The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1825: Creating the Formation – WN

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“Look carefully!” Carrying the colorful figure, Evil Yu Yu shouted at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao concentrated his attention on Yu Yu. His spirit power expanded, covering the entire cave to grasp any change caused by Evil Yu Yu, also focusing on Tong Jiong’s dying body and the colorful figure in Evil Yu Yu’s hand. The colorful figure was Tong Jiong’s soul, which was once merged with the great Dao of magnetic force.

As a ninety-five percent saint, Tong Jiong’s every single fine hair contained endless secrets. His body was no longer a mortal body. Instead, it was condensed from the essence of great Dao and natural powers.

When Tong Jiong’s body collapsed, the secret of the great Dao of magnetic force was unlocked in front of Ji Hao. Tong Jiong’s body was like a well-sealed esoterica, recording a rich fund of knowledge and countless secrets. When his body collapsed, the book was opened, page by page.

Every word, every secret contained in the book was exposed.

Ji Hao imprinted all these secrets about the great Dao of magnetic force in his embryo of Dao. He couldn’t understand them all within a short span of time, but he had memorized the entire great Dao of magnetic force.

Without billions of years of severe cultivation, an average cultivator couldn’t possibly see through a certain part of the great Dao. But, because of Tong Jiong’s selfless devotion, Ji Hao memorized the entire great Dao of magnetic force within a couple of hours.

Suddenly, a scary changed happened to his widely expanded spirit power. The spirit power gathered towards his embryo of Dao and became a tiny spot.

In the following moment, this nearly infinitesimal spot exploded along with a buzzing noise. At this very moment, the nature of Ji Hao’s spirit power changed, turning traceless and especially strong. The special effect of magnetic forcefield was added to Ji Hao’s spirit power, that wherever his spirit power reached, a magnetic forcefield would cover that area.

The magnetic force field created by Ji Hao’s spirit power was far weaker than the ones created by the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, but it was already strong enough to cause actual effects on metal objects, including all kinds of weapons, armors, and magic tools.

Within the coverage of Ji Hao’s spirit power, all metal objects were under Ji Hao’s control. What a dreadful power!

“You’ve learned something, not bad!” Evil Yu Yu was seriously not good at smiling. He forcibly upturned a mouth corner and showed a faint smile that looked even worse than a crying face.

Tong Jiong’s body vanished slowly. The moment Tong Jiong’s body disappeared, Ji Hao solemnly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Evil Yu Yu.

Yu Yu did this on purpose. He was such a powerful being, that he could simply finish Tong Jiong with one sword move. But, he spent hours. Apparently, Yu Yu sacrificed a powerful creature who had a chance to become a saint in order to allow Ji Hao to ‘inherit’ Tong Jiong’s great Dao of magnetic force. He created such a great opportunity for Ji Hao. If Po and Gui Ling knew about this, they might feel a little jealousy, no matter how big-hearted they were — How could Yu Yu treat his disciples so unfairly?

Tong Jiong’s body was gone, but his colorfully glowing soul was still screaming shrilly.

Before long, the scream of his soul was dulled, as Tong Jiong’s true spirit was worn out, leaving a streak of colorful light lying on Evil Yu Yu’s palm. The colorful light released strong waves of magnetic force that quaked the space. The space, time, and the great Dao in Feng Dao Mount were all twisted in a strange way because of the strong magnetic force waves.

“Need a trace of your soul!” Evil Yu Yu extended a hand to Ji Hao and said, “Just a trace of your soul!”

Ji Hao stood up. Under his will, a hair-thin strand of his soul flew out. Based on his current cultivation, losing this slight part of soul was like an ocean losing a drop of water, no effect at all.

Evil Yu Yu grasped the trace of Ji Hao’s soul and cast a spell, then conveniently sent this trace of soul into the enormous colorful streak of light. Immediately, Ji Hao felt that he had an extra embryo of Dao! And, this new embryo of Dao contained endless secrets about the pre-world and after-world magnetic force.

“Ji Hao, my disciple, you have made some achievements on the Dao of sword. Since your brothers and sisters all have other things to do, I’m afraid you will have to carry the purest sword spell of our sect forward.” Carrying the colorful light, which was now connected with Ji Hao, Evil Yu Yu said in an evil tone, “Sword, a fierce weapon of killing… A good sword can cut everything in the world…”

While Evil Yu Yu was making this speech about sword, the mysterious man snorted in Ji Hao’s spiritual space. Obviously, the mysterious man didn’t like swords. No matter how, the type of weapon that he loved the most was giant axes!

“Yet, a man’s power is limited. With a sword move, you can kill ten, a hundred, a thousand.” Evil Yu Yu continued passionately, “But, if you are facing ten-thousand, a hundred-thousand, even a million enemies, how could you kill them all with one sword move? No other ways but a sword formation can make you win.”

“Like my sword formation…You’ve borrowed my sword formation for a couple of times. You should know that once my sword formation is activated, even an elementary grade cultivator can slaughter numberless living beings with it.” Said Evil Yu Yu.

He slightly lowered his head to look at Ji Hao, then laughed, “You just need a sword formation like that now. One sword formation isn’t enough, you also need a spirit to stabilize it. Our generous friend Tong Jiong gave you the materials for you to make a sword formation, and also gave you himself as the spirit of your new sword formation! We have to accept his gifts. Otherwise, his kindness would be wasted!”

Laughing out loud, Evil Yu Yu pointed his finger at the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, which was held in Ji Hao’s hand. Following his move, the flag and the pair of calabashes flew into his hands together.

Evil Yu Yu then raised his head and glanced at the ceiling of the cave to see what time it was. Afterward, he nodded and smiled, “Yu Yu told me to go back as soon as possible, as he needs my help…But, the time is enough. Hmm, you have quite a lot of useful things, especially this mill of Dao, plus this living calabash and dead calabash… Good, good!”

As Yu Yu waved his hand, the size of the mill of Dao, which was spinning slowly behind Ji Hao, was halved. A half of the millstone slowly flew into Evil Yu Yu’s hands. He sat in midair with his legs crossed, hands gripping the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag as he shook it slightly and gave a deep growl.

The colorful light flew into the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, which spread suddenly following a thunderous boom.

The colorful magnetic light shone upon the space and shattered the Feng Dao Mount silently, destroying all the herbs that Ji Hao planned to bring back.

Evil Yu Yu roared sonorously while waves of black sword lights fell into the spread Tai-Yi magnetic force flag and merged with the colorful light, and so did the half of Ji Hao’s mill of Dao and the pair of calabashes.

In the next moment, the nine pre-world weapons, which were collected by Tong Jiong just then, let out muffled buzzing noises. As Evil Yu Yu wielded his broad sleeve, the nine weapons fell apart, each leaving a spot of pure essence spirit light, being swallowed by the colorful magnetic light.


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