The Magus Era Chapter 1328 – WN

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When the twelve water worlds crashed into Pan Gu world, or in other words, Pan Gu world began devouring the twelve small worlds which delivered themselves over, Ji Hao and all living creatures in or around Kui Gate instinctively raised their heads and looked at the sky.

Twelve immense holes were opened up in the sky, as pure and strong water power condensed into an actual flood, pouring in.

‘All Streams to the Final Land’, the great formation was about to be completed perfectly. In Pan Gu world, torrents of water power had been surging towards Final Land, behind the nine water gates, and the endless heavy rain was already getting light. But, the twelve water worlds descended suddenly, suffocatingly, and despairingly. A new heavy rain fell from the sky, thousands of times stronger than before.

Ji Hao blankly stood in the middle of the main street of the Kui Gate market, watching tens of miles wide jets of water pouring down from the sky, and giant waves falling from the air like overwhelming waterfalls.

No raindrops existed in this rainstorm, only water streams and endless waves. The waves fiercely bumped into the mountains and rivers of Midland and flattened some less sturdy mountains rumblingly. Floating mountains in the sky couldn’t stand the high water pressure, as they slantingly fell from the sky and smashed on the ground.

“Lord Gong Gong! Lord Gong Gong!” Countless water-kind spirit creatures raised their arms thrillingly, roaring towards the sky.

“Lord Gong Gong! Lord Gong Gong!” Countless lower-grade water-kind creatures, who hadn’t managed to transform into human shapes, roared ferociously and mumbled to praise the greatness of Gong Gong.

A great number of large water-kind spirit creatures raised clouds and waves, then darted into the sky and rejoiced with wild excitement. Destructive waves slapped on their bodies, but caused no effect on them at all. They easily and freely moved through the waves and the enormous jets of water.

With their natural abilities, they brought the water level higher by over a hundred miles. Water stages rose from the flood one after another. Standing on the turbid water stages, countless water-kind spirit creatures wielded their weapons while roaring excitedly.

Hearing a high-pitched hissing noise, Ji Hao immediately raised his head and searched for its source.

That was Yu Chi’s house. Tens of old Yu stood on the roof, in their original shapes. They happily and cheerfully twisted their large and swollen body, with clouds of poisonous gas and sands puffing out of their mouthparts. These old Yu were overexcited, even to an extreme degree. Their poisonous gas and sands spread out in all directions along the flood, yet, they didn’t care. Surrounding them, countless shrimp warriors had fallen.

“Damned things!” Ji Hao cursed. He flashed across the air and dashed towards these old Yu, then conveniently wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark and shredded them.

He clenched his left fingers, then loosened, releasing a water thunder with the extremely negative power. Following a muffled boom, the body parts of those old Yu and their terrifying poisonous gas and sands were all gone. Glancing at Dark Water Serpent, who was roaring and wriggling cheerfully a long distance away, Ji Hao stomped the roof broken, then broke into Yu Chi’s house.

The thriving water power had been gathering towards this house. The altar in the middle of this house was like a black hole that had been ceaselessly absorbing the water power. Because of what Ji Hao had secretly done to him, Yu Chi was still unconscious. He leaned against the altar with a pale face.

Coldly glancing at Yu Chi, Ji Hao silently wielded his sword. A destructive power drilled into Yu Chi’s body and blew him into a puff of ash.

The altar had been releasing a strong power vibration wave by wave, spreading out in all directions, such that even Ji Hao could barely stand by it. Three Yu were huddled on the altar, twitching intensely. Their bodies gradually turned blur, and above their heads, three tall and sturdy men slowly showed up, each wearing a long black robe.

“Welcome back to Pan Gu world!” Looking at the three men, Ji Hao grinned. In the meanwhile, the nine blood flying knives gifted by Netherworld Hierarch swished up, transformed into nine extremely thin, blood-red threads, and darted into the altar.

Days ago, Ji Hao buried his Yu Yu sword intent in the altar, and now, the sword intent buzzed shrilly, merging with the nine blood flying knives right away. Guided by Yu Yu sword intent, eight flying knives disappeared from the altar in front of Ji Hao and then silently reappeared in the eight altars, located in the rest eight water gates behind the Kui Gate, through the faintly sensible space vibration inside the altar.

“We are back!” On the altar in front of Ji Hao, a strong man, who was wearing an armor vest, each hand gripping a black crescent blade, growled towards the sky, “I, Gong Gong, am back! Hahaha, Shennong, back then, you and your people forced us into the Chaos to search for the non-humankind’s nest, but you would never know that one day, we will be back!”

“Haha, you can never know how terrifying the Chaos is until you dive in. No directions, no roads, all that one can rely on is luck! But we, Gong Gong Family, have our own path that leads back to Pan Gu world. What about you? You’ve all become ashes already, haven’t you?” Another man laughed towards the sky as well. Abruptly, he turned around and politely bowed towards the man in an armor vest.

“Abba, you’re alive! Haha! We’re all alive!” The man growled in surprise.

“You little b*stard, do you know anyone else but your Abba? Don’t you remember me, your uncle?” On the altar, the third man excitedly shouted out, “Big brother, you’re safe, and that’s enough. And you, you little b*stard! Haha! We’re all safe! We’re all alive! We’ve all made it back…”

Puff! Ji Hao wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark, stepped swiftly onto the altar, and silently penetrated this ‘uncle’s chest.

On the sword, the pair of faint dragons sparkled, while a deep dragon roar brought Ji Hao a piercing ear pain. ‘Uncle’ quivered intensely. He hadn’t completed his return, and his body was still slightly blurred. That body of his quivered intensively, without being able to launch any effective counterattack.

“How dare you?” That ‘Abba’ with an armor vest roared in rage.

“You, you, who are you?” The last Gong Gong screamed hoarsely, then raised his fist and attempted to punch Ji Hao. Nevertheless, his body had still been slowly returning to Pan Gu world, and he didn’t have the strength to punch.

“Who am I? Not important. What’s really important is that I can’t let you return to Pan Gu world!” Ji Hao looked at the three Gong Gongs and said in a deep voice, “You should better go back to where you came from, even though you might get lost in the Chaos or die.”

Buzz! The Yu Yu sword intent Ji Hao buried in the altar erupted horrifyingly, along with the power of the blood flying knife.

Countless blood-red beams interwove on the altar, tearing Gong Gongs’ bodies. Not only on this altar, the same blood-red beams burst from the rest eight altars too.

The twenty-seven Gong Gongs hadn’t completed their return, and their bodies were not yet solid. Due to the strangely sharp blood flying knives, countless slashes were left on their bodies.

“What are you all doing you scums?! Defend the altars! Defend the altars!” Thunderous roars descended from the sky.


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