The Magus Era Chapter 1814: Lazy Tong Jiong – WN

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“Eh? Ah, yeah, I ate over a thousand dragon eggs. Those were really good, much tastier than phoenix-eggs, peafowl eggs, rosefinch eggs, pheasant eggs, sparrow eggs, and any other kind of egg!” Tong Jiong gave a bright grin, curving his eyes into a pair of lines. “Not only your dragon eggs, I’ve also eaten that Dark Sand Dragon King, who was guarding the Dark Sand Abyss…”

A tremor went through Dragon Mother’s body. As she burst into a raging roar, a few golden sharp tusks reached out of her mouth.

“Dark Sand Dragon King was my grandson…He was my oldest grandson, and he was even more talented than Shixin and his brothers. If he weren’t missing…”

Dragon Mother stared fiercely at Priest Tong Jiong, her eyes shining with a blood-red light.

“Oh, he wasn’t missing. He’s right here!” Tong Jiong looked at Dragon Mother grinningly and patted his own belly. “Crazy woman, you know me. All my life, I have loved nothing more than good food. That day, I passed by Dark Sand Abyss and saw Dark Sand Dragon King bathing in the water. His muscles were so strong and his skin was really smooth that I just wanted to bite him the moment I saw him!”

Dragon Mother quivered slightly, and her face was blushed.

Ji Hao silently took two steps towards one side of the jade board. He dared not to stand right in front of the jade board anymore, because Dragon Mother seemed about to lose her temper and launch a strike at any moment. Ji Hao didn’t want to get himself hurt in the crossfire.

“You know me. Back in the old days, I was famous for doing whatever I wanted. So, I took Dark Sand Dragon King. Hmm, he was really delicious.” Tong Jiong’s eyes were even glowing. “I even ate his pair of dragon horns. I softened those horns in divine yak butter, then seasoned them with a whole thousand kinds of spirit herbs…”

Dragon Mother gave a sonorous roar. She moved, marching straight to the jade board while leaving thousands of shreds of afterimages behind. At that moment, Ji Hao activated his eye of Dao as much as he could, but still failed to see her movements clearly. He saw nothing but beams of golden light flashing all over the air, then gathered on the jade board at last.

Dense clouds of colorful mist rose from the jade board. The warm glowing clouds exploded like fireworks and caused a series of muffled booms, which gave Ji Hao a piercing ear pain. The nine weapons inside the nine pillars in the cave simultaneously emitted a frosty light. Next, along with a loud clank, a blade shadow flew out of the jade board and landed heavily on Dragon Mother’s body, which suddenly appeared before the jade board.

Dragon Mother shook her head. The blade shadow landed on her foot-tall, luxurious crown. The pearls, diamonds, and gemstones inlaid on the crown released countless beams of fiery light, which then condensed into a meters wide dragon head above Dragon Mother’s head. The dragon head bit the blade shadow and wrestled it.

All of a sudden, a cold wind blew across Ji Hao’s face, and he immediately activated the Pan Gu bell. Following a rumbling bang, Dragon Mother, who was fighting against the blade shadow just now, abruptly showed up before his face, with her claws pierced into the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell. The Chaos power streams kept Dragon Mother’s sharp fingernails away from Ji Hao. The golden fingernails penetrated layers of Chaos power and nearly touched Ji Hao’s skin.

“Elder, take revenge for your grandson first!” Ji Hao looked at Dragon Mother and gave a dry laugh. “We did have a conflict, but we don’t have to kill each other for that, do we? We’re not there yet. Priest Tong Jiong ate your grandson!”

To be honest, Ji Hao didn’t want to fight Dragon Mother face to face.

She was crazy, and her behavior was unpredictable. A second ago, she was bashing the jade board, fighting against the blade shadow. But all so suddenly, she turned around and launched a lethal attack on Ji Hao. Ji Hao truly didn’t want to fight such an ever-changing powerful being.

A fiery light shone out of Dragon Mother’s crown. Above her head, the enormous dragon head moved suddenly. Following a series of cracking noise, the blade shadow and the dragon head both shattered into incalculable pieces. Dragon Mother glanced at the Pan Gu bell, then turned back and sneered at Priest Tong Jiong, “Finally, I know what happened to my grandson.”

The jade board was no longer filled with Tong Jiong’s face. Tong Jiong showed his whole body, hands resting on the waist, with his chest puffed out. “Yes, I ate him. I, Priest Tong Jiong, have the courage to admit the things that I’ve done. I won’t lie. I just did it. I’m right here, crazy woman. Come on, break this jade board! Beat me, curse me, torture me, trample on me!”

With a strong excitement, Tong Jiong ripped open his red robe, extended his neck as much as he could, and slapped it loudly. “I did it, I admit it. I ate your grandson. Come on, my head is right here. Come cut it off!” He yelled.

Dragon Mother’s face twitched with wrath. She slowly bent her body and gasped heavily. Strands of hot power rose from her head, raising the temperature rapidly.

She was going ballistic.

Tong Jiong had still been twisting his body in the jade board, slapping his neck and grinning to Dragon Mother while yelling, “Come on, come beat me, will you? You can’t beat me, can you? Ah, you’re so angry!”

Tong Jiong laughed and leaped around. At last, he directly turned back and wagged his butt towards Dragon Mother while shouting, “Come on, come on… Come beat me, will you? Crazy woman, aren’t you the best children protector? Black Sand Dragon King had shown your bloodline, not the dragon ancestor’s. That means he was a true descendant of yours. What a pity, what a great pity that I ate him.”

Dragon Mother was so angry that her eyes were even unfocused. Also because of the anger, blood foam began oozing out of her mouth corners. She gasped deeply and raised her golden glowing hands, seeming ready to pounce on Tong Jiong.

Right at this moment, Bitter Bamboo Mountain Master began talking slowly. “Dragon Mother, my old friend, don’t fall into his trap. Tong Jiong is clearly sealed in this jade board by some other people because he has done too many evil things. If you break this jade board, he’d be free. Tong Jiong is a master of magnetic force. His power affects everything in this world. If he gets out, it wouldn’t be so easy to deal with him.”

Dragon Mother was enlightened. She slowly straightened her body and smiled at Tong Jiong, who was stunned in the jade board. “So, you’re sealed in here, aren’t you?” Dragon Mother clicked her tongue and said, “Let me see… Ah, indeed, this is a sealing formation. These nine pre-world supreme treasures…Some people were actually willing to seal you with nine pre-world supreme treasure!”

Tong Jiong’s face immediately turned dark and wrinkled. He helplessly gave Bamboo Master a bitter grin while saying, “Is this fun? Why? Why? Bitter Bamboo, Bitter Bamboo, you have always been standing aloof from the worldly affairs. Why did you tell her my secret?”

“That year, I bloomed, but my seeds were mostly robbed by phoenixes. My friend Dragon Mother drove away those feathered monsters and saved my life. So, I need to return this favor.” Said Bamboo Master slowly.

Tong Jiong remained silent shortly, then nodded. “Dragon Mother, do you remember your tenth son, who was also a dark-skinned one? I ate him too!”

Both Ji Hao and Bamboo Master smiled bitterly, while Dragon Mother went hysterical. She lost the control of herself and bumped straight into the jade board with her head.


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