The Magus Era Chapter 1820: Free Tong Jiong – WN

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The moment the divine talisman rose from Tong Jiong’s head, Dragon Mother’s expression changed. “Together, let’s kill his kid now!”

The expressions on Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness’ faces immediately turned especially serious. Bamboo Master took a deep breath and stood motionlessly as he silently boosted up his power. He was clearly preparing for a thunder strike.

Priest Sadness dropped his mouth corners, with two streams of tears gushing out of his eye sockets. His eyes were crystal clear, but weirdly, his tears merged together in the air and generated miserable, sad, raging, or shrill cries.

Instantly, waves of ripples were stirred up from the Chao power streams released from the Pan Gu bell. Priest Sadness’ power slowly penetrated the layers of Chaos power, and seemed to land on Ji Hao’s body.

Fortunately, aside from the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao had also activated the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag. This great treasure indeed had a vast power. The space in the cave was immediately filled up by the magnetic force field. The completely disordered and violent magnetic force streams were beating, spiraling, turning the surrounding area, which was already turned into Chaos by the Pan Gu bell even more chaotic.

Priest Sadness’s cries were restrained by the magnetic force, then weakened by the Pan Gu bell. He had tried his best, but only faintly audible sound waves were sent into Ji Hao and Mr. Crow’ ears. Compared to before, Priest Sadness’s cries were way less harmful now.

The defensive power generated from the combination of the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag and the Pan Bu bell could be called as perfect.

The Pan Gu bell’s defense was definitely strong and straightforward. It followed the lead of Saint Pan Gu, who believed that one would attain the great Dao with strength, and break any magic with strength. No matter which type of attack the enemies launched, the bell would directly take it and block it. Therefore, it had a high demand for Ji Hao’s power.

Unlike the Pan Gu bell, the defense of the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag was based on the traceless, soft, but strong magnetic forcefield. It was like a layer of flexible materials which was added to the defense of the Pan Gu bell and perfected the Pan Gu bell’s defense pattern.

The defense provided by the combination of these two supreme treasures was three times stronger than that provided by the Pan Gu bell alone. But, Ji Hao merely needed to consume the same amount of power!

What was even better, as the traceless magnetic forcefield filled up the space, everything within its coverage was under its control. Before, dragon Mother was a fast as lightning, that Ji Hao couldn’t even see her moves clearly. But now, she was suddenly slowed down, as if she was walking in glue. Ji Hao clearly saw her every single move; he saw her slowly flying through the space, bringing up clear afterimages. Ji Hao even had the time to wield the Pan Gu sword and create a fierce strand of sword power by casting a secret Yu Yu’s sword spell.

The dark sword power roared across the Chaos streams, but the invisible magnetic forcefield did not give the sword power any resistance. On the contrary, it pushed behind it strongly. When Ji Hao sent out the sword power, he could still see it clearly. But, after the magnetic forcefield momentarily accelerated the sword power, Ji Hao couldn’t see its trail anymore. It became as fast as Dragon Mother without being affected by the magnetic force field.


Before he made this move, Ji Hao had done the math. Based on Dragon Mother’s moving speed, the sword power should strike right on her waist. But, after being accelerated by the magnetic forcefield, the sword power tore apart the space and flew across her body before she approached Ji Hao.

The sword power brushed across Dragon Mother’s abdomen. Along with deafening tearing noises, Dragon Mother’s luxurious golden and red dress blasted into pieces. A thin slash was left on her belly, which was thickly covered in triangular scales, with drops of sticky, purple blood oozing out.

If Ji Hao included the acceleration in his calculation, the sword power would have struck into Dragon Mother’s body, shattered her scales, and drilled into her internal organs, injuring her severely.

Dragon Mother was choked, and so was Bamboo Master. Priest Sadness immediately stopped crying, while a tremor went through his chubby body.

“That’s the smell of Pan Gu’s axe!” Dragon Mother’s face twisted. She glared at Ji Hao and screamed hoarsely, “Back then, I was injured so badly by him with that axe. This is the smell of that axe, this is it!”

Ji Hao smiled, cupped his hands to Dragon Mother, and responded, “Elder, like yesterday, you should be congratulated once more!”

Dragon Mother’s face darkened in rage. She screamed sonorously while pouncing on Ji Hao, seeming to even risk her own life. She swiftly wielded her pair of arms and sent extremely thin beams of golden light to Ji Hao. However, he was largely slowed down by the magnetic force field. Before, her violent attacks could lay a heavy pressure on the Pan Gu bell. But now, she merely made the bell buzz slightly.

Ji Hao immediately found confidence. He looked at Bamboo Master and asked smilingly, “Elder Bitter Bamboo, aren’t you afraid that my Shifu might cut off all your bamboo roots?”

Bamboo Master was gathering his power, but upon hearing Ji Hao, his heart was shaken. A big half of the power which was concentrated on his bamboo stick instantly faded, and the well-prepared secret magic suddenly launched a counterforce on Bamboo Master. Suffering the counterforce, Bamboo Master’s heart was even shaking, and he nearly vomited blood.

“Emperor Ji Hao, I didn’t lie earlier on. The heavy one is the living calabash. You just take it out and drink what’s in it. The living calabash’s power is the most nourishing thing in the world, with absolutely no side effects.” Tong Jiong laughed wildly out in the jade board.

Breathing deeply, Tong Jiong stared at Dragon Mother, then gave a sneer and said to Ji Hao “Emperor, please quake the seal inside this mountain with your divine emperor seal…That seal is the power source of Feng Dao Mount. The moment you take it back, I’ll come out…Then, you can just leave this crazy dragon woman to me.”

“Seal?” Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. He immediately drilled his spirit power into Feng Dao Mount and touched the sphere of light which was beating like a heart, absorbing Chaos power, and releasing natural powers.

Indeed, it was a seal created by the Green God, White God, and Black God from the ancient heaven!

What did Tong Jiong do to make these three ancient divine emperors join hands to seal him in here?

But, Ji Hao had already accepted Tong Jiong’s offer, and was too lazy to eat his own words…Furthermore, the seal was made by three ancient divine emperors together. Ji Hao took out his own divine emperor seal and conveniently threw it to the ground. The seal swiftly sank into the mountain and fell on the light sphere.

“Unseal!” Ji Hao cast a deep growl. The light sphere exploded into an extremely strong wave of natural powers that spread out.

Inside the jade board, Tong Jiong trembled slightly, then locked his hands together and slapped on the jade board. Along with a series of noises, countless thin cracks appeared on the jade board.

Ji Hao immediately took out the living calabash, unplugged it, and poured the spring into his mouth.

A warm, water-clear liquid was poured into his mouth, emitting a faint aroma.


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