The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1806: Tong Jiong’s Three Treasures – WN

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Ji Hao didn’t have a habit of carrying food everywhere…But, Mr. Crow brought quite a lot!

Mr. Crow took out a potful of wine, which was stored in the divine cellar for countless years. The red-robed grinned once he took a glimpse at the pot, saying, “Green jade green wave, nice wine, hah! Come on, throw it in!”

Ji Hao saw the glistening saliva hanging on the man’s mouth corners, and the eagerness in his eye.

Smilingly putting the pot on the ground, Ji Hao took out a hassock for himself to sit on, then unhurriedly took out a piece of white jade. As he slightly crooked his fingers, a streak of essence sun fire rose from between his fingers, burned the white jade into four wine cups.

He carefully opened the wine pot, spooned a cupful of green, nicely scented wine with a jade cup, then handed it to Mr. Crow. Mr. Crow took it over and poured the wine into his mouth, then shook his head while sighing in satisfaction. “Nice wine indeed! Much better than the papaya wine that our Gold Crow Clan produced in Southern Wasteland jungle.”

Cawing with laughter, Mr. Crow sat down beside Ji Hao and looked at the red-robed man with his pair of golden-red eyes as he laughed, “We don’t have many hobbies, but we do like drinking when we have nothing to do. The divine cellar doesn’t have much wine stored in it, but I bought all, hah!”

Mr. Crow laughed brightly and loudly. He turned around his palms and threw a grilled buffalo to the ground. The buffalo was grilled to a dark golden color, emitting a savory aroma. Ji Hao had no idea about when Mr. Crow took this grilled buffalo with him. The giant grilled buffalo was put on dark-green plantain leaves, which served as a foil to its golden color, making it look even more delicious.

The red-robed man swallowed saliva as he looked at Ji Hao, eyes showing a trace of anger, “Little thing, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Hm, tempting me with some wine and grilled meat…What do you want? Just say it… Don’t play these lowly little tricks…”

Then, this man angrily slapped on his own forehead, and snorted weakly, murmuring to himself, “But, these lowly little tricks can just get me…So shameful, eh? But, I haven’t tasted any meat or wine for so many years, little thing…”

Shaking his head, the red-robed man looked at Ji Hao honestly and said, “Before I get mad, give me the best booze and meat you have. Whatever you want to take or know from me, we can talk. I am sealed in this jade board indeed, but if you make me angry, I might do something to you, and with your poor cultivation, you will suffer.”

Ji Hao looked at the red-robed man and nodded, then picked up the wine pot and threw it at the jade board.

A colorful mist flashed across the jade board, after which, the red-robed man had a wine pot in his hands. He grinned and nodded to Ji Hao, then impatiently raised the pot and poured the wine into his mouth. The full potful of divine wine was emptied by him within a few breaths.

The man burped in satisfaction, then raised his head and sighed aloud towards the ceiling, “Fantastic! I feel alive again. I, Priest Tong Jiong…sank into this place. This is really…Never mind. My face, till now, what do I need that for?”

He smashed the wine pot on the ground, then reached his hands towards Ji Hao and said, “Little thing, booze, wine, meat, give me all. Whatever you want to ask me, or anything you want from me, you can just tell me now. But, I have to tell you this first, I am not longer that old Priest Tong Jiong from back in the ancient years, and I don’t have much to give you anymore.”

Ji Hao asked Mr. Crow for another couple of potfuls of good wine. After throwing the pots in, he sent the grilled buffalo, some other meat, and some fruits all into the jade board. He and Mr. Crow sat in front of the jade board while Priest Tong Jiong sat inside it, and the three of them actually began eating and drinking together.

A while later, until Priest Tong Jiong’s mouth was already covered in oil, Ji Hao asked, “Elder, you’re so powerful, but how did you end up being sealed in here?”

Tong Jiong’s face blushed instantly. Holding a white jade wine cup which was sent into the jade board by Ji Hao, he remained sinking in a daze for a while, then gave a bitter smile, shook his head, and responded, “You’ve seen how I eat. Can’t you answer the question yourself? Hah, a potful of fruit wine with secret recipe…Qingying, Qingying, I treated you as my bosom friend. Hah…”

“Caw!” Mr. Crow screamed, “Were you drugged?”

Ji Hao and Mr. Crow exchanged a glance. Such a powerful being was actually taken down by drug? And, the enemies of this powerful being actually drugged him. Who would ever know if Tong Jiong didn’t say it out?

“You don’t know how good she is.” Tong Jiong looked at Ji Hao with a dark face while saying slowly, “She knows the effects of all kinds of herbs in the world. The ointments she made were true treasures, even to us. We’re all powerful, that our primordial spirits have merged with the great Dao of nature, but we always want the drugs she made, and not every one of us had the chance to get some. Sure, I could be drugged and weakened by her secret recipe. Is that a strange thing?”

Ji Hao nodded slowly. He took out the small flag and the pair of calabashes, putting them on the ground.

Before Ji Hao asked a question, Tong Jiong pointed his finger at the flag and said, “Tai-Yi magnetic force flag. It can cover the space hundreds of millions of miles radius, and contains a measureless, ever-changing magnetic power. Nothing in the world can be free from the restriction of natural magnetic force. You can use it to capture your targets, seize some other people’ treasures, or form a formation to guard your place… It’s multi-functional.”

He then pointed at the weightless calabash and said, “The dead calabash contains the first trace of ‘killing power’ in the world. It can lock on its targets through their powers, then kill them, even from millions of miles away. Only pre-world supreme defensive treasures with a nature of ‘karma’ can rival this calabash. The saints who have indestructible souls with their primordial spirits merged with the great Dao of nature may be able to hold off its power, but they would certainly suffer severe injuries and a cultivation degradation.”

Snorting coldly, Tong Jiong looked at the dead calabash and sighed, “In my hand, this dead calabash can…even drag a saint down from the level of saints and turn him or her back into a mortal being, if he or she weren’t prepared. This is a good treasure!”

Ji Hao looked at Tong Jiong in shock. Was this dead calabash truly so powerful?

“But, you have to be careful. Everything that happens in the world has causes and effects. The dead calabash is powerful indeed, but it can also generate a destructive counterforce. If you can’t take the counterforce, haha…!” Tong Jiong pointed at his own chest and smiled bitterly while continuing, “In my days, I used it too much. Look, look what happened to me! I am sealed in here forever and ever. I’m not dead, but what’s the difference between my life and death?”

Sighing again, Tong Jiong pointed at the heavy calabash and said, “As for this one, living calabash, it contains the first trace of life-force in the world. It has been absorbing the essence natural powers and turning those into a holy stream inside it. The spring can nourish everything in the world, and can easily bring the dead ones back to life. Every drop of the spring can serve as a cure-all drug. It can also largely improve your power and cultivation, with no side effects at all.”

Tong Jiong laughed bitterly, pointing at the pair of calabashes as he said, “These two calabashes, one dead, one living… It’s said that a measureless secret power was hiding in them, that the one who unlocked the secret would be amazingly benefited. But, I didn’t have that luck.”

Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the living calabash, his heart thumping.


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