The Magus Era Chapter 1824: Peel It off from the Great Dao – WN

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Ji Hao widely opened his eyes, looking at the sword lights all over the cave with shock and an endless despair.

Yes, despair.

Evil Yu Yu’s sword made him feel an endless despair. His sword was filled with an intent of killing, had no mercy, and left no hope. His sword of Dao existed to destroy. The heart of everyone who saw his sword would be occupied by despair.

Ji Hao trembled, then forcibly braced himself up and carefully watched the dark sword lights flash across the air. The sword lights left deep marks on his heart. Behind him, strands of dark sword intent were growing inside the mill of Dao, preparing for an eruption.

The Dao of sword of destruction was one of the main branches of the great Dao of destruction. Evil Yu Yu launched a full sword strike in front of Ji Hao and allowed him to achieve a major improvement on his great Dao of destruction cultivation.

Destruction and creation generated and supported each other. As Ji Hao’s great Dao of destruction improved rapidly, the great Dao of creation in the mill of Dao was also rising.

Strands of golden natural reward light flew into Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao, helping it to understand Yu Yu’s Dao of sword of destruction better and deeper. Ji Hao clearly saw every beam of sword light and every shred and sword shadow, then memorized each strand of sword power.

Gradually, the sword power which had been descending from the cloud above Ji Hao’s head changed color, and began glowing with a dim, black light. The sword lights from the cloud turned shaper and shaper, and the holes they left on the ground grew deeper and deeper.

Evil Yu Yu wanted Ji Hao to learn. So, he slowed down his movements and carefully performed a powerful, destructive sword art. Within the dazzling black sword lights, Tong Jiong looked like a large frozen fish, floating in the air without being able to move, and watch the dark sword lights brushing across his body like swiftly swimming fishes.

Every beam of sword light left a clear slash on his body. The blood and flesh in the slashes weren’t cut off, but directly vanished when the sword lights flashed across.

Not only did the sword light vanish Tong Jiong’s blood and flesh, wherever the sword lights reached, the space and all natural powers were cut broken, shredded, and destroyed. Those were simple sword lights, but Evil Yu Yu’s sword lights did have the power to destroy everything, just like Ji Hao’s mill of Dao.

Ji Hao trembled all over. His fine hair stood straight up and pores opened, releasing a coldness.

Was this Yu Yu’s true power? Based on Ji Hao’s current power, he clearly sensed that the power contained in every single beam of sword light that Yu Yu created was stranger than the power of his mill of Dao by a hundred folds!

‘Terrifying, terrifying, terrifying’; this kind of thought repeated in Ji Hao’s mind over and over again. This was Yu Yu’s true power. What had been displayed by the black-robed Yu Yu was the true power of a saint. And, the power which was shown by the other Yu Yu, the one that Ji Hao was familiar with, the natural and unrestrained, alcoholic red-robed Yu Yu, was just a tip of the iceberg, wasn’t it?

Red robe, black robe, the personalities of these two Yu Yu were two opposite extremes.

“Yu Yu, my friend, my soul has merged with the great Dao of nature. How can you kill me? You humiliated me. I can’t defeat you, but don’t blame me for going after you disciples in the future!” Tong Jiong suddenly burst into a hoarse scream.

“Didn’t you go after Gui Ling already? If I weren’t there in time, Gui Ling would have become a potful of turtle soup!” Evil Yu Yu gave an especially cold sneer and said, “I was merciful. I didn’t kill you, and just asked my friends to seal you in here…Today, I came to release you, but you are again trying to hurt my disciple. You shall not blame me for having no mercy this time!”

Yu Yu laughed evilly and sounded quite like a powerful devil. “Merging your soul with the Dao of nature…Big deal, huh? After all, you’re still a breath away from that level!” He said harshly.

Growling resonantly, Yu Yu released two beams of frosty black light from his eyes. The space before him quaked. Next, within the area hundreds of meters radius, the space began squirming intensely, showing countless beautiful traces, full of splendor.

Ji Hao cast a glance at these colorful traces, which were thickly covered in strange spell symbols. He immediately figured out that these were the great Dao of Pan Gu world, visualized by Yu Yu’s mighty power.

Dao was shapeless, traceless, colorless, silent, and mysterious. However, Evil Yu Yu visualized the great Dao of Pan Gu world and allowed Ji Hao to see every part of it clearly.

The enormous traces of Dao slowly flew in front of Ji Hao like rivers. Evil Yu Yu abruptly laughed and pointed his finger at the traces of Dao. A colorful, flowing trace of Dao, which had countless spell symbols quickly rolling in it, jumped out. Then the other traces of Dao faded, leaving this single trace floating before Evil Yu Yu’s face.

“The great Dao of magnetic force, huh?” Evil Yu Yu sneered towards the pale-faced Tong Jiong, “No improvement? That year, before my friends sealed you, you were at this level. And now, you’re still here. Ah, my mercy on you is wasted!”

“Let me tell you this. You’ve merged your soul with the great Dao, but you can’t control the Dao, nor become a real part of the great Dao…This is like dripping a drop of oil into the sea. No matter how well you hide, in my eyes, the oil and water are separated. You’re an inch away from truly merging with the great Dao, but this inch decided your fate!” Evil Yu Yu gave laughed evilly, then sent a beam of black sword light into the great Dao of magnetic force.

Colorful lightning bolts were generated. While screaming, Tong Jiong kneeled in the air and kowtowed quickly to Evil Yu Yu, crying and begging for mercy.

Evil Yu Yu’s face was filled with an intent of killing. He laughed out loud and made the black sword light circle around the great Dao of magnetic force. A sizzling noise could be heard without an end. In about two hours, a colorful figure was dragged out of the great Dao of magnetic force.

“My friend, you destroyed my foundation of Dao. This hate…” Tong Jiong stared at Yu Yu with a bone-deep hatred and a sheer desperation.

“This hatred will never fade. So what? Today’s result is due to that day’s cause. Tong Jiong, you asked for this. Who can you blame?” Said Evil Yu Yu.

A dark sword light penetrated the forehead of the colorful figure.

Tong Jiong gave vent to a shrill howl, then paused. Strands of colorfully glowing mist puffed out of his body, and meanwhile, his body began melting and collapsing like a piece of ice under sunshine.


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