The Magus Era Chapter 1822: Suddenly Turn Hostile – WN

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The cloud was hundreds of meters wide, floating above Ji Hao’s head and slowly growing thicker and larger.

Extremely sharp light beams descended from the cloud like needles. The lights landed on the ground and sent up fire sparks that left countless deep tiny holes on the ground of this Feng Dao Mount cave, which was hard as steel.

Hearing Tong Jiong, Ji Hao smiled and looked at him through the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell, then shook his head and said, “It’s better to let them go…If Dragon Mother stayed, I’d be worried.”

Tong Jiong narrowed his eyes and grinned, then looked at Ji Yao and shook his head. “Worry? About what? Emperor Ji Hao, you’re not worrying that I might join hands with that crazy woman, are you? That old woman is seriously insane. I killed her little boy, which means I can never make peace with her.” He said.

“You can’t make peace with her, that’s true. But…About whether you and she would join hands or not…I’m timid and unconfident, so I’m careful and cautious, and dare not to make any careless mistake.” Ji Hao continued smiling. Looking at Tong Jiong, he continued, “Elder, you’re not someone with goodwill, but my Pan Gu bell and Pan Gu sword are both top-grade supreme treasures. Don’t you want them?”

Bamboo Master even managed to conquer his fear of Yu Yu and launch offensives against Ji Hao for the living calabash, which was highly beneficial to him. The Pan Gu sword and Pan Gu bell were no weaker than the living calabash. In fact, the bell and the sword were way more powerful than the living calabash. Ji Hao didn’t believe that Tong Jiong wasn’t tempted by his sword and bell.

Bamboo Master looked quite like a well-cultivated being, a powerful being who was beyond the noisy world. But, Tong Jiong wasn’t like Bamboo Master. Based on what Ji Hao knew about him so far, he was definitely an evil being. Appointing him as a heaven master was just a stopgap that Ji Hao used. If not for the spring in the living calabash, how could Ji Hao ever accept his offer?

Tong Jiong frowned and gave a bitter laugh. “Emperor Ji Hao, your words truly broke my heart and hurt my feeling! You appointed me as a heaven master yourself…The divine talismans have a strong binding force for its owner. Would I dare to disrespect you?”

Ji Hao sighed. He looked at Tong Jiong and responded in an honest tone, “I appointed you as a heaven master because I want the spring in the living calabash. Under that situation, if I were killed by Dragon Mother and her two helpers, they would certainly try everything they could to torture you. You may survive, but you would suffer; even your three treasures would be taken away.”

“So, in that situation, I needed to save my own life, and you needed to save me. Therefore, you told me which one was the living calabash and you let me have the spring in it!” Said Ji Hao frankly, “That was my only chance to get the spring safely.”

“I immediately broke the seal and released you after I got the spring, because even though I’ve drunk the spring, I needed a certain span of time for my power to grow. Plus, I didn’t know if I would be able to defeat Dragon Mother and her two helpers after that.” Ji Hao looked at Tong Jiong smilingly and said, “So, I released you immediately to force them to leave.”

Sighing again, Ji Hao continued candidly, “I didn’t keep Dragon Mother here, because, as I just said…If you’re alone, I have a chance to escape from you with my treasures. But, if Dragon Mother stays and you two join hands for my treasures, that would be bad!”

“For this reason, Dragon Mother and her helpers must leave, so you’d be alone. Elder, have I answered your question?” Ji Hao smiled faintly.

Before Tong Jiong said anything, Ji Hao laughed and continued, “As for the divine talisman’s binding force, it may affect the other divine gods, but not you. You’re a half-step saint who has merged with the great Dao of nature. I really don’t believe that you can be restrained by the divine talisman!”

“After all, the heaven is just like a representative of the great Dao of nature. How can the great Dao of nature be controlled by its representative?” Smiling at Tong Jiong, Ji Hao said seriously, “Elder, you’re a ninety-five percent saint already, and you’re like an embodiment of a part of the great Dao…If a divine talisman could control you, then it would be a joke!”

As Ji Hao finished his speech, Tong Jiong applauded and sighed sincerely, “Amazing, amazing. Yu Yu always solved every problem with his sword, but never used his brain, nor tried to bring out the facts and reasons. Interpersonal relationships and tactful plans were completely useless to him.”

“But unexpectedly, he took a kid like you as his disciple!” Tong Jiong sighed, “You are really…How can you even have so many thoughts?”

Ji Hao grinned as he looked at Tong Jiong and said honestly, “Elder, if you really want to be a heaven master and live a free life, please swear to the great Dao of Pan Gu world…Then, send a half of your true spirit into my Pan Gu sword to be guarded…so I can believe that you really want to be a part of the heaven.”

Tong Jiong smiled. He took a circle around the Chaos power shield, which was released from the Pan Gu bell, then abruptly gave a long sigh and said, “Kid, you’re right. Hmm, if you kept Dragon Mother here, I’d surely join hands with her and take your sword and bell!”

Sighing again, Tong Jiong’s eyes shone with a blood-red light. Staring at Ji Hao, he said coldly, “I don’t want this bell. I control the great Dao of magnetic force, and the magnetic force controls everything in the world. I have the strongest defensive power in the world, that ordinary people can’t even approach me. So, the bell is useless to me.”

Shaking his head, Tong Jiong cast a greedy glance at the Pan Gu sword and said, “But this sword…This sword can hurt saints, even kill saints…If I can have this sword…”

Ji Hao burst into a sonorous roar. Before Tong Jiong made a move, he wielded the Pan Gu sword and sent tens of strands of sword power towards Tong Jiong.

Tong Jiong roared out loud as well and pointed his finger at Ji Hao. Suddenly, the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag flew out of Ji Hao’s sleeve. A strand of magnetic force wrapped up Ji Hao and Mr. Crow and next, Mr. Crow gave a caw while being dragged out of the Pan Gu bell’s protection.

The living calabash and dead calabash appeared in Tong Jiong’s hands. Tong Jiong gripped Mr. Crow’s neck and pointed the dead calabash at Mr. Crow’s forehead. He smiled and nodded, then said, “I had taken back my soul seal in the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag indeed, but I left something in it that allowed me to activate it for one time. With this one shot, this Gold Crow is my food now…Gold Crow soup, delicious, so delicious!”

Ji Hao immediately stood up from the ground, his eyes bulged out and glaring at Tong Jiong.

“Don’t you dare…”

Ji Hao was going to threaten Tong Jiong, but he shut his mouth once he saw the fierce glow in Tong Jiong’s eyes.

“Smart. Now, throw the sword out!”


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