The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1818: Tong Jiong’s Suggestion – WN

Night Mode

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Pan Gu bell vibrated at a scarily high frequency. The muffled bell rings sounded like countless saw blades rubbing against each other, giving Ji Hao a sharp earache.

Along with the buzzing of the bell, Priest Sadness’s bitter cries could be heard from time to time. Hearing his cries was as uncomfortable as spreading a handful of burning mustard powder on one’s ear, or putting some sharp iron sands into ones heart. That uncomfortable feeling would drive one crazy.

Ji Hao and Mr. Crow had no energy left to fight back. Ji Hao controlled the Pan Gu bell with all of his power to shield Mr. Crow and himself. Mr. Crow had shifted back into his Gold Crow shape, claws sunk into Ji Hao’s shoulder and wings extended. His golden feathers were straightened, as sharp as blades, and burning ragingly. The blood had been flowing out of his beaks and eyes.

Dragon Mother, Priest Sadness and Bamboo Master had joined hands. At the moment, they were striking at the Pan Gu bell unhurriedly.

Dragon Mother’s attacks were like a thunderstorm. Within a second, she sent billions of extremely thin golden light beams to Ji Hao. The thin light beams contained a tremendous penetrative power. Each strike launched by Dragon Mother caused a terrifying, high-frequency oscillation, which was strong enough to shatter all kinds of metals in the world.

If the Pan Gu bell were an ordinary defensive treasure, it would have been broken by Dragon Mother’s swift and violent attacks already. But, the Pan Gu bell was made from Saint Pan Gu’s spine. That wasn’t the entire spine of Saint Pan Gu, but after all, that was the strongest bone in Saint Pan Gu’s body. No matter how crazily Dragon Mother tried, she could not break the bell.

Bamboo Master’s attacks were soft and unhurried, giving a feeling of Dao. Clear shreds of green bamboo shadows descended slowly. One strike released a wave of thunderbolts, the next strike generated electric currents, and the third green bamboo shadow brought gusts of sharp wind, which roared shrilly as they cut through the space.

Bamboo Master’s moves seemed to be slow, yet he had been casting all kinds of magic which could be based on green power. The magic powers burst from his hands like blooming flowers.

Bamboo Master seemingly had a special ability, that every time his bamboo sticks nearly fell on the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao saw shreds of green shadows flash through the space, leaving waves of ripples. For quite a few times, the bamboo sticks almost poked on Ji Hao’s body.

After being nearly hit for a few times, Ji Hao carefully observed Bamboo Master’s moves. He found that Bamboo Master’s bamboo sticks didn’t only penetrate the space, but also went through time. His attacks were based on both space and time.

Fortunately, the Pan Gu bell dominated the area around Ji Hao. Streams of Chaos power extended and shredded the spacetime like a vortex, turning the space around Ji Hao’s body into Chaos and blocking Bamboo Master’s attacks.

Bamboo Master was patient. He lunged his bamboo stick towards Ji Hao and launched one strike after another while slowly walking around him. He looked like an old man who was taking a walk in a forest with his old dog after dinner. His easygoing manner even made the others jealous.

Compared to Bamboo Master, who seemed to be so carefree, Dragon Mother’s attacks were fierce and formidable indeed, but were at a lower level. Bamboo Master looked like a well-cultivated man, while Dragon Mother looked like an old vixen who had stripped herself and was making a scene on the street!

As for Priest Sadness, he was like a meatball, squatting in a corner of the cave with his beady eyes fixed on Ji Hao. Occasionally, he put on his poker face and then gave a shrill cry…

Priest Sadness’s cries vibrated Ji Hao and Mr. Crow’s internal organs, squeezing blood out of their mouths, ears, eyes,, and noses. The injuries weren’t serious, but they were injured indeed, even though they had been under the Pan Gu bell’s protection. Each time Ji Hao and Mr. Crow focused on defense, Priest Sadness would suddenly give went to a loud cry. It was like a man walking in a graveyard who had someone suddenly scream out loud right behind him. The scream might not scare this man, but it would surely disgust him!

While defending against the attacks from all directions, Ji Hao slowly sat down and crossed his legs, then pulled out the Pan Gu sword and put it on his knees.

Bamboo Master immediately slowed down. He looked at the Pan Gu sword, seeming to be afraid of it.

“Old bamboo, why you scared? Why sacred? Eh? This boy is Yu Yu’s disciple, not Yu Yu…You’re not getting afraid of everyone with a sword after being cut by Yu Yu, are you?”

“Poor Bitter Bamboo, my friend…hehe…Your great reputation…Hehe…But a little kid scared you…hehe…” Priest Sadness cried out sadly.

Bamboo Master’s face darkened. He took a deep breath, then suddenly transformed into a green whirlwind that gusted around the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell. Within this moment, Bamboo Master lunged his bamboo stick eighteen times in a row, causing a series of swishing noise.

The Pan Gu bell quaked slightly, then a strange noise could be heard, that sounded like shattering crystals. All of a sudden, eighteen green bamboos penetrated the space and approached him slowly. A sizzling noise lingered around Ji Hao’s ears. The Pan Gu bell cracked the space and disordered the time. When the eighteen bamboos were less than three-inch away from Ji Hao’s body, he suddenly wielded the Pan Gu sword.

An arc-shaped sword light flashed across the air, as all eighteen bamboo sticks were cut broken by Ji Hao with one sword move.

“Old bamboo, you know how to fight, don’t you? Go on, fight harder. You can kill this kid!” Dragon Mother shouted.

Ji Hao trembled slightly, and the Chaos power streams released from the bell were disordered for a moment. With the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao cut the eighteen bamboo sticks, but Bamboo Master was far more powerful than him. He quivered intensely under a great counterforce, as if he were suffering an electric shock. He opened his mouth and let out a stream of blood.

“He’s not powerful enough…Sad, so sad, so, so sad…My friend Bitter Bamboo, you can wear him out!” Priest Sadness cried again.

Ji Hao’s face paled slightly. Indeed, he wasn’t powerful enough, and when facing these old monsters, this was his biggest weakness. If they aimed at this weakness of his, Ji Hao could really be worn out by them. By then, he wouldn’t be able to activate the Pan Gu bell anymore, and could only defend himself with his own body…

In the jade board, Tong Jiong had his eyes fixed on Ji Hao all the time. “Emperor Ji Hao, we’re fair-weather friends after all. How about this? You can have what’s in the living calabash…as long as you promise to release me from this jade board and then make me the Heaven Master…to assure my freedom. What do you say?” Tong Jiong laughed abruptly.

“Good!” Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and growled without hesitation.


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