes.

Two beams of white light sliced through space, flashing towards Ji Hao’s head.

Ji Hao sneered and pointed his finger at the Pan Gu bell. The bell buzzed, and the magnetic force in the sword formation began waving intensely, smashing the space. The distance between Ji Hao and Priest Sadness was instantly expanded to tens of millions of miles.

The white light approached. But, each time the white light moved a foot further, the distance between Ji Hao and Priest Sadness grew three meters longer. When the white lights moved three meters forward, the distance expanded by a mile, and when the white lights moved for a mile, the distance between Ji Hao and Priest Sadness had already reached hundreds of millions of miles!

The two immeasurably powerful beams of white light flashed in space for a quarter of an hour, covering an unknown distance, but were eventually worn out. At last, the white light faded among layers of shields of magnetic force.

The expressions on Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master’s faces changed immediately. Ji Hao’s sword formation was not only powerful, but also magically flexible.

Priest Sadness’s jade pendant was a spirit treasure. It was naturally created along with the great Dao of soul back when Saint Pan Gu created this world. This jade pendant had the power to find a soul from a thousand miles away, and kill its targets without being noticed. The two beams of while light released from it could swirl any soul away, unless the owner of the soul was a saint whose soul had merged thoroughly with the great Dao and could never die, or was protected by a top-grade supreme treasure.

This bone pendant was Priest Sadness’s most powerful treasure. He wouldn’t use it unless he had to, but once he activated it, someone would die. Priest Sadness had done many evil things back in the ancient time, and his streamer had swallowed numberless souls. However, no one ever managed to do anything to him, mostly because of this bone pendant.

Nevertheless, the soul-descrying light released from this bone pendant was actually worn out by Ji Hao’s sword formation. How amazing!

While looking at Priest Sadness’s soul, who was nailed in space by a sword light and could not move, Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master’ eyes dazzled. They had now discovered that the situation was unfavorable, and seemed to want to flee.

However, Bamboo Master couldn’t bear leaving Priest Sadness here alone. After all, they were friends, and both came out of their solitude because of Dragon Mother’s invitation. Bamboo Master felt that leaving Priest Sadness here alone was morally wrong.

Dragon Mother struggled. She had no moral pressure; instead, she was simply too ashamed to run.

If Bamboo Master weren’t here, she would walk straight away without being concerned about Priest Sadness’s life, but he was here. If he saw Dragon Mother leave Priest Sadness and flee alone, would she still have the face to see anyone in the future?

Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master quickly exchanged a glance. Bamboo Master’s eyes showed hesitation, while Dragon Mother’s eyes were filled with determination, ‘Try attacking this sword formation!’ If they managed to break this sword formation, things would be perfect…But if they failed, she would have to wait until Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness both died, before she could run alone without worry!

What made her struggle was that if Ji Hao couldn’t kill Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master, her bad reputation of leaving her friends and fleeing would still spread!

“My friend Sadness, hang on. Bitter Bamboo and I are coming to save you!” Clicking her lips, Dragon Mother gave a shout.

Bamboo Master gave a bitter smile, then took a deep breath and glared at Ji Hao, “Sadness my friend, don’t worry. Can’t we even defeat an embryo-of-Dao-level kid? This sword formation isn’t the one that belongs to Priest Yu Yu!”

Priest Sadness screamed hoarsely. He had no time to respond to Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master, as he had been ceaselessly releasing his original life-force to control the bone pendant. The bone pendent vented beams of white light towards all directions.

The white light tore apart the space, dazzling all over the area and clashing against the sword lights, looking like splendid fireworks. Explosive sounds could be heard without an end, as waves of sword power were shuttling in the sword formation and crushing the white lights. Countless beams of sword lights directly struck on the bone pendant and raised bright fire sparks.

Suddenly, along with a clear cracking noise, a long crack appeared on the bone pendant.


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