The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1804: The Jade Board With A Priest Sealed in It – WN

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The air on the hill was clean, making Ji Hao feel natural and refreshed.

Every single one of the luxuriant green grasses treading udder his feet looked like a decoration carved out of jade. He could even see the glowing green juice inside the grasses. When Ji Hao walked across, he broke some grass blades, then drops of green juice oozed out of the broken grass blades, emitting a refreshing aroma.

Mr. Crow widened his eyes and curiously followed behind Ji Hao, walking down the hill. Abruptly, he picked a fist-sized red fruit from an eight-foot-tall tree, which had coiling, twisted branches, then took a bite. A sweet aroma erupted from the fruit. Mr. Crow popped out his eyes and exclaimed, “Sweet, good!”

“Eh?” Ji Hao glanced at the fruit and gasped with surprise.

Judging by the fruit’s shape, color, aroma and its strong fire power, this was a ‘six sun fruit’, a top-grade divine fruit with a nature of fire. Every ripe ‘six sun fruit’ contained an especially strong and pure sun power. ‘Six sun fruits’ were the best food choice of the creatures with a nature of fire. By eating ‘six sun fruits’ daily, the innate powers of fire creatures could be improved, and their strengths could grow rapidly.

Back in the ancient time, some magical creatures named ‘fire oysters’ existed in Pan Gu world. Newborn fire oysters needed to eat a large amount of ‘six sun fruits’, so that they could grow healthy and activate their nature-given powers. Later on, the family of fire oysters offended the family of fire Luan birds, which was a vassal of the phoenix-kind, and ended up being destroyed. In that great war, ‘six sun fruits’ disappeared. People in Pan Gu world hadn’t seen a ‘six sun fruit’ for many years.

“Six sun fruit… Mr. Crow, I’ve read about it in a book from the Magi Palace. It’s good! Bring it back and plant it in our divine garden. In the future, the baby crows in our clan will have the luck to taste these. These fruits are treasures!” Ji Hao grinned delightedly.

The family of fire oysters was destroyed many years ago, and six sun fruits had disappeared from Pan Gu world for long. However, just then, Mr. Crow found some six sun fruits on this hill. Based on this, Ji Hao had an idea of this hill’s age.

Mr. Crow cawed happily, then cast a serious glance at the six sun fruit tree, to make sure that he had memorized its shape. Afterward, he continued following Ji Hao down the hill.

On the way, they saw many strange plants and herbs growing thrivingly, well-spaced. The number of each type of herb was small, because this hill was merely hundreds of miles in radius. However, the age of each plant was shockingly high, especially some trees. From these trees, Ji Hao felt something that belonged to an extremely long period of time ago.

“Weird! These herbs are so old… They should have become spirit creatures.” Ji Hao curiously touched a tree nearby. The trunk of this tree was covered in moss. This tree had an amazing density, containing a tremendous amount of green power. In Pan Gu world, a tree like this would definitely have become a tree man already.

But in here, it seemed that a strange power in the space had been suppressing the spirits of these plants, disabling them from becoming spirit creatures.

Ji Hao carefully spread his spirit power and faintly sensed the source of this strange surprising power. He moved forward warily and bypassed the mountainside, then saw a dimly glowing cave under a cliff.

Ji Hao covered the entire hill with his spirit power, but it failed to ‘see’ this cave. He discovered the cave only when he walked to it and saw it with his physical eyes.

A mysterious magic seal in this hill blocked his spirit power, surprising Ji Hao. Remaining careful, he cast tens of testing small seals in all directions, but found nothing strange. After that, he activated the Pan Gu bell to shield Mr. Crow and himself, then walked into the cave step by step.

Looking from the outside, this cave glowed merely with a faint light, but on walking in, Ji Hao found its inner space to be especially beautiful.

Transparent stalactites were hanging on the ceiling, with a beautiful luster and a smooth texture, looking like pearls or jade. A fist-sized pearl was inlaid on top of every stalactite, glowing brightly, illuminating and warming the cave.

The inner space of this cave was in a round shape, about a hundred miles in radius. Nine strong stone pillars stood in a nine-grid formation, supporting the ceiling. An oddly shaped powerful weapon existed inside each of these nine transparent stone pillars. From time to time, these weapons would sparkle with a frosty light, and the Pan Gu bell would buzz slightly, seeming to warn Ji Hao that these were all greatly powerful supreme treasures.

Under the central pillar was a jade table, and placed on the table was one small flag and two calabashes. These three simple objects had no glow or clouds rising from them. The small flag seemed to be made from the cheapest cloth, and the two calabashes looked just like any calabash in an ordinary human being’s yard.

Ji Hao immediately scanned these three objects with his eyes. According to the mysterious man, the thing in a calabash could give Ji Hao a greater amount of saint power. The calabash mentioned by the mysterious man should be one of these two.

Ji Hao carefully walked to the jade table and picked up the pair of calabashes. One of them was weightless, but the other one was especially heavy. Ji Hao had a Pan Gu body and a tremendous strength, yet he actually needed to put forth all his strength to lift the heavy calabash.

He didn’t spend any time to look at the pair of calabashes closely, but put them carefully into his sleeves. Next, he picked up the small flag and took a look at it.

The small flag was even weirder, as its weight had been changing constantly. Sometimes, it was too light to be felt, but suddenly, it turned much heavier than even the heavy calabash. The moment Ji Hao picked it up, its weight changed abruptly, nearly breaking his arm.

“Tai-Yi magnetic force flag!” Ji Hao gripped the flag with a frown. A dim light suddenly shone on the flagpole, within which, five tiny characters swiftly flashed across, but were grasped by his eyes.

Ji Hao was curious about the history of this tiny flag. As he prepared to build a basic connection between the flag and himself with a regular treasure-cultivation method, a jade board behind the jade pillar, which stood behind the jade table, caught his attention.

The jade board was tens of meters wide, white and flawless, looking like the moon. Inside the jade board, clouds and mists had been rolling.

Within the rolling clouds and coiling mists, an exquisite palace could be seen. On a balcony in the palace, a man in a red robe was leaning against a jade bed. He looked like an ancient being, eyes slightly bulged like those of a goldfish, and his hair were red as blood.

The man seemed to feel Ji Hao’s gaze. He abruptly raised his head and looked at Ji Hao.


Earlier, Ji Hao’s embryo of Dao had absorbed a measureless amount of soul shreds and had grown stronger by at least tenfold, but at this moment, blood gushed out of his eye, nose, mouth and ears because of just a glance cast by the man in a red robe. While shivering, Ji Hao couldn’t stop shambling backward, as if he got an electric shock.

“Little thing…how did you enter this Feng Dao Mount?” The man in the jade board suddenly stood up. The entire jade board was filled up by this body, as he widely opened his eyes and stared at Ji Hao.


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