The Magus Era Chapter 1805: A Man Who Lived for Booze And Meat – WN

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Ji Hao shook his head. The blood he shed flew back into his body, and the burst blood vessels were all healed. But, he still felt oppressed. His embryo of Dao seemed down, and his body was aching and limp, as if an elephant had just trampled upon him. Ji Hao took a few deep breaths in a row and finally freed himself from this discomfort.

He immediately raised head and looked at the man in the jade board.

This ordinary-looking man seemed to have a giant mountain hiding in his eyes. Merely through the quick eye-contact that happened between him and Ji Hao, he made Ji Hao feel like being crushed by the mountain. Ji Hao didn’t manage to react.

Ji Hao glanced at the coiling Chaos power streams around his body. He made an eye-contact with the man in the jade board and exchanged spirit powers with that man. This was just like sending out his spirit power to take a beating, because the Pan Gu bell shielded his body, but could not the spirit power that he sent out on his own initiative.

He needed to be more careful. After all, numberless powerful beings existed in this world, and Ji Hao didn’t want to get himself hurt again, and then regret over his carelessness.

Ji Hao cautiously warned himself for a few times in his head, then raised his head and carefully restrained his spirit power, without daring to release the bright shine of his eyes anymore. Through the Chaos power, he swiftly glanced at the man and said, “Elder, you have a great power, a great ability.”

The man in a red robe gave a faint smile, then carelessly shook his head and responded, “What power? What ability? I’ve been resting my spirit day and night, and the light in my eyes accumulated like the water in a dam. The accumulation was rich, and then you cast your eyes on me. Naturally, my excessive spirit power poured straight down like a dam bursting. You’re weaker than me, so surely you got hurt. I didn’t do it on purpose. Otherwise, your soul would have been collapsed and you’d be dead already!”

Ji Hao frowned. He pondered shortly, and found that the man was right.

This man lied in the jade board, doing nothing but resting his spirit, without leaking even a trace of his spirit power. His spirit power accumulated in his eyes for long, naturally making his eyes powerful. Ji Hao suddenly broke in and disturbed this man, causing a burst of the spirit power in his eyes. Ji Hao was far weaker than him, and naturally, got injured.

This man was clearly extra powerful, as he managed to injure Ji Hao through a mere exchange of glance.

Ji Hao carefully took another glance at this cave. The nine weapons inside the nine stone pillars sparkled with a sharp cold light, and the nine stone pillars clearly surrounded this jade board. The red-robed man lived in a broad, magnificent palace in the jade board, but no other living being was in there except him. The palace was all empty, without even a grass; it was an extremely lonely place.

This was a strange seal. The red-robed man was sealed in the jade board.

Ji Hao was shocked again. Through the jade board, the red-robed man still managed to hurt him easily. This red-robed man was already immeasurably powerful, but who had the power to seal him in here?

The red-robed man sharply sensed the shock in Ji Hao’s eyes. He scratched his head and sighed heavily, “Hm, shameful…I don’t know how long I’ve been sealed in Feng Dao Mount for. You’re a human being. When I was sealed, Fuxi was just elected as the human emperor by the elders from human clans.”

“Ah, you’re a great elder! You had already attained your Dao back in Emperor Fuxi’s years!” Ji Hao seriously bowed to the red-robed man.

“Wrong. I attained my great Dao way earlier than Fuxi kid.” The red-robed man sighed again. Then his body, which had filled up the entire jade board, shrank slowly. He sat back on the jade bed, then looked at Ji Hao and helplessly frowned. “Whose disciple are you? How did you find Feng Dao Mount? Are you here for those three treasures of mine?”

Snorting coldly, he murmured, “Those old things, they said that they sealed me for all living beings in the world, not for my treasures. So, instead of taking them away, they left my three spirit treasures directly in here…It seems that they were lying. See, now they sent a disciple here, didn’t they?”

“Pan Luo? Bian Xue? Hua Zhang? Da Lao? It can’t be Qingying. That girl values nothing more than her face. She wouldn’t be shameless enough to send a disciple here for my treasures, not even if you’re her favorite disciple!” The red-robed man looked at Ji Hao and said while shaking his head, “Pan Luo? Bian Xue? Hua Zhang? Da Lao? Tell me, which one of these four is your Shifu?”

Ji Hao stared at the red-robed man, stunned. He had never heard of the five people that this man mentioned.

In the Wisdom Star Palace, he had indeed seen the name ‘Pan Luo’ on one tag, but that had nothing to do with Dragon Mother’s history that Ji Hao had been searching for. Therefore, he just glimpsed at it and then forgot about it.

“Elder, I’m afraid that no one in the world knows their names anymore.” Ji Hao coughed slightly and shook his head towards the red-robed man.

The man opened his mouth, looking at Ji Hao in astonishment. Remaining silent for long, he began talking with confusion, “No one knows their names? It’s not possible! If I am well alive, how can they die? At their level, how can death be such an easy thing? You can chop off their heads, split their limbs, cut them into pieces, then seal them piece by piece, but they wouldn’t die, would they?”

“You must be ignorant, or your position among human beings isn’t high enough. That’s why you don’t know their names!” The red-robed man pondered for a while, then laughed abruptly, “Hah, kid, tell me, how did you luckily find Feng Dao Mount?”

“I am a current divine emperor. They are something in the world that I don’t know yet, but not much.” Ji Hao looked at the man and said in a bland tone, “So, if even I don’t know their names, they truly haven’t shown up in the world for a very long time.”

The red-robed man was astounded. He stared at Ji Hao for long, then rubbed his head and murmured to himself, “No wonder you have a great natural rewards power, and you are protected by the divine light from the heaven…I thought you’re a star king, but you’re a divine emperor…Divine emperors are truly getting weak with each generation. How can you be so weak? How can a divine emperor like this rule the world, and enforce the natural law on behalf of the world itself?”

Ji Hao gave a dry laugh. “So, I came to Feng Dao Mount for the calabash full of treasure which can improve my power.”

The red-robed man looked at Ji Hao with dazzling eyes. A while later, he smiled, then nodded and said, “You can take my treasures, but my treasures aren’t for free…Did you bring any booze and meat? Pay for my treasures with enough booze and meat.”

Sighing slightly, the man pointed his finger at the giant palace behind him, “I’ve been sealed in here forever. Back in my days, I loved nothing more than booze and meat. My great appetite caused me a lot of troubles. Look, this palace is completely empty, without even a blade of grass growing. I can’t bite bricks and pillars, can I?” The man even drooled a little.

Blinking quickly, the red-robed man fixed his eyes on Ji Hao and said impatiently, “Come on, give me booze and meat, the more the better! I’m so starved!”


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