The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1821: All Draw Back – WN

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As Tong Jiong said, absolutely no side effects.

A warm power stream burst inside Ji Hao’s stomach. It was soft and nourishing, with a beautiful aroma. Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao sighed in comfort, then crossed its legs in his spiritual space and began cultivating itself in coordination of this warm power, improving its power rapidly.

Ji Hao sensed that his power and cultivation was both soaring, without any difficulty or bottleneck.

Neither his physical body nor embryo of Dao sensed any pressure. When using other natural treasures for improving cultivation, the cultivator needed to suffer a great pressure from the treasure’s power. If this cultivator failed to take the pressure, his or her body would be crushed and soul would perish. But, the spring in the living calabash was different. Inside the living calabash, the world’s first trace of life-force absorbed essence natural powers, and generated this spring over a measureless period of time. Naturally, the spring contained a vast and pure life-force.

Ji Hao’s cultivation and power both improved rapidly. Within the time span of every breath, a considerable amount of pure power, which equaled to the result of a million years of severe cultivation of a saint, would merge into Ji Hao’s body. The improvement of cultivation that Ji Hao achieved with every breath since he drank the spring would have cost him years, even tens of years.

Waves of tremendous and mysterious power spread from Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao opened his three eyes, and the nine suns rose in his eye of Dao vented a scorching golden light. The space before his face was twisted and blurred, even burned into nothingness by the essence sun fire released from his erect eye.

The bamboo stick in Bamboo Master’s hands quaked slightly, as Bamboo Master took two steps backward, gave a dry laugh, and said, “Alright…I…Dragon Mother, my friend, I won’t be a part of this…At that time, he showed his mercy and didn’t kill me. I should not offend Priest Yu Yu after all.”

Giving a bitter grin, Bamboo Master stepped back further, seeming to be quite unconfident.

Priest Sadness opened his mouth, prepared to continue crying. But suddenly, a giant golden mill emerged from behind Ji Hao’s head. A rumbling noise quaked the entire cave while a strong suction force was released from the mill. Priest Sadness only managed to give one cry before his soul was shaken slightly. The great suction force from the mill actually affected his soul and nearly dragged it out of his body!

Priest Sadness carefully looked at the mill and found that it was covered in an especially dense natural rewards power. Natural rewards power was the natural destroyer of Priest Sadness’s evil magic. Under the protection of the golden natural rewards light, nothing could hurt Ji Hao…If Ji Hao had had a chance to activate the mill of Dao earlier, Priest Sadness would have given up already.

Priest Sadness observed the mill of Dao closer, then discovered in shock that one side of this mill was dark as ink and the other was bright. Apparently, this mill was composed of the great Dao of destruction and the great Dao of creation.

The great Dao of destruction and the great Dao of creation were extremely opposite, like Yin and Yang, black and white, life and death. As Priest Yu Yu’s disciple, Ji Hao must have learned Yu Yu’s Dao of sword. After reaching the peak of Yu Yu’s Dao of sword, he would be able to generate the great Dao of destruction, which could kill and destroy anything. But, where was the great Dao of creation in his mill of Dao from? Did he have other supporters?

Priest Sadness began losing confidence. He wasn’t a powerful being with a good reputation. Instead, he was a famous evil being back in the ancient time. Otherwise, the heaven wouldn’t have deployed the divine forces to suppress him so many times. At last, he survived the siege with Dragon Mother’s help.

There was one bad thing about evil beings, that they were all quite good at adapting themselves to changing circumstances. When Ji Hao activated the mill of great Dao, Priest Sadness was startled by the tremendous natural rewards power on the mill, then he was frightened when he discovered the great Dao of destruction and great Dao of creation from the mill.

Shaking his head, Priest Sadness cupped his hands to Dragon Mother and said, “Dragon Mother, my dear friend, you invited me to Pu Ban City earlier…So I’m going now. I’m not good at flying or diving underground. I fly very slowly, and there is a long way to Pan Gu Motherland. I think I should leave for the city now.”

Priest Sadness stomped his foot against the ground, then transformed into a bitter and cold wind, gusting towards the entrance of the cave.

Ji Hao hesitated shortly, then opened a crack on the magnetic forcefield to let Priest Sadness go.

Seeing Priest Sadness leave, Bamboo Master immediately transformed into a green bolt of thunder, flashing to the entrance. Ji Hao didn’t want to keep him here, and let him out as well.

His power had still been rising quickly. Because of his soaring power, some magical changes had been happening to his physical body. Strands of mist rose from his head and slowly formed a cloud upon his head. Meanwhile, his embryo of Dao was sensing countless types of great Dao of nature. At the moment, Ji Hao didn’t have the time to try to stop Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master from leaving.

Dragon Mother widely opened her blood-red eyes and glared at Ji Hao, then cast a fierce glance at Tong Jiong, who was punching the jade board swiftly from the inside.

Dragon Mother hated Ji Hao and Tong Jiong so much. She traveled countless miles to the deepest area of the starry void, and even used the secret teleporting formations which were built in the starry void by the dragon-kind. Finally, he found Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness, who both owed her favors and had to help her.

Dragon Mother had a keen sense of smell. On the way back to Pan Gu Motherland, she suddenly smelled Mr. Crow and Ji Hao, then excitedly followed the smell to Feng Dao Mount with her two helpers.

She thought that she could take out two enemies at one time, especially Tong Jiong, who ate her little boy…

But this bloody Ji Hao actually broke the seal and released Tong Jiong!

At this very moment, Dragon Mother even began to hate the few powerful beings who sealed Tong Jiong here in the first place. How could they use a seal cast by divine emperors as the core of this sealing formation? Didn’t they create a convenient condition for Ji Hao in this way?

Ji Hao was a current divine emperor, and the heaven was a strictly ruled organization. The current divine emperors had absolute control of the seals left by former divine emperors. Therefore, Ji Hao broke the seal effortlessly and ruined Dragon Mother’s plan!

If Dragon Mother knew the ones who built this sealing formation, she would definitely hunt them to the end of the world!

Looking at Ji Hao, who was under the firm protection of the Pan Gu bell and the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, Dragon Mother roared ragingly and then turned around, moving to the entrance of the cave in large steps.

Ji Hao silently deactivated the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag and let Dragon Mother go. While paying a big half of his attention on his improving power, he looked at the cracking jade board and grinned. “Elder Tong Jiong, congratulations on regaining your freedom!”

The cracking noise could be heard without an end. Before long, the jade board shattered completely, and the nine pillars collapsed. The nine pre-world supreme weapons quacked, attempting to escape, but were suddenly wrapped by nine clearly visible strands of magnetic force and dragged into a broad red sleeve.

With a smile on his face, Tong Jiong came out of the broken jade board and unhurriedly walked to the Chaos power shield, which was released from the Pan Gu bell.

“Why did you let Dragon Mother go? I’m quite confident of keeping her here.” He smiled at Ji Hao and asked in a mild tone.


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