The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1809: The Non-humankind Dispatches Troops – WN

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While Ji Hao was drinking and talking in Feng Dao Mount with Priest Tong Jiong, things happened in Liang Zhu City.

On the square, the people from top-grade Pan Yu world families had still been scrambling for power and wealth, as if they would never be bored with it. People stealthily moved across the crowds of nobles and made all kinds of promises, contracts, and oaths, as they came up with countless evil plans.

By now, these high-grade nobles from Pan Yu world had forgotten about what exactly they had been going after. They were like drunk people, releasing their natures and following their desires. They were designed to strive for power and wealth, to intrigue each other, and to use dark and evil plans. They had immersed in this enormous ‘carnival’ without being able to pull themselves out.

Every time when a mentionable noble being died from assassination, when a force under a family’s direct command suffered great losses under a surprise attack, and when a small family tore a contract and decided to follow a large family, these high-grade nobles would be thrilled. They would quiver, both their souls and bodies going numb, as if strong electric currents were going through their bodies. They never felt better.

These Yu Clan nobles managed to turn this dirty war into a revelry. One had to admit that they had a special gift for that.

On this particular day, Yu Huo’s clone stood on the high stage, which was located in the middle of the square, waving his hands while shouting hoarsely. As loud as he could, he was telling everyone how beautiful Pan Gu world was, “Feel it… Right under this land, feel the boiling, thriving earth meridians, feel the mines right inside these mountains around Liang Zhu City, which have amazing reserves… Look at these human slaves…”

With shining eyes, Yu Huo’s clone pointed at the group of human maids and slaves who stood motionlessly in the crowd and laughed, “Look, beautiful young girls, brave warriors…This is a species with such a potential. If we can conquer them and enslave their descendants generation after generation, how happy will we be? We, Yu Clan people, should stand above the universe! We should enslave all the other creatures!”

“Enslavement is addictive!” Yu Huo’s clone laughed loudly, “Pan Gu world is such a fleshy juicy piece of meat! Taking one bite, the oil will ooze out!”

Yu Huo’s clone laughed so delightfully that he even squeezed his eyes into a pair of curved lines. He had lost into this crazy atmosphere way too much.

So many top-grade families had gathered together, and so many high-grade nobles were mingling, plotting against each other, trying to hurt each other. Every day, the people with noble bloodlines would fall, and a large number of warriors would die or get injured. He had been having a rich harvest of souls. As a clone of Yu Huo, his power had been raised unwittingly by at least a hundred percent!

Not to mention all the negative emotions which were released from the fallen ones before they died… These negative soul energies with fear, despair, anger, and all kinds of negative emotions had become the best replenishments for Master Spirit-Slaughter.

Master Spirit-Slaughter and Yu Huo were two devils who were both soul hunters. These days, they had been fanning the flames of disorder in Liang Zhu City, and had never been happier!

Disorder, they wanted more disorder, the more chaotic the better! They wanted those stupid nobles to kill each other, and they wanted this giant potful of thick ‘soup’, which was cooked from ‘desires and emotions’, to boil harder and become even more complicated. Yu Hu’s clone even wanted this situation to continue forever.

Therefore, Yu Huo’s clone described the wonderfulness of Pan Gu world countless times and aroused the deepest greed in everyone’s heart. However, he had only been leading these nobles to a higher level of chaos, but would never solve any puzzle for them.

Thud! A stone flew out of the crowd and hit on the forehead of Yu Huo’s clone.

Yu Huo’s clone growled in rage as blood sprayed out from his head. He staggered back for a few steps and nearly fell down from the stage. Covering his head with a hand, Yu Huo’s clone pointed where the stone came from and hollered, “Who? Who was it? Do you want to be an enemy of my Yemo Family?”

“Yemo Family? A lowly poor family which isn’t even qualified to own a family emblem… I want to be your enemy, so what?” Surrounded by hundreds of colony world nobles, Yu Meng split the crowd with his head held high.

Hearing him, the shouting and yelling Yu Clan world nobles immediately shut their mouths. In a great shock, they stared at Yu Meng and the hundreds of colony world nobles who had melted their erect eyes and now looked just like the human beings in Pan Gu world.

The erect eye of a Yu Clan man was his most important source of power, and a lock on his soul. Melting the erect eye meant freeing himself from this lock, and stepping into a higher grade. In Pan Yu world, the top-grade family members would have a qualification to strive for the positions of ‘crowns’, ‘seals’, and ‘staffs’ once they melted their erect eye!

The hundreds of colony world nobles around Yu Meng didn’t have high positions in the Yu Clan society, but their powers were real!

Earlier, Ji Hao performed a slaughter in Liang Zhu City, killing a large number of ‘crowns’, ‘seals’ and ‘staffs’. Since then, their leaders in Pan Yu world hadn’t sent new true power-holders into Pan Gu world, Yu Meng and these colony world nobles were absolutely powerful enough to control Liang Zhu City!

“Yu Meng!” Yu Huo’s clone stared at Yu Meng with wrath and asked, “What do you want?”

A cloud of sand spiraled up from around Yu Meng’s body. He flashed across the air and brought a wave of sand up from the stage, then walked out from the sand and stood firmly on the stage. He also raised his golden staff and gave Yu Huo’s clone a heavy bash.

Yu Meng showed no mercy when making this move. The golden staff broke the chest bones of Yu Huo’s clone and sent him down the stage, flying hundreds of meters away.

While vomiting blood, Yu Huo’s clone looked at Yu Meng. He couldn’t believe this — ‘How dare Yu Meng do that?’

“I will only say two things!” Standing on the stage, Yu Meng growled, “First, Pan Gu world is a fleshy piece of meat indeed, but if you don’t move your knives and forks, the meat will not fall into your mouths. So, we need to start swallowing Pan Gu world.”

“Second, about the division of profits, in one year, the one who earns the largest credit will be responsible for conquering Pan Gu world, and be in charge of the final division of profit! Anyone disagrees?” Yu Meng raised his golden staff high and roared harshly.

The hundreds of colony world nobles who followed Yu Meng into this meeting place burst into bright cheers in one voice.

The leaders of a large number of colony world families raised their weapons and roared thunderously. Following their voices, numberless colony world warriors from the boundless military camps outside the city all roared like beasts.

“No objection!” Yu Meng smilingly looked at those stunned Pan Yu world nobles and said, “Alright everyone, we will dispatch our troops in at most half a month. Our target is …Yao Mountain City! First, let’s take out the divine emperors in this world and control the heaven!”


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