The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1828: First Try – WN

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Priest Sadness had truly saved Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master

The Pan Gu bell, Pan Gu sword, and the golden bridge floated in Ji Hao’s sword formation, emitting a bright light to illuminate the area. Except for these three treasures, the rest of the sword formation was dark. The sword lights in the sword formation were dim, and the magnetic force was traceless; the sword light flashed across the space, without catching any attention.

If Priest Sadness didn’t rush straight into the sword formation, and if he wasn’t slowed down suddenly, Dragon Mother would never discover this sword formation, and would certainly follow Priest Sadness in.

“Sword formation!” Bamboo Master curved down his lip corners, as if he suddenly recalled some bitter old memories.

That year, with one sword move, Yu Yu nearly cut off all his bamboo roots and ruined his foundation of Dao. Since then, he had always been so afraid of Yu Yu’s sword. Ji Hao was Yu Yu’s disciple, and had spread an unknown sword formation in this place…Bamboo Master felt like a man who was frightened by a rope right after getting bitten by a snake…

That was a painful feeling, and both his soul and physical body couldn’t stop trembling.

Dragon Mother gave an evil laugh, “He’s just a little kid. What kind of powerful sword formation can he possibly have? He’s just bluffing…”

Before Dragon Mother finished, Ji Hao pointed his finger at her and Bamboo Master. The pre-world magnetic forcefield swirled out and dragged Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master into the sword formation.


Strands of Chaos power descended from the bell and wrapped up the entire sword formation, making it look like a giant egg. In the independent space created by the sword formation, the sky and the earth disappeared, leaving streams of Chaos power rolling and interweaving. Within the Chaos power, the traceless yet especially strong magnetic force rose up. Dragon Mother, Bamboo Master, and Priest Sadness paused simultaneously, then slowed down.

As the one who rushed into this formation first, Priest Sadness tightened his face and glared at Ji Hao, who was merely about tens of miles away from him. Usually, Priest Sadness could cover this short distance with one single step, but at the moment, he felt like carrying tens of thousands of giant mountains and being dragged by countless strong hands. Different types of twisted power had been pulling his body in different directions, making his move harder and harder.

In tens of breaths, Priest Sadness only managed to make seven to eight steps, and each step only covered about half an inch. What was worse, after he moved forward for seven to eight steps with all his strength, the distance between Ji Hao wasn’t shortened at all. On the contrary, the distance turned larger.

A faint blackness emerged from the sky, while the earth was brightened slightly. The blackness and brightness shifted suddenly, while a frosty beam of sword light flashed across the space.

For the very first time, this pre-world magnetic life and death sword formation, which was made by Yu Yu himself, showed its power. The moment the sword light appeared, Priest Sadness burst into a howl with both shock and anger. As he wielded the long streamer, the tens of shrilly crying blurry faces immediately merged together and shielded him behind.

The black sword light quietly brushed across those faces. Along with a sad cry, the tens of blurry faces were cut broken. The Dao of destruction contained in the sword light vanished these blurry faces. Priest Sadness screamed ragingly, as a three-feet-long, hair-thin tear appeared on his streamer.

Streams of evil power flooded out of the streamer to fix it. But, a thin strand of sword power lingered around the tear. No matter how hard Priest Sadness tried, the tear squirmed quickly, but was never fixed. Furthermore, clouds of gray mist had been puffing out of the tear. With that, the tens of twisted faces painted on the streamer dimmed, and its glow was dulled gradually.

“Damn it!” Priest Sadness shouted. This streamer was an important treasure, connected with his life. The tear on it was barely visible, but Priest Sadness suffered a severe harm and a terrible heartache because of it. He almost cried out again.

“My friend, be careful. Your ‘tragic streamer’ can hurt primordial spirits and damage souls, but it’s not a shield or an armor. How can you use it to defend against this sword formation?” Bamboo Master couldn’t bear watching this, but hurriedly reminded Priest Sadness. “You look down upon this kid. You must remember that he’s Yu Yu’s disciple!”

Sadness’s tightened face blushed.

Bamboo Master was right. His streamer could brutally hurt souls and control primordial spirits, but ever since it appeared it the world, it never had a function of a shield or an armor! But, Priest Sadness actually used it to shield himself against a sword light. That wasn’t the streamer’s problem; the problem was that Priest Sadness’s brain wasn’t working at that moment.

Snorting coldly, Priest Sadness raised his left hand. A bowl flew out of his hand, glowing with a faint yellow light. The simply shaped bowl was made from yellow jade, with a few faintly visible patterns of mountain were sparkling on its surface. The heavy yellow light became a meters thick light shield, firmly covering Priest Sadness.

Priest Sadness laughed coldly, “This ‘hundred-mountain bowl’ is…”

Before he finished, another bolt of Yu Yu’s divine thunder struck on the Pan Gu sword. Along with the lingering buzzing noises, a wave of sword lights was accelerated by the invisible magnetic field, which tore apart the space and descended on Priest Sadness.

Before the sword lights landed on the yellow light shield, Ji Hao abruptly pointed his finger at the golden rainbow, which was transformed from the golden bridge, and connected the ends of this sword formation. Tens of sword lights flashed and directly penetrated the yellow light shield, appearing right before Priest Sadness’s face.

The life-force and death power shifted again and germinated a despairing power of destruction, looming on Priest Sadness.

Priest Sadness’s face paled immediately. “Kid, don’t you dare…” He shrieked hoarsely, his face twisted.

Before his voice faded, a series of puffing noise could be heard. The magnetic force field served like countless strong ropes, leading the sword lights to cut through Priest Sadness’s body over and over again. Numberless holes were left on Priest Sadness body, as blood splashed along with deafening screams. Within a second, Priest Sadness’s body was crushed by the sword lights into a cloud of blood mist.

Watching this, Dagon Mother and Bamboo Master were dumbfounded.

Priest Sadness cultivated himself with pure soul magic. He was best at casting all kinds of secret dark magic to brutally hurt his targets’ souls. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to even see his face before their souls were destroyed by him. Priest Sadness didn’t have an unbreakable body, but the before Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master could think properly, Ji Hao directly destroyed Priest Sadness’s body with such a short span of time, and with a not so famous sword formation!

A shrill shriek echoed through the space. Priest Sadness’s soul broke out of the blood mist and screamed at Ji Hao, “Ji Hao kid, don’t you dare…”

A black sword light appeared suddenly and penetrated Priest Sadness’s soul from the top of its head to the bottom of its feet.

“Killing an old pig? Why don’t I dare to? Cut the crap, shall we?”


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