The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1819: Heaven Master Tong Jiong – WN

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Heaven master, heaven master, as this title simply stated, Heaven Masters were the masters of the heaven.

The heaven could have an indefinite number of heaven masters. Heaven masters were usually revered powerful beings with measureless powers and abilities, selected by the five divine emperors. They had no specific duties, and only showed up around divine emperors. They were usually close to and trusted by divine emperors.

Heaven masters stood at higher positions than divine gods, lower than no one but divine emperors. In the heaven, heaven masters weren’t true power holders, but they were always respected and highly influential. Normally, they didn’t have much of work to do, but they were protected by the natural fortune of the heaven. No natural disaster or danger or risk could ever fall on their heads. The life of heaven masters was free and easy.

But occasionally, when divine emperors or other divine gods ‘begged’ them, depending on their mood, these powerful heaven masters might take some action, then earn a greatly high payback and reverence.

All in all, heaven master was a divine official post with very little to do. They were paid well, but they had little responsibilities. Every heaven master was protected by the natural fortune of the heaven. Therefore, anyone who wanted to attack a heaven master would have to suffer a counterforce from the natural fortune. Taking up a post of heaven master was the perfect way to hide from enemies and mitigate risks.

Ji Hao understood what Tong Jiong wanted. Under the current circumstances, he had no time to hesitate, but immediately accepted Tong Jiong’s suggestion.

Tong Jiong chuckled and prepared to say something. But, Ji Hao shouted harshly, “But elder Tong Jiong, you have so many enemies. Your enemies were all weaker than you, but only slightly. If you join the heaven and stay under my command, I would have to shoulder the hatred from the five, or even more of your enemies, for you.”

Tong Jiong paused and knitted his brows. Ji Hao was right. If he joined the heaven, he would never listen to Ji Hao’s orders. Frankly speaking, this was just a deal. Tong Jiong offered to give Ji Hao the spring in the living calabash to boost up the latter’s power and help him through this difficult situation. In return, Ji Hao would shield Tong Jiong with the heaven.

The heaven could scare away many evil beings, but in the eyes of those ancient powerful beings…Based on Priest Sadness’s attitude to the heaven, one should know that the name of the heaven wasn’t quite useful sometimes.

“You…What else do you want?” Tong Jiong felt a little painful for what Ji Hao might take away from him. But, he only weighed for one in ten-thousand of a second before he made the decision. He was sick of this bloody Feng Dao Mount. He had to seize this opportunity and get out. He had to leave, even if he needed to pay an extra price. He wanted to leave, at any cost, as long as he could afford the price.

Ji Hao gripped the Pan Gu sword with both hands and again cut broken Bamboo Master’s bamboo sticks. As a tremendous power vibrated Ji Hao’s entire body, thin green thunderbolts drilled out of Ji Hao’s body and left small cracks on his skin.

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao said in a harsh tone, “First, you need to follow the rules of the heaven. You don’t work, fine, but you can’t cause the heaven any trouble, or make more enemies.”

Tong Jiong remained silent shortly and then laughed, “Alright. The heaven will pay me well, and I will have as many delicious foods as I want. The wine in the heaven is world-famous too. As long as I have good foods and wine, I won’t go out to make troubles.”

Ji Hao nodded. He wielded his sleeve and let out the three treasures of Tong Jiong. Picking up the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, Ji Hao said, “I’ll take this flag as my payback. I’ll beg my Shifu to turn it into a magic formation blueprint, and thus, my own sword formation will be completed. It won’t be as powerful as my Shifu’s sword formation, but I believe it will be quite strong, right?”

Tong Jiong raised his eyebrows, then sighed and praised Ji Hao loudly, “Eh? Good idea! My Tai-Yi magnetic force flag controls the pre-world magnetic force, and it can cover the area tens of millions of miles wide in a moment. Pre-world magnetic force controls everything in this world, even including the space and time. Nothing can be free from it. If you truly turn it into a magic formation blueprint…you’ll be able to slaughter anyone who falls in it, won’t you?”

Tong Jiong, Dragon Mother, Bamboo Master and Priest Sadness glanced at Ji Hao’s Pan Gu sword simultaneously. While being trapped by the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, who could survive a lunge of the Pan Gu sword?. How many people or magic treasures in the world could survive a strike from the Pan Gu sword? Earlier, even Bamboo Master’s bamboo sticks were cut broken by Ji Hao.

Those bamboo sticks were made from Bamboo Master’s real body. Perhaps, only the top-grade defensive treasures possessed by the real saints of this world…No, Pan Gu sword was especially sharp. With this sword, Ji Hao even had a chance to break the defensive treasures which belonged to saints, if he were strong enough!

It was like a strong man defending himself with a wooden shield against a baby who was holding a holy weapon. Without a doubt, the baby couldn’t break the wooden shield with the holy weapon. But, once the baby grew into a kid, the holy weapon would become a threat to the strong man with a wooden shield. If the kid grew into a young man, breaking the wooden shield with the holy weapon would no longer be difficult.

If the young man grew into a strong man, he would be able to break the wooden shield effortlessly.

Pan Gu sword was powerful. If Ji Hao’s cultivation wasn’t so much lower than the cultivation of these ancient powerful beings, which one of them could take one strike from the Pan Gu sword without dying?

“Hehe, good, good, good!” Tong Jiong nodded. “I’ve already merged myself into the great Dao of magnetic force, so this Tai-Yi magnetic force flag is useless to me now. I planned to give it to my first disciple as a defensive treasure…Sadly, my disciples were slaughtered by them…Never mind, never mind. Emperor Ji Hao, the Tai-Yu magnetic force flag is yours now!”

Through the Jade board, Tong Jiong drew a few lines towards the flag, then cast a spell with a low voice. The Tai-Yi magnetic force flag immediately vibrated in Ji Hao’s hand. A strand of light rose from the small flag and flew into the jade board.

Seeing this, the eyes of Dragon Mother, Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master even turned green. Tong Gong had actually taken back his soul seal from the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, which meant the flag was ownerless at the moment! This flag was a cherished treasure of Tong Jiong, that back in the old days, he depended on it!

Numberless powerful creatures were trapped in the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag, and eventually became Tong Jiong’s food.

Before Dragon Mother and the other two took action, Ji Hao bit his tongue and let out a drop of spirit blood. The blood quickly merged into the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag. At this moment, the original great Dao contained in Ji Hao’s blood fit the great Dao of Pan Gu world perfectly. Therefore, the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag didn’t fight back, but immediately accepted Ji Hao as its new owner.

The Tai-Yi magnetic force flag emitted a bright light. Whoosh! The entire cave was covered by a twisted and violent magnetic forcefield.

Ji Hao laughed out loud and activated his divine emperor seal. The seal glowed eye-dazzlingly and flew to the jade board.

Tong Jiong put his head forward to accept this glow. A divine talisman rose from Tong Jiong’s head, in the colors of purple and gold, and shone with a strong, warm light. At this very moment, Priest Tong Jiong became Heaven Master Tong Jiong.


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