The Magus Era Chapter 1324 – WN

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So ironic, so pathetic. Hearing Wu Gu, Ji Hao sensed a sadness that drilled deep into his marrow.

Chu Wu, the beginning of the Magus system… ‘Wu’ literally meant Magi; with this last name, with the unimaginably strong power, Chu Wu people weren’t thinking about helping the humankind through the difficult time. Instead, they were procrastinating, planning on hurting the other families, and gaining more profits.

With all resources possessed by the Magi Palace, only three ‘life-extension doses’ were concocted, but Wu Gu offered ten doses without any pressure. Chu Wu Clan was even more powerful than the Magi Palace, where the elites among human beings gathered. However, at this critical stage of the flood-control mission, they were thinking about how to weaken the other powerful ancient families and earn credits for themselves!

What good could such a clan do to the humankind?

Ji Hao’s fingers were slightly itchy. Ji Hao suddenly felt that he had the same problem as Yu Yu, that once he found anyone unbearable, his ten fingers would itch. Soon, the itchiness spread to every corner of his body. At last, he even sensed it from his marrow.

He truly wanted to pull out Pan Gu Dragon Mark and hack Wu Gu directly to death. Just one hack, that must feel so good! That delight might even stimulate his heart of Dao and lead to an improvement.

Sitting in the middle of the room, the dark-skinned, scrawny, Dark Water Serpent hissed to laugh and then said, “Human beings…Ever since I knew you, you’ve never changed. So many brave people, heroes, even I admire them…Fortunately, quite a number of people like you exist among human beings, Elder Wu Gu. Otherwise, all the other creatures would have no place to stand in this world.”

While smirking, Dark Water Serpent pointed at Wu Gu, then grinned and continued, “If every human being is like Emperor Shun, like Si Wen Ming, like those heroes that I admire, we, Dark Water Serpent Family, Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, Wuzhi Qi, Henggong Fish, Snake Xiu, old Yu, and that old flood dragon in the North Sea, we all would have become your slaves long ago, generation after generation!”

Wu Gu snorted coldly and showed an angry look on his old scrawny face, then said, “Dark Water great ancestor, you’re a powerful prehistorical being, an eldership. Enough of these sour words. Tell me, will you accept our offer or not?”

“I, Wu Gu, have lived for long, and I’ve seen much. You have to know that wrongheaded people always end up miserably. Always having an alternative plan is the safest way to live!” With a dark face and a weird tone, Wu Gu tried to persuade Dark Water Serpent.

Ji Hao silently walked behind Wu Gu, without making even the slightest sound nor leaving the slightest trace. Pan Gu Dragon Mark quietly flew out from his palm. Ji Hao gripped the sword hilt with both hands and reached the sword tip to the back of Wu Gu’s neck inch by inch.

With the Big Dipper step, Ji Hao carefully and slowly adjusted his position.

He prepared to kill Wu Gu with one sword move, then conveniently hack Dark Water Serpent to death. He wanted to do this in a perfect way. Therefore, the relative position between Ji Hao, Wu Gu, and Dark Water Serpent was extra important. Dark Water Serpent was strong. After all, he was a powerful prehistorical being, one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command, and was famous for his tremendous strength and unbreakable tough body.

But Ji Hao was confident. As long as he managed to land his sword on Black Water Serpent’s body, he believed he would succeed. Not even Dark Water Serpent could survive the sharp edge of Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Slowly, the sword tip reached out, as Ji Hao found the best attacking angle. He would pierce the sword into Wu Gu’s head and then swing, so that the sharp edge of the sword could smoothly cut open Dark Water Serpent’s neck.

Ji Hao held his breath and calmed himself down. Without leaking any intent of killing, he put the tip of Pan Gu Dragon Mark slowly against the back of Wu Gu’s skin. The sword edge swept across his skin and silently shredded a few silvery-grey fine hairs on Wu Gu’s nape, but Wu Gu felt nothing.

All of a sudden, a high-pitched, shrill scream burst from inside Wu Gu’s body. Next, a fierce power vibration erupted.

Ji Hao seized the opportunity and pushed the sword forward. Puff! The sword penetrated Wu Gu’s nape, and slantingly came out of his forehead. Wu Gu, the Master Elder of Chu Wu Clan, was assassinated by Ji Hao with a single sword move, right in front of Dark Water Serpent.

The special, destructive power that belonged to the pair of dragon-horn swords surged into Wu Gu’s body like a flood, crushing all his meridians and acupoints. Inside his body, nine dark-green stars shone dazzlingly. His spirit stars were activated, sending up torrents of dark-green star power.

Ji Hao griped the sword hilt and put forth his strength. The destructive sword power landed violently on Wu Gu’s spirit stars. Waves of dark-green star power were dispelled, and the nine spirit stars collapsed rumblingly. Wu Gu’s thirty-six spirit Gu bugs hiding inside the nine spirit stars were shredded as well.

Wu Gu’s chest disappeared. Dark-green star power surged up into the sky like reverse waterfalls, causing a muffled rumbling noise. Above Kui Gate, high up in the sky, nine enormous dark green natural stars shone in broad daylight. The starlight poured down through thick layers of dark cloud and illuminated all mountains and waters within a radius of millions of miles.

Wu Gu screamed hoarsely. His soul had collapsed, and he was already dead. But the strong life-force lingered in his physical body, allowing his body to scream ear-piercingly, instinctively.

He was a powerful being, a half step Supreme Magus. He was closer to the level of Supreme Magi than Ji Hao. His cultivation and his spirit star power were both far greater than Ji Hao’s.

From his body, the vast power that belonged to his spirit stars was withdrawn by the nine natural stars. The thick, dark-green power torrents broke the space and turned into nine enormous light beams, piercing straight into the sky. Wu Gu’s body roared like a beast, while his limbs twitched intensely.

It was a half-step-supreme-level physical body. Even though its chest was crushed by the massive spirit star power, this body could still remain ‘alive’ without decaying for ten million years, unless Ji Hao decided to destroy it for good.

Dark Water Serpent was startled. He screamed shrilly.

He and Wu Gu combined their powers and set layers of defensive formation in his reception room. But all of sudden, someone popped out and assassinated Wu Gu with a single sword move!

Holy ancestors’ soul, Wu Gu was a half-step Supreme Magus, and Divine-Magus-level magic treasures couldn’t even harm a hair of his! But, his metal-strong head was actually penetrated by a sword. What kind of treasure was the sword held in that shrimp warrior’s hands?

“Shrimp warrior? A goddamned shrimp warrior?!” Dark Water Serpent leaped up, tempted to pounce on Ji Hao. But when he saw Ji Hao’s face clearly, he paused, and all his strength was suddenly gone. Wu Gu was stabbed to death by a shrimp warrior?!

‘This Wu Gu was not fake, was he?’

‘Chu Wu people aren’t planning on framing me, are they?

‘But we are enemies already, why would they send a fake Wu Gu to frame me? It’s pointless. No matter how many human beings I kill, I will earn no blame but credits, right?’

Dark Water Serpent was deeply confused.

Ji Hao breathed deeply and then burst into a series of roar. He shouted and yelled like a real shrimp warrior while turning around, hands gripping the sword as he swiftly and ferociously swung the sword towards Dark Water Serpent.

The sharp sword edge came straight at Dark Serpent’s neck!


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