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The Magus Era Chapter 1816: Priest Sadness Cries – WN

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Priest Sadness was short, fat, and bald, with a circle of glistening red hair on his head. His body was in an awfully unattractive shape, yet he had an indescribably majestic look on his face.

He had round eyes, round nose, round mouth, and even his pair of protruding ears were round. The best word for a face like this was ‘cute’. However, the expression on this ‘cute’ face was imperatorial, serious, and inviolably sacred. Ji Hao was a divine emperor, but not even he had that kind of a look.

Priest Sadness was wearing a yellow robe, and carrying a pair of longswords crossed on his back. The swords were even longer than his body. With that serious face, Priest Sadness made some effort to put his hands behind his body, then walked into the cave.

Looking at Priest Sadness, who was merely reaching the height of his waist, Ji Hao really wanted to ask him, ‘Can your two hands touch each other behind your back?’

Priest Sadness’s expression turned more and more serious, as if he sensed the curiosity and desire to laugh from Ji Hao’s eyes. His face looked just like a millstone, with dust constantly falling off it. That was exactly how Ji Hao felt about Priest Sadness. Priest Sadness had tightened his face too much, to the extent that his face now looked like a piece of bread that was left overnight, with crumbs falling off. Looking at Priest Sadness’s face, Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Next, Mr. Crow cawed with laughter. Apparently, Priest Sadness’s serious, round face made Mr. Crow laugh as well.

Bamboo Master’s face twitched with pity. He covered his ears with hands, then a strand of green light was vented from his palms to seal his sensations. Afterward, he lightly took a few steps backward.

The air in the cave quaked, sending Bamboo Master’s voice into Ji Hao’s ears. “Priest Yu Yu…I really can’t afford to offend him. That year, we had a fight. I created billions of bitter bamboo to cover three-hundred million miles, but he cut all the bamboo roots with one single sword move, only leaving a small bamboo shoot…”

Bamboo Master sighed, sounding frightened, “His sword takes lives. I really can’t afford to offend him. So, I can’t afford to offend his disciples either. He is overprotective of his disciples…He’s even more overprotective than Dragon Mother!”

Priest Sadness threw a glance at Bamboo Master, then suddenly burst into cries.

Ji Hao and Mr. Crow were laughing because of Priest Sadness’s weird-looking face, but hearing Priest Sadness cry, a tremor immediately went through their bodies. They felt like a Coptis chinensis soup, which was boiled ten times and mixed with the bitterest brine, was pouring directly into their hearts through their eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

An unspeakably bitter feeling gushed directly into their brains. Looking at the Priest Sadness’s hilarious face and hearing his cries, which were quite unpleasant to hear, Ji Hao and Mr. Crow felt an endless bitterness erupting from their hearts, as if they were both suffering the saddest things in the world, that one could never bear to mention to anyone else. Suddenly, they couldn’t help but begin crying.

Tears and snot gushed out of Ji Hao’s eyes and nose, streaming down his face.

His tears were hot, and his cries were loud. His body moisture all turned into tears, flowing out of his eyes ceaselessly. His internal organs were twitching, and muscles were cramping. Ji Hao felt like a lemon which was cut open, and had been squeezed by a giant.

Why would he cry?

He suddenly recalled so many bitter things. When he was a little boy, he climbed up the Gold Black Mountain for the first time because he wanted to catch a young fire crow to be his mount. But as a result, he was scratched by a naughty young crow and nearly lost one eye.

That was such a sad experience. So sad! He had to cry for it!

He then thought of another thing. When he was little, he knew a little boy next door. That was such a strong little boy. At five, that boy rushed into the jungle and killed a leopard all by himself. But one day, the boy pissed off a boa in the jungle, and became the boa’s mid-afternoon snake!

That was such a nice little boy, but he died. So sad, so sad! He had to cry!

He also thought of that year, back in Southern Wasteland, when a small vassal clan of Gold Crow ran out of food. The starving clan leader and his people ate unripe cassavas, and were all poisoned. Fortunately, Ji Hao’s mother, Qing Fu was there in time. She saved them, then Ji Xia hunted tons of beasts for them to help them through the food crisis…

That clan had nearly ten-thousand people, but they nearly all died because of cassavas. Could he not cry for such a miserable thing?

Ji Hao cried heartbreakingly. Over and over again, all kinds of sad and miserable things that he had experienced flashed across his mind. These same memories filled up Ji Hao’s heart and flowed in his heart like water, also like the bitterest herb roots, dropping into Ji Hao’s heart. A strong bitterness was released from his every single pore, making him cry unstoppably.

Because he was laughing a second ago, this sudden cry made him feel extremely awful. The flow of his blood was disturbed, and the blood surged up to his heart…For many reasons, Mr. Crow, whose cultivation was at a far lower stage than Ji Hao’s, let out a mouthful of blood. Mr. Crow cried so hard that his blood vessels were directly broken.

Ji Hao paused for a second, then pointed his finger at Mr. Crow and cried, “Mr. Crow, how can your life be so miserable? You’re so old, yet not a single female bird likes you! Ah, you don’t even have one child to take care of you when you get old!”

The moment Ji Hao finished, both he and Mr. Crow cried even louder. This time, they both vomited blood.

The Pan Gu bell rang by itself. The bell ring quieted the cries of Ji Hao and Mr. Crow, appeased their boiling blood, and eased the strong bitterness gathered in their hearts. They glanced at each other, then Ji Hao pointed at the bell. The bell released a strong Chaos power and shielded both of them.

“Priest, what evil magic did you cast?” Ji Hao raised his head and shouted at Priest Sadness. His face was still covered in tears.

Priest Sadness looked at Ji Hao with that majestic look, while responding coldly, “As a divine emperor, you can’t even take one cry of mine. The heaven is getting weaker with each generation. What do we need the heaven for then? Back in the old days, I had said that the heaven is like a dagger put upon our head by the great Dao of nature. It can’t hurt us, but it disgusts us. When we kill the five divine emperors, then thoroughly destroy the useless heaven, the world would finally be quiet!”

Snorting coldly, Priest Sadness continued slowly, “I am Priest Sadness. Emperor, haven’t you heard my name? That year, with one cry, I made thirty-million divine thunder warriors vomit blood. I made them take off their armors and flee desperately. How can you not know my name?”

Ji Hao breathed deeply and took a glance at Dragon Mother, who was still trying to wreck the jade board.

Where did this crazy woman find these freaks?


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