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The Magus Era Chapter 1808: Tong Jiong’s Guess – WN

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Ji Hao remained silent. ‘A good guy’?

Looking at Tong Jiong’s oily mouth and hands, Ji Hao felt that he was a sentimental person. But, were all sentimental people good? No.

Tong Jiong believed that he was a good guy, but perhaps, he had done something that caused severe harm to other people. If that were true, could he still be counted as a good guy? Ancient powerful beings were mostly strange-tempered, and usually, they followed nothing but their own hearts. The things that they believed were right might not fit the sense of morality of ordinary living beings.

“But, you said that if anyone mentions their names, the three ‘Peng’s will know. Why?” Ji Hao quickly changed the topic.

Tong Jiong frowned, his face showing confusion. Clearly, he had the same question in mind. Pondering shortly, Tong Jiong picked up his wine cup, took a sip, then pointed at Ji Hao’s forehead, heart, and lower abdomen, while saying, “The ‘three corpses’ can hide in your body, and the bodies of all human beings, dragons, phoenixes, and all Pan Gu world creatures which are able to cultivate themselves.”

“The ‘three corpses’ are traceless, good at reading people’ hearts. They are the three ‘Pengs’…” After pondering for quite a while with his eyebrows knitted, Tong Jiong said, “Calling them clones will be inappropriate. Every ‘three corpse god’ is an independent individual, and has its own thoughts. But, if you say that they’re not the three ‘Pengs’ clones, that would also be wrong, because they do share the same names and minds…”

Spreading his hands, Tong Jiong continued helplessly, “The three ‘Pengs’ are very mysterious anyway. Before, they existed inside Pan Gu’s body, and now, they exist in the bodies of all Pan Gu creatures. They can read every thought in your mind and hear every word you say.”

Ji Hao frowned while baring his teeth, his heart filled with puzzles.

“And, the stronger a creature is, the greater attention it can draw from the three ‘Pengs’.” Tong Jiong laughed, “The three ‘Pengs’ are definitely the most well-informed beings in the whole world. They know everything, but you can’t find a trace of them, neither do people know where they are or what they have been doing. So, everyone is afraid of them.”

Ji Hao was so upset. Before, he knew nothing about the three ‘Pengs’, but now, he knew how they existed, and he knew the fact that they are hiding inside his body in some mysterious way. He just felt a wave of unease.

It was like one suddenly had three ‘renters’ in one’s home. They were invisible, but one clearly knew that they existed. How strange would that be? Plus, the fact that these three ‘renters’ had been sneakily watching every move of oneself; knowing this would only make one feel even more uncomfortable.

“Don’t be angry. Don’t worry. Don’t feel depressed. Don’t have any mood swings.” Seeing Ji Hao frown, Tong Jiong hurriedly reminded him, “Normally, the ‘there corpse god’ just hide in your bodies, but once you have violent mood swings, they can feed on that and grow stronger. Once they reached a certain level of strength, perhaps, even your mind will be controlled by them…”

“Like a puppet?” Ji Hao was startled.

“Maybe worse?” Tong Jiong pondered briefly and said with a complicated feeling, “Turning you into a puppet means killing your mind and controlling your entire body…But, the ‘three corpse gods’ will imperceptibly affect your emotions and lead you to the decisions that you wouldn’t have made. By then, you would feel that your every thought still came from your true heart, but in fact, your mind would have already been affected!”

Hearing Tong Jiong, Ji Hao even wanted to vomit blood.

Tong Jiong spread his hands and smiled to Ji Hao, “Are you upset? Feeling like vomiting blood? Is your heart of Dao shaking as if your cultivation is going down? You see, in my happy and free days, people wouldn’t tell their disciples about the three ‘Pengs’.”

He sighed and then grinned bitterly before continuing, “Their existence is too hard to explain, and people never had a clue about what they had been doing. Rather than letting their disciples know about the three freaks, then spending extra efforts to protect their disciples, people just chose to simply not tell their disciples about those three weird fellas.”

“If you don’t know about them, you wouldn’t think about them, nor mention them. If you don’t think about them or mention them, they won’t notice you.” Tong Jiong smiled at Ji Hao and said slowly, “Since you managed to find Feng Dao Mount, you must be powerful and knowledgeable…But, even you don’t know where exactly they’re from. I’m afraid that the most of their stories have been erased from Pan Gu world long ago, right?”

Ji Hao nodded. Wasn’t he right? The Magi Palace kept no record about the three ‘Pengs’, and even the record kept in the Wisdom Star Palace in the heaven only had a few lines about them. Yu Yu had told Ji Hao many ancient secrets, but never mentioned the three ‘Pengs’.

If those strange priests didn’t show by Emperor Xun’s side, and if the mysterious man didn’t warn Ji Hao to be careful about the three ‘Pengs’, how would Ji Hao ever think of them?

“But, you asked me about them, which means they’ve shown up to make some serious troubles. Otherwise, how would you know that they exist in Pan Gu world?” Tong Jiong looked at Ji Hao, then smiled and said with absolute certainty, “I barely met them, but based on my observation, every time they showed up to make troubles, they picked critical moments when the natural fortune changed drastically, and the whole world was facing a severe change.”

“It seems like every action they took was aimed on Priest Jun, wasn’t it?” Tong Jiong narrowed his eyes and said, “Priest Jun is the embodiment of Pan Gu world’s soul…More specifically, he was a piece of the original great Dao of Pan Gu world which fell off when Pan Gu created this world. Luckily, he absorbed the power of creation and became Priest Jun.”

“So, Priest Jun is like the manager of Pan Gu world. He controls everything, and can do everything.” Narrowing his eyes, Tong Jiong snorted coldly while saying, “I even suspect that Priest Jun has something to do with me being sealed.”

“Every time the three ‘Pengs’ made a move, Priest Jun was their target…Are they trying to kill Priest Jun and take his place to control the whole Pan Gu world?” Tong Jiong tilted his head and murmured while pondering, “Hmm, they’re so brave and have great plans…If they succeed, hehe, interesting shows would be staging in Pan Gu world.

With a slight excitement, Tong Jiong gave a long sigh, “That will be one helluva battle. I won’t be able to witness it, but I can imagine how dangerous it will be…Little thing, Pan Gu world is not peaceful right now, is it?”

Ji Hao paused and gave a dry laugh while shaking his head. ‘Not peaceful’? How could one describe the present Pan Gu world with these two simple words?


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