The Magus Era

The Magus Era Chapter 1803: Deep In the Chaos – WN

Night Mode

In the starry void, natural stars emitted eye-dazzling lights while spinning slowly in the boundless void, causing rumbling noises that sounded like hundreds of bursts of thunder in the soul. A relatively weaker soul would be crushed immediately by the scary noises in the starry void.

Numberless, tremendously powerful, starry void creatures had been flying ‘slowly’ in the void, from one corner to another, chasing after the stars, the storms, and all kinds of energy crystals. Occasionally, a great war would happen between these creatures for small reasons. Even the natural stars would be shaken because of their combat.

Tens of thousands of frog-like starry void creatures floated in a dark cloud of dust, eyes fixed directly on a giant creature which looked like jellyfish with thousand-miles-long tentacles. These tens of meters tall frogs were all drooling.

This enormous creature, which was glowing with a beautiful blue light, didn’t know that it had already become a target. It slowly moved its long tentacles and unhurriedly flew across the void, crushing a few flying meteoric stones. Then, it abruptly rolled up a dazzling fire-red crystal with a tentacle and quickly put it into its mouth.

At this moment, the tens of thousands of frogs suddenly leaped up and pounced on this enormous jellyfish, which was sinking in its delicious snack. They left shreds of dark hazy shadows behind as they crossed over ten-thousand miles within a moment while letting out shrill roars.

The jellyfish screamed and waved its tens of long tentacles as it tried to cast these frogs away.

Countless frogs climbed onto the jellyfish’s body, widely opened their large mouths, and bared their sharp teeth. They bit and tore the jellyfish’s transparent body, as the thorns on their tongues sank deep into the jellyfish’s body, injecting a dark-green venom.

A bright golden light flashed across the space. This tens of thousands of meters wide beam of golden light was measurelessly long and splendid. Wherever it flashed across, numberless shooting stars were crushed, and the drifting stardust was pushed away to create a broad path. Sky fires, dark ices, thunderbolts, void gales, nothing could stop this mighty golden light.

That was the golden bridge. Ji Hao stood on the golden light and saw the tens of thousands of frogs hunt their prey. “The starry void is so magical! We, human beings in Pan Gu world, haven’t even explored our own starry void…But the boundless Chaos…!” He sighed.

The starry void was vast. These frogs and that giant jellyfish he saw were completely strange to him. He failed to recognize these creatures, having never heard of these creatures despite the fact that he had read every single book in the Magi Palace.

The starry void of Pan Gu world was so beautiful and magical! In here, Ji Hao suddenly felt relieved. Earlier, he had a conversation with Donggong, after which, he had been in a sulk. But at this moment, he felt much better.

Nine days ago, after leaving the Wisdom Star Palace, he directly went to Donggong and asked about Dragon King. But, Donggong hesitated in speaking, and no matter how many times Ji Hao asked, he never gave a clear answer about Dragon Mother. Ji Hao could tell that Donggong was hiding something.

Ji Hao was quite angry at Donggong’s attitude, but he had no way to channel his anger. Donggong showed him a lazy and careless face, as if saying, ‘I won’t tell. Kill me if you can’; Ji Hao couldn’t really kill Donggong, could he?

Helplessly, Ji Hao recalled something told by the mysterious man. The mysterious man said that a calabash full of ‘good stuff’ existed in a secret place, and that could give him a huger amount of saint power!

A huger amount of saint power!

Thinking of this, Ji Hao could no longer stay in his palace. In a haste, he told his people to manage the heaven well and told Ji Xia to control the overall situation, guard the heaven no matter how. Afterward, he and Mr. Crow left the heaven for a journey to that secret place.

This was the first time that Ji Hao came to the starry void with his own power. According to the star map given by the mysterious man, he proceeded along a series of natural stars, which were ‘space marks’. With the golden bridge, he could cover hundreds of millions of miles in a second, but still, he hadn’t approached the destination after spending nine days.

Without the golden bridge and the giant amount of saint power which was a ‘gift’ from Priest Mu, Ji Hao could never possibly reach here without spending a million years.

This place was merely the starry void of Pan Gu world, and Pan Gu world was merely one of the countless great worlds in the Chaos. What were things like in the boundless Chaos? Ji Hao couldn’t imagine that. Those powerful human beings such as Emperor Fuxi and Emperor Xuanyuan had left Pan Gu world for the Chaos. How did they feel? How many fabulous scenes had they seen?

He kept moving forward. The golden bridge created a straight path in the void and flew past countless natural stars in the starry void. Twenty days later, Ji Hao suddenly saw five natural stars in a circle.

Ji Hao flashed across the space and directly rushed into the central area of the circle formed by the five stars. This was directed by the mysterious man’s star map.

There, Ji Hao sang in a strange tone. Hearing his voice, the five natural stars, which were over ten-million-miles-wide, glowed with a dim light simultaneously. Afterward, the space around Ji Hao began waving like water, and he was teleported away.

Next, Ji Hao realized that he was standing on top of a hill.

Surrounding him were utterly disordered Chaos power streams. The strong Chaos power transformed into beautiful lights and clashed with each other. The thin light beams bumped against each other and generated world-shaking energies. Sensing the tremulous energy waves, even Ji Hao had his face paled.

Fortunately, this hill was shielded by an invisible seal. The seal remained perfectly unmoved, no matter how violently the Chaos power struck.

Ji Hao glanced around and quickly discovered a thumb-sized light spot in the Chaos. The moment he saw the light spot, a strange feeling told him that it was Pan Gu world.

The vast Pan Gu world now looked as tiny as a thumb, glowing softly. Clearly, this hill was unspeakably far away from Pan Gu world.

Ji Hao released his spirit power and quickly scanned across this tens of thousands of meters tall, hundred-miles-wide hill. With surprise, he found that this hill was a small independent world, despite its small size.

This hill was covered in rare plants and herbs; every grain of sand on this hill could be labeled as a great treasure.

What surprised Ji Hao even more was that a sphere of light was beating inside this hill, breathing like a living being. It absorbed the Chaos power, then released the powers with different natures. Because of this light, this hill became so full of vigor, and these herbs could grow easily.

Artificial or natural, this hill was a miracle.


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