The Magus Era Chapter 1810: Associate With the Evils – WN

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A torrent of flowing sand came windingly from the north and brushed across the edge of Pu Ban City, roaring towards Yao Mountain City. Treading on the flowing sand and rushing with giant steps were numberless beast-headed colony world warriors, holding all kinds of oddly shaped staffs. In the desert environment, these desert worlds warriors moved as fast as the wind. Shreds of afterimages were left behind each of them.

Large groups of meters tall scorpion warriors existed among these beast-headed warriors. Their upper bodies were of muscular men, but their lower bodies were of dark scorpions. These strong creatures carried heavy long spears with their muscular arms. While running, they wielded the spears from time to time and caused muffled swishing noises.

While passing by Pu Ban City, these scorpion warriors wielded their long spears to display their strengths to the human warriors who were guarding the border of the city. Their heavy spears penetrated the air and generated waves of white air blasts, which spread for hundreds of meters, rustled these human warriors’ clothes, and made their armors clank.

Before, when facing such a challenge, these human warriors would have rushed directly up and minced these scorpion warriors. After all, this was Pu Ban City, the capital of the alliance of human clans, the center of the human society, and the holy realm in the heart of every human being. Any non-human creature who dared to challenge the humankind in this place would end up being chopped into pieces.

But at this moment, these human warriors were looking at the scorpion warriors expressionlessly and dumbly. Their weapons were dropped on the ground or leaned against rocks and trees, while they stayed motionless, watching these non-human warriors trample across the territory of the humankind.

They still had the courage to fight, but they had already lost their goal and direction.

The leadership of the humankind was in disorder; the human society was chaotic and messy. The human leaders didn’t just make a mess for themselves, they had suppressed the spirit of the entire humankind to an extreme degree. Human warriors didn’t know what they wanted anymore, or whose command should they follow; they didn’t even know who to listen to!

When Emperor Shun was here, even though some large family people were double-faced, all human beings were united and shared one goal of defeating the non-humankind. But, after Gong Sun Xun became the emperor, the spirit of the humankind collapsed thoroughly. Human warriors suddenly turned into a piece of tofu from a severely-hammered steel block. They were frustrated, without any fighting will. Their bodies remained alive, but as warriors, they were already dead.

In a palace of Emperor Xun, an extravagant party was taking place. It was an ambiance of dance and music; countless naked young human girls were singing and dancing a dance of sky devils. The palace was suffused by a decadent atmosphere that could truly make people fall. Emperor Xun, the human leaders in the palace, as well as Yu Meng and his people who came to visit, all had a strange pinkness on their faces.

Laughing with a hissing voice, Emperor Xun tremblingly handed a light-green ointment to Yu Meng and said, “Master Yu Meng, come, try this, try this. It’s ‘five spirits ointment’, made from the essence of ‘spirit-fading blossoms’, ‘soul-losing grasses’, ‘spirit-dying veins’, ‘mind-falling trees’ and ‘soul-missing leaves’, all Southern Wasteland plants. It’s wonderful, too wonderful for words!”

Emperor Xun’s face was ruddy. He even had a three-centimeters-long stream of saliva hanging on a corner of his mouth when he was talking. “Try, try it… Hah, you take it, then find the youngest girls to do it. That feeling…It’s like you’re about to squirt your marrow out of your bones… So wonderful! You’ll feel like you are in heaven!”

Yu Meng took over the ointment, stared at Emperor Xun in shock, as if he was a ghost.

White Flower Skylark Family had conquered a whole hundred desert worlds. In any of these worlds, a vast large one or a small one with a single piece of continent, the world’s owners fought like real warriors. They and their people showered in blood and fought against the invaders as hard as they could.

Nevertheless, as the highest leader of human beings, who were chosen by the natural fortune of the great Pan Gu world, Emperor Xun actually invited the leader of the invaders to enjoy a drug called ‘five spirit ointment’ together!

Throwing the ointment to the ground, Yu Meng looked at Emperor Xun and laughed happily, “Emperor Xun, if the recent three generations of human emperors were all like you, my White Flower Skylark Family would have been able to destroy the humankind and dominate the entire Pan Gu world all by ourselves.”

The palace immediately fell into a dead silence. All dancing and singing girls paused, not daring to move. The group of human leaders stood up with dark faces as they stared at Yu Meng fiercely. In their eyes, dark mists and blood-red lights were interleaving, while a strange energy had been spreading from their bodies. They looked like bloodthirsty beasts, with no spark of wit on their faces.

After shaking his head, which was heavy because of the drug, Emperor Xun’s eyes shone brightly. Abruptly, he pointed at Yu Meng and laughed out loud, “What did you say? Destroy humankind? Hah, Yu Dynasty tried for so many years, but still failed…Hah!”

Shaking his head again, Emperor Xun glanced at the ointment on the ground and sighed heavily, “That’s a good thing. Why don’t you cherish it?”

Emperor Xun chuckled and ripped off his shirt, then smiled at Yu Meng and continued, “Alright, alright, let’s not mention these words which might hurt our friendship. We’re families, families…Especially Master Yemo Tian and I, we’re old friends, old friends!”

While talking and laughing, Emperor Xun waved his hand towards Yu Huo’s clone, who had mingled in the crowd, saying, “Master Yemo Tian? Why don’t you come here? Hah, this time, you came to ask me to join you, right? No problem, absolutely no problem. For Master Yemo Tian’s sake, I can do anything!”

Emperor Xun stood up and carried a pure golden wine pot as he shambled to Yemo Tian. While walking, he laughed, “March armies, march armies! Eh, call all warriors in You Chong Mountain area back! With that bloody cauldron standing there, we can’t break the clan anyway. Call them all back, and let them attack Yao Mountain City! Hah, I’ll cut off Ji Hao kid’s head. He has two nice girls, doesn’t he? Get the two girls back to serve me!”

Emperor Xun raised his head and burped, then grasped Yemo Tian’s hand and chuckled, “Alright, Master Yemo Tian? I ordered them to do so only for your sake!”

Abruptly, he turned around and yelled harshly at the group of clan leaders on the palace, “March armies! Have you heard me? Gather all your clansmen, everyone who can wield a weapon! Gather them and make them attack Yao Mountain City! Attack the heaven! I, Gong Sun Xun, don’t want to be the human emperor anymore. I want to sit on a divine throne too!”

Emperor Shun hollered insanely, and the group of human leaders laughed insanely. They raised their arms and twisted their feet, then staggeringly rushed out of the palace while giving out their orders.

Yu Meng and his people looked at Yu Huo’s clone with suspicion.

Yu Huo’s clone looked at them quite proudly, ‘You didn’t think that Emperor Xun is completely under Yu Huo’s control, did you? You colony world bumpkins better be careful when attacking Yao Mountain City!’


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