The Magus Era Chapter 1317 – WN

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Netherworld Hierarch loosened his hands and let the Pan Gu bell transform into a misty Chaos light, merging into Ji Hao’s head.

Dragging the pair of heavy dragon horn swords, Ji Hao slowly walked to Great Liberty and looked down at her. Great Liberty was huddled on the ground without being able to move, when Ji Hao started talking.

“Great Liberty…No, Pan Jia, long time no see. I never thought that I would be able to see you again, I mean, the real you.”

Great Liberty paused briefly, then looked at Ji Hao and asked, “Do you…know her?”

As a five-colored dim light flashed across her eyes, Great Liberty abruptly laughed coldly and continued, “Ji Hao, yes, she knew you too. Damn it, these useless memories…She gave you the sun of Pan Jia world. How could you bear to help that man and hurt me like this?”

Looking at the colorful light flowing in Great Liberty’s eyes, Ji Hao responded coldly, “You are not Pan Jia. She…She is gone, isn’t she? And you, in all places you set foot in, how many living beings have you killed?”

Great Liberty smiled, then softly leered at Ji Hao and said, “Ahyaya, my friend, why did you say that? We are the gentlest, nicest beings in the universe. Why would we kill anyone?” While chuckling, she continued, “Just now, I didn’t mean to attack you. That was a moment of desperation, and I only did it to protect myself.”

Shaking his head, Ji Hao put a dragon horn sword against Great Liberty’s neck and said, “Cut the crap! I’ve seen Great Freedom!”

“Have you seen him? And you’re still alive? Unharmed? Did he change? Or, Great Freedom, are you betraying the will of ancestor? Do you like to watch me in trouble? Why don’t you show your true face? Who are you trying to fool by wearing that human skin?” Great Liberty’s eyes shone with a cold light, and her tone suddenly turned weird.

Great Liberty talked with a very strange tone. She seemed to be pretty assured about the fact that Great Freedom had already eaten Ji Hao’s soul. She believed that at this moment, Ji Hao was Great Freedom. She looked at Ji Hao from head to toe gracefully and charmingly, also with all kinds of complicated, hard to understand emotions showing on her face.

“I’m not Great Freedom, I am Ji Hao.” Ji Hao slightly twisted his wrist and left a shallow wound on Great Liberty’s neck with the dragon horn sword. A deep blue strand of power began leaking out from the wound.

“He didn’t manage to eat my soul and control my body, because he…” Ji Hao looked at Netherworld Hierarch and said with a faint smile, “Priest Hua tried to create a new system of cultivation with sky devil magics, but in the end, Great Freedom drilled into his body by using a sky devil magic. I think by now, he has locked himself somewhere and is trying to cast the devil away.”

Netherworld Hierarch popped out his eyes in shock. Slowly, his tens of thousands of miles tall body shrank back to the normal size, with the eighteen giant circles floating behind him, spinning slowly.

“No wonder, not only Priest Mu, I haven’t heard from Priest Hua these days too. If anything happened to Priest Hua, Priest Mu is certainly trying his best to help Priest Hua. They don’t have the time to come out and cause any more trouble, which is reasonable.”

“It’s just that this Great Liberty is only average. If that Great Freedom is equally powerful as her, how could he ever entrap Priest Hua?”

Netherworld Hierarch looked at Great Liberty in confusion. Except for the pair of dragon horn sword, Great Liberty didn’t show any impressive power or ability. With the Pan Gu bell, Netherworld Hierarch could easily hurt her. If Great Freedom were at the same level as her, no matter what happened, he shouldn’t be able to hurt Priest Hua.

After all, Netherworld Hierarch honestly believed that Priest Hua and himself were at about the same level, and Priest Hua was even slightly stronger. Great Freedom shouldn’t be able to hurt him.

Great Liberty sneered. Sulkily and scornfully, she glanced at Netherworld Hierarch and sighed, “I was injured accidentally in the Chaos, then I broke into Pan Jia world and put up a desperate fight against Pan Jia to seize her soul, losing ninety percent of my power. The great Dao of nature of this Pan Gu world is so suppressive to me, that I can release no more than ten percent of my power…If all this hadn’t happened…”

A faintly sensible gust of wind was suddenly blown out of Great Liberty’s body, while a hazy, misty colorful figure rose into the air. Along with a beautiful melody, the figure flashed away and disappeared without a trace.

An enchanting, extremely sweet voice could then be heard, “Netherworld Hierarch? Marquis Yao Ji Hao? I’ll remember you two! You should all die…I’ll leave Pan Jia’s soul to you for now. But when I restore my strength, I will certainly come back for her soul, and rebuild the physical body of a world creator. After that, I will kill every last one of you.”

Neither did Netherworld Hierarch nor Ji Hao manage to react timely, especially Netherworld Hierarch. His dark face was blushed embarrassedly, with his beard shaking intensely. He dared not to even take a glance at Ji Hao.

Earlier, he bragged that no one could ever run away from his Netherworld soul chains. Indeed, Pan Jia’s soul didn’t run away, but Great Liberty had gone without a trace. That gust of wind just now, it was completely different from all escaping magic that existed in Pan Gu world. Netherworld Hierarch failed to even figure how did Great Liberty run.

“Elder…These sky devils are mysterious. Hehe, even Emperor Shun’s body was nearly occupied by them. Stone Dragon old man, the leader of our Star Guard, died because of them.” Looking at Netherworld Hierarch’s embarrassed face, Ji Hao hurriedly comforted him, “If you want to defeat them, you have to use a top-grade supreme treasure.”

Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao in shock and asked, “Was Emperor attacked by them? Hehe, I didn’t even get to know. Was he too ashamed to tell me? Interesting, interesting… Sky devils, hah…Tell me, tell me everything about them. And Priest Hua and Priest Mu, what exactly happened to them?”

Ji Hao picked up the few Dragon Palace treasures brought by Great Liberty and put them into his sleeves, one after another, then handed the milkyway soul-splitting fan to Netherworld Priest. Afterward, he told Netherworld Hierarch about all his experiences with the sky devils in detail. From the time he met sky devils for the first time outside the palace where Chi You was kept in, back in the Southern Wasteland, to the stories between these sky devils and Priest Hua, Priest Mu, including the fact that Priest Hua fell into Great Freedom’s trap and locked himself up. He also told Netherworld Hierarch about what those sky devils did to Emperor Shun and Stone Dragon old man.

Netherworld Hierarch was dumbfounded on hearing Ji Hao. Gradually, the redness on his face, which appeared because of the feeling of shame, faded.

Priest Hua, Priest Mu, and Emperor Shun were all attacked by sky devils, and suffered losses, while Netherworld Hierarch only, accidentally let a sky devil run. In comparison, that was nothing.

Netherworld Hierarch shook his head and put the milkyway soul-splitting fan into his sleeve, then laughed out loud, “I didn’t think that such a magical species actually existed outside our world…Hehe, I wonder…”

He smirked and narrowed his eyes, then changed the topic, “Hm, let’s go check those kids from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind…This pair of dragon horn swords…” Clicking his tongue, Netherworld Hierarch said to Ji Hao, “Are you keeping them, or giving them back to those dragons?”

Seeing Ji Hao hesitating, Netherworld Hierarch continued, “This pair of swords is against my nature. Therefore, I don’t really want them. But they seem to like you. If you decide to keep them, I won’t tell anyone!” Netherworld Hierarch sounded quite faithful.


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