The Magus Era Chapter 1827: Dragon Mother Returns – WN

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Ji Hao sat in the sword formation with his legs crossed and silently sensed its power through the formation spirit.

The power of the sword formation flooded into his body in endless streams. While accepting the power, Ji Hao felt a deeper and deeper understanding of this sword formation bloom in his embryo of Dao like countless lotuses. Along with a series of clanks, the secrets about the multiple types of fierce powers contained in the formation were clearly carved on his embryo of Dao.

After drinking the spring from the living calabash, Ji Hao’s power and cultivation had still been rising rapidly. At the moment, his soul and spirit had thoroughly merged into the sword formation, because of which, an extremely sharp sword intent was added to his soaring power. Under the effect of the sword intent, his power turned purer and purer, sharper and sharper, with a higher and higher concentration.

Saint power was the purest pre-world divine material, strong and flawless. This formation made by Evil Yu Yu was exactly like a forging furnace, brought the saint’s power that Ji Hao attained to a higher level, just like forging some ordinary materials into a matchless weapon.

The strands of sword power which had been descending from the miles wide cloud above Ji Hao’s head were now in rough sword shapes, looking like shreds of shadows of swords. The large ones among these differently sized sword shadows were merely about a foot long. These sword shadows fell speedily from the cloud as they left clear black space cracks in the Chaos.

“Sword cutting the space…My Dao of sword will have a successor!” Evil Yu Yu looked at Ji Hao and nodded in satisfaction. Pouring more wine into his mouth, he abruptly clenched his teeth and began complaining, “Po is such a b*stard. He’s the big brother, yet he is obsessed in forging treasures. That is fine actually. After all, the Dao of forging is a branch of the Dao of magic formation, and a major type of Dao of our sect!”

“But, as a big brother, he let his little brother surpass him in the Dao of sword. Isn’t he ashamed?” Evil Yu Yu shook his head and tightened his face suddenly, then gave a cold snort. He transformed into a dark beam of sword light and flew into Ji Hao’s sword formation, disappeared amidst the flashing black and while sword lights.

Mr. Crow cawed shrilly. He swiftly picked up the Fuso tree and cautiously stood behind Ji Hao. The Fuso staff quaked and released tens of fire dragons, drawing a giant circle around Ji Hao and Mr. Crow.

All of a sudden, a crimson Chaos tide was crushed by a punch. Next, Dragon Mother marched out of the crushed Chaos tide while laughing wildly, “Hah, old Tong Jiong, Ji Hao kid, have you killed each other yet?” Her body was thickly covered with small dragon scales.

Bamboo Master wielded his bamboo stick and created shreds of bamboo shadows, which quickly expanded into a bamboo forest and formed a small independent world that blocked the Chaos tide. Priest Sadness silently followed behind Bamboo Master, his eyes narrowed while vigilantly looking around.

Faintly audible cries had been spreading from Priest Sadness’s body. He carried a long white flax streamer. Tens of sad faces were painted on the streamer. Some were old, some were young, some belonged to men, and some belonged to women. These faces were twisted and crying ceaselessly, with tears spurting out of their eyes.

Seeing Ji Hao in the Chaos alone, Dragon Mother immediately raised her brows and burst into a louder laughter, “Ji Hao kid? Why are you alone? Where’s Tong Jiong? Where the mountain?”

Before Ji Hao answered her questions, Dragon Mother turned back and confidently laughed to her helpers, “I have a bad temper, but I know people. How could Tong Jiong and Ji Hao truly help each other? They would become enemies once we left. Hah, Tong Jiong’s three spirit supreme treasures, and the nine supreme weapons which were used for sealing him…!”

“And this bell, this sword, and this…What is this golden rainbow?” Priest Sadness looked at Ji Hao and grinned greedily.

Ji Hao was digging into the sword formation. Hearing Dragon Mother and her helpers, he opened his eyes. Looking at Dragon Mother, Bamboo Master, and Priest Sadness, who returned after leaving, he asked with surprise, “Did you know that Tong Jiong and I would turn against each other? You left earlier but have now returned, because…”

“If you didn’t fight, fine, I’d have enough time to simply turn around and leave, losing nothing except some time. But, if you are fighting each other, we’d have a perfect chance to stab you from the back, without giving you the time to react. We would kill you, or injure you if we couldn’t kill you. All in all, we had to get something from you.” Dragon Mother laughed and responded.

Breathing deeply, Dragon Mother excitedly rubbed her hands. The scales on her palms tinkled against each other and generated dazzling fire sparks. “I didn’t know that old Tong Jiong was so specious. Ah, he had been sealed for so many years. Perhaps, he consumed up his life-force long ago, so Ji Hao kid killed him, right?” Dragon Mother laughed.

Priest Sadness put on an especially serious face and said, “If Ji Hao kid did kill Tong Jiong, he must be exhausted now, right? Otherwise, why would he sit here and rest? The mountain is gone. I think it was shattered by the impact waves caused by their fight!”

Bamboo Master sighed slightly. He took a step forward and looked at Ji Hao passionately as he said, “Emperor Ji Hao, I don’t want to go against the heaven…But about what’s left by Priest Tong Jiong…Treasures have spirits, and should be owned by virtuous people…”

Ji Hao rolled his eyes and took a deep, deep breath. Then he gave a long sigh, and began talking with a deep feeling of mercy, like Priest Hua and Priest Mu, “My friends, Tong Jiong’s treasures are destined to belong to our sect. You shall stop thinking about them.”

Ji Hao grinned brightly and continued, “Treasures have spirits, and should belong to virtuous people. I am a divine emperor from the heaven. I have a measureless amount of natural reward power. So clearly, I am a virtuous person.”

Dragon Mother, Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master quivered simultaneously while gazing at Ji Hao with a strange expression.

After quite a while, Priest Sadness suddenly shouted out, “Where did this little b*stard learn that tone from? Today, I will teach him a lesson…Bloody Priest Mu and Priest Hua! Destiny, destiny? Is anything in the world not destined to belong to them?”

Priest Sadness roared in rage and waved his streamer. Tens of blurry pale faces flew out of the streamer and rushed to Ji Hao along with deafening cries, diving into the sword formation.

Priest Sadness then pulled out a sword and created a white misty sword light to shield his entire body, then bent his body slightly and marched to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao hadn’t activated the sword formation yet, but Priest Sadness just rushed in on his own initiative.

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao pointed his finger at Priest Sadness. A bolt of Yu Yu’s divine thunder struck on the Pan Gu sword, then a shrill sword buzz could be heard. In the sword formation, the magnetic force quaked intensely and disabled the tens of pale faces from moving.

Not only the tens of pale faces, Priest Sadness’s moving speed suddenly dropped by over a thousand folds as well. He was now moving forward inch by inch.

“Sword formation?” Dragon Mother and Bamboo Master exclaimed.


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