The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1817: Besieged by Three – WN

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“What are you looking at? Anything interesting?” Priest Sadness was still wearing his extremely serious poker face. Expressionlessly, he snorted coldly to Ji Hao and said, “That year, I made some troubles. Even though I repelled the pursuing forces from the heaven a couple of times in a row, the ancient heaven did have a few powerful beings. I was nearly captured, but Dragon Mother saved me.”

Giving another cold snort, Priest Sadness continued slowly, “It’s not like she saved my life, but I do owe her a big favor. So, this time, she asked me for help, and I had no reason to refuse.”

After looking at Ji Hao from head to tie, Priest Sadness slowly nodded delightfully and continued, “I didn’t think that I would run into a divine emperor today…Divine forces seized me quite a few times. Today, I finally have a chance to collect this debt.”

Standing aside, Bamboo Master chuckled. While waving his bamboo stick and creating shreds of afterimages, he said, “Sadness, in that way, you will offend both Priest Yu Yu and the heaven. We haven’t come out for years. We don’t know how powerful the heaven is now, so we shouldn’t offend the heaven.”

Priest Sadness puffed out his belly and snorted scornfully. “Why should I be afraid? Who should I be afraid of? I am a breath away from sending my soul into the void, merging myself in the great Dao and becoming a saint. Once I become a saint, who would I be afraid of? Priest Yu Yu? He knows nothing but hacking people with his sword. The heaven? They can do nothing but sending out armies to encircle their targets.”

Looking at the confident Priest Sadness, Ji Hao prepared to remind him about what happened to Tong Jiong, who was a ninety-five percent saint. But suddenly, he heard a shrill scream from behind. With a frown, Ji Hao hurriedly slapped the Pan Gu bell.

The bell rang, and a wave of Chaos power spread out in all directions. Ji Hao and Mr. Crow turned around, saw Dragon Mother’s sharp fingernails penetrating thousands of layers of Chaos power. The Chaos power streams flowing upon the bell’s surface rippled, while Dragon Mother had been reluctantly taking back her claws.

Seeing Ji Hao looking at her, Dragon Mother laughed, “Priest Tong Jiong is trapped in the jade board. He can’t go anywhere. I’ll eventually find a way to deal with him. But, you are evil too. We should finish you first. Hah, since you’re on the side of that old b*stard and his nine useless sons, you can’t be a good one.”

Ji Hao pulled out the Pan Gu sword and crooked a finger, gently tinkling the sword edge. Following the buzzing of the sword, Ji Hao said coldly, “Ao Bai and Qiu Niu are your…”

“They don’t have my Chaos dragon bloodline.” Dragon Mother smiled in an exceptionally twisted and weird way. Feet long beams of golden-red light shone out of her pair of eyes, while she fixed those eyes on Ji Hao and said, “They have the old b*stard’s bloodline. They have nothing to do with me.”

Breathing deeply, she proudly shook her head and continued, “My nine good boys are Shixin and his…”

In the jade board, Tong Jiong laughed out loud, “Ten! Sadly, one of them was captured alive by me, and I happily ate him. Hehe, that chaos dragon was really tasty, especially his pair of dragon eyes…”

Dragon Mother’s straightened scales shook slightly and tinkled against each other. She clenched her teeth and forced herself to not look at Tong Jiong, but continued staring at Ji Hao. “Even we didn’t know that Tong Jiong was sealed in here. But little kid, you managed to find this place. Hah, do you have Tong Jiong’s treasures already?” She snorted and said.

“Eh?” Priest Sadness immediately took a step towards Ji Hao with his eyes sparkling.

“Oh?” Bamboo Master took two steps towards Ji Hao as well. Layers of bamboo shadows drifted out of his body and quickly extended into a boundless bamboo forest that covered the entire cave, turning the entrance and edge of the cave both invisible.

Bamboo Master showed a great interest. He fixed his eyes on Ji Hao and said, “Among Tong Jiong’s three treasures, the Tai-Yi magnetic force flag doesn’t fit my Dao, so I don’t want it. The dead calabash is too dangerous, and is useless to me. But, it’s said that the living calabash contains the most nourishing thing in the world to plant lives. To me, it’s really a matter of life and death.”

Bamboo Master stared straight at Ji Hao, then smiled and continued, “My little friend, please let me take a close look at the living calabash, can you?”

Dragon Mother laughed loudly, “Old bamboo, why are you still looking at him? Kill this kid, and all treasures are ours. Tong Jiong has three treasures, and we can each get one. Perfect, right? You will surely have the living calabash!”

Priest Sadness cried out loud again. “What a poor divine emperor! He hasn’t enjoyed his life, but now he’s gonna die in here. So poor, so poor, so poor!” Pitifully, he cried at Ji Hao.

Priest Sadness drawled and cried in a strange voice. Hearing him, the fading sadness was immediately aroused again in Ji Hao and Mr. Crow’s heart. They trembled and nearly cried again.

The Pan Gu bell rang and broke Priest Sadness’s evil magic. The expressions of Ji Hao and Mr. Crow both changed. Mr. Crow cawed sonorously and raised the Fuso staff to bash Priest Sadness.

Priest Sadness again gave a cold snort. He scornfully pulled out his swords and unhurriedly lunged them towards Mr. Crow’s staff. His magic was evil, and his sword art was strange; the sword moves were especially simple and stiff.

Following a thunderous bang, a raging fire was generated. Mr. Crow’s Fuso staff was transformed from the Fuso tree. The staff bumped against Priest Sadness’s sword and raised puffs of fire parks. Priest Sadness trembled, and immediately took a few steps back.

A flame flake landed on Priest Sadness’s sleeve. Priest Sadness screamed, then swung his sword down and cut off that burning part of the sleeve. He then raised his head in shock as he stared at Mr. Crow’s staff and hollered, “Old Fuso? Is this your real body? Where…Where is your soul?”

Mr. Crow widened his beady eyes as much as he could while shouting at Priest Sadness, “Soul? In Sun Palace of course…Eh, as for what he has been doing there, I surely won’t tell you that! Crying fatso, take this!”

Before finishing his sentence, Mr. Crow raised the staff again to hit Priest Sadness. This time, Priest Sadness clearly had a much more serious attitude. That staff was transformed from Fuso tree; no one who had lived through the prehistorical era and heard of Fuso tree’s name dared to take a strike from that staff.

Bamboo Master helplessly looked at Ji Hao and said, “For the living calabash, inevitably, I’ll offend Priest Yu Yu. Little friend, you shouldn’t cast your eyes on these treasures!”

Along with a slight sigh, countless shreds of bamboo shadows flashed to Ji Hao from every direction. Among the bamboo shadows, Dragon Mother transformed into a golden beam of light and marched towards Ji Hao along with a deafening swish.


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