The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1826: Pre-world Magnetic Life and Death – WN

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The moment the nine pre-world weapons fell apart, Ji Hao’s heart twitched intensely.

Those were nine pre-world supreme treasures, fierce killing weapons, and were used for sealing Tong Jiong back in the ancient time. But, Evil Yu Yu crushed them with one single move, extracted their pre-world spirits, and merged those into the sword formation!

So powerful, so cruel, so fierce and strong! He was indeed the embodiment of the evil side of Yu Yu.

A colorful light spun swiftly in Evil Yu Yu’s hands. From the space, tremendous waves of Chaos power roared into this colorful light. Apart from the Chaos power, the powers of the great Dao of destruction and creation, which Ji Hao had already familiar with, had both been generated from the Chaos and were merging into the colorful light.

The Dao of destruction added a killing power to this colorful light. The killing power grew stronger and stronger, purer and purer, and gradually generated a death power. The death power turned wider and wider, spreading out a despairing cold feeling, and from the cold and empty feeling, a trace of quietus power could be sensed…

The Dao of creation gathered the killing power, death power, coldness, emptiness, and quietus in the colorful light together, carefully mixed and fermented, then turned these ‘raw materials’ into a delicious wine. After this ‘fermentation process’, the powers of different types of Dao in the colorful light were blended and balanced, eventually turning into an indescribable, mysterious, pure kind of power, which existed for destruction, but was complicated and elusive.

As an inaccurate metaphor, this was like the fact that every living being would eventually die, but in different ways, such as drowning, hanging, burning, dying in battles…No one in the world could know all ways of death.

A man who was so afraid of drowning decided to stay away from all rivers and lakes and oceans. But one day, he was accidentally choked to death by a mouthful of water.

A man worried that he might die from falling, so he decided to never climb a mountain. But one day, he was smashed to death by a rock that fell off a cliff.

A man didn’t want to die in battles, so he lived in seclusion, and isolated himself from the rest of the world. But one day, he encountered a fierce tiger in the forest and was killed.

There was no way to describe all the ways of death. Under the effect of the Dao of creation, the powers in the colorful light turned more and more complicated, like the strong and complicated mouthful of a hundred-year-old wine. A good wine might make a man want to die, over and over again.

The living calabash and dead calabash contained the great Dao of life and death. Tong Jiong owed the pair of calabashes forever, yet he failed to reveal their secrets. But, Yu Yu didn’t care about the secrets hiding in these two calabashes. He simply pointed at them and made them disintegrate, then merge them into the colorful light.

The colorful light turned even more complicated. Gradually, the colors of black and white emerged from the light and grew thicker and thicker, slowly dulling the vivid colors of the light and turning it colorless. As the colors faded, the light turned darker and darker, more and more mysterious in Yu Yu’s hand.

The first trace of intent of killing in this world expanded rapidly in Yu Yu’s hand. It devoured the Chaos power from all directions and spread a thrilling aura of killing. Hearing a series of clanks, Ji Hao sensed waves of coldness coming straight at his face.

The Pan Gu bell activated itself and released strands of Chaos power to shield Ji Hao. But still, due to Ji Hao’s carelessness, a traceless killing power attacked him and left a bone-deep wound on his face.

Blood gushed out of the wound. With shock, Ji Hao hurriedly activated his spirit blood to heal it.

Ji Hao had a Pan Gu body, but he spent a quarter of an hour to heal that half-foot-long, inch-deep wound! The traceless yet bone-piercingly cold killing power lingered on his face, neutralizing Ji Hao’s spirit blood power and squeezing more blood out of the wound. By the time a large amount of lifeless blood splashed on the ground, Ji Hao finally managed to heal this wound.

In terms of physical body cultivation, Ji Hao was among the best in Pan Gu world. However, under the protection of the Pan Gu bell, he was injured so easily by this killing power, and he spent a long span of time to heal the injury. It wasn’t hard to imagine how miserable an ordinary man would end up being if this killing power landed on his body.

Life and death supported each other, cycling. The Dao of destruction, Dao of creation, living power, life-force, and the ever-changing magnetic force…The colorless light changed slowly in Yu Yu’s hand and turned more and more mysterious. Ji Hao couldn’t see through it, even though he had a trace of soul merged with it.

After an unknown span of time, Ji Hao heard a thunderous growl from Evil Yu Yu. Evil Yu Yu shook his wrists and showed a square formation blueprint which was wrapped in strands of mist, and had a magical white and black glow inside it.

“The formation is here. Where are your formation treasures?” Asked Evil Yu Yu harshly.

Ji Hao roared resonantly. He opened his eyes and threw the Pan Gu bell, Pan Gu sword, and the golden bridge into the blueprint.

Following a thunderous buzz, the formation blueprint emitted an eye-dazzling light. Next, the foot-squared blueprint expanded rapidly and covered a hundred-million-miles area within a blink of an eye.

The Pan Gu bell floated upon the blueprint, releasing streams of Chaos power to strengthen the formation.

The golden bridge transformed into a golden rainbow and allowed Ji Hao to move freely and swiftly in this vast formation.

The Pan Gu sword stood right in the center of the formation, raising strands of sword power. Inside the formation, the traceless magnetic force had been waving, shreds of sword shadows had been flashing, and the black and white sword lights had been rising along with a frosty mist.

Ji Hao walked into the formation with large steps and gave a bright shout. Following his voice, the formation glowed brightly and created an independent space. In this space, the sky was dark and the earth was white as snow. In the next moment, the sky was brightened and the earth was darkened. As the brightness and darkness shifted inside the sword formation, a suffocating aura of killing was generated.


Within the sword formation, all living beings except Ji Hao vanished.

“Great formation, kill quickly.” Evil Yu Yu nodded in satisfaction. This sword formation was based on the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, made with the dead calabash, living calabash, and the nine pre-world supreme treasures, then stabilized by Pan Gu sword, Pan Gu bell, and the golden bridge…

“Good disciple, name it!” Evil Yu Yu took out a black wine calabash from a sleeve and delightfully gave himself a large mouthful of wine.

Ji Hao pondered for a second, then chuckled and responded, “Sure! Pre-world Magnetic life and death sword formation.”


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